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FM queen size on DSM

Old 06-03-2012, 09:17 AM
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Default FM queen size on DSM

I 'm doing a free motion, (meandering) on a large quilt and it keeps hanging up on the extension table. Any advice? I do have it propped up on a set of rolling drawers that is the same height as my sewing table. My ironing board wouldn't fit in this space. I don't have one of those slick mats to put under my machine but I'm wondering about the silicone spray. Where do you buy it and any particular brand? Thanks
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do you have it in a table or just the machine and extention table sitting on a table with space under the extention to the table surface. If this is the case, I don't know what you might do in order for it not to snag. However, I have read of a system that you can use layers of styrofoam to put on your table top to raise this area in line with the machine and extension table. I believe you would cover the foam extension with heavy plastic sheeting to make it smooth. As I read your question, it does not appear to me that putting a "slider" on top of the machine will help in keeping the quilt from snaggine. Did I miss something in your post. Appears to me you need to raise the table or lower the machine and extension table or just carefully handle the quilt to keep it from snagging. I had a cabinetmaker make me a large additional table that fits over the top of the regular table the height of the machine and its extension. This works great.
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Old 06-03-2012, 10:19 AM
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My machine came with an extension table & all it ever did was pi$$ me off! Stacking books all around worked much better for me before I got my sewing cabinet that the machine can sit down inside of.

Stack as much stuff as you can think of all around your machine to the back, front & left. You might want to try the kitchen table instead of a sewing cabinet to give you more elbow room.

There is someone on this board that bought the insulating styrofoam panels and set them all around her machine. She also turned her machine so that she was facing the nose. She then had more room to work left & right and would just roll up one side instead of 2. I wasn't that smart & gave up & bought a quilt frame--LOL!
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Try bunching up you fabric as much as possible around your extension table so that when you move the part you are quilting, the rest will still be "there" and not dropping off the table "hanging" down causing drag. Kind of like elastic. (Hope I explained it right.)
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Do you have some heavy plastic or vinyl shower curtain you could cover everything with. You would need to cut a whole for your needle, but it would make everything glide smooth for now
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Old 06-03-2012, 10:44 AM
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I think it's Leah Day that has a method of hanging the quilt from the ceiling with hooks and clips of some kind.
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I had an old 36" X 72" cardboard cutting board in which I cut a sewing machine-sized hole on the front, right side. I cut the same sized hole in a sheet of clear vinyl sheeting that I bought at Hancocks. I then placed my machine on the dining room table and began stacking my cookbook and coffee table art book collection around surface of the table. It didn't require a solid layer of books, just enough to support the cutting board. I lowered the cutting board over the machine and let it rest on top of the books. Then I placed the vinyl on top of the cutting board and clipped the edges to the cutting board with jumbo paper clips. I cut a second piece of vinyl to fit over the machine bed with a hole for the needle. I only had to pay for the vinyl with this set up.

I liked this set up because I could reach under the cutting board to access the bobbin door on my vintage Bernina 830. I just have to convince my family that they don't need to eat at the table for a week while I quilt a few hours a day.

Oh, I need to pay better attention to ergonomics next time I do this. Sewing with my machine on a regular 30" table is a really bad plan for my bad back and neck. I think I need to raise my office chair and put my feet on a pedestal. of some sort.

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You can put pledge (furniture polish) on your extension table. Rub your cloth on all the edges of the extension table. Puddle your quilt on your left side and in front of you. This will take the drag off the quilt on two sides. The back of the quilt should just slide off the extension table. Hope these suggestions help. I admire you for taking on a queen size quilt on dsm!
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I made the foam table that Holice mentions and it's a wonderful thing! I did a post/tutorial on it at this topic: http://www.quiltingboard.com/mission...e-t171975.html.

I had the same problem with things hanging up on my extension table....never use it anymore!
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I don't have enough space in my sewing room to quilt anything but a small wallhanging. I move to the bedroom and set up a small white plastic table at the foot of the bed and use the bed to hold the weight of the quilt (covered by a clear plastic tablecloth or shower curtain to make it slide easier). Also put a small wooden tv table to the left of the machine.
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