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Perfectionist vs. Good Enoughist

Perfectionist vs. Good Enoughist

Old 06-08-2019, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by dunster View Post
Even perfectionists can't achieve perfection, so why go crazy trying?
this is one of the things I learned from therapy, lol.
I wasn't achieving anything with all that angst!
Now? I'm older, wiser? about some things but at least I
led a boring life and have very little regret. The rest I can't
remember .
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Originally Posted by jokir44 View Post
With some of my housework I have decided to label myself as a "casual housekeeper".
lol! I used to go nuts trying to keep up with my house and nuts is what it made
me feel like.
Now I'm casual too. I have to be. My body was used up.
Who knew it had a mileage meter?

like right now, 6-8-19 3:06 pm, I just taped off a corner
of this computer room to do some more kilzing and painting.
when I went to stand back up...there's that back problem
I try to tell myself is getting better, so look at me. I'm
on here resting. You know what? So what! I got a corner
taped .

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Originally Posted by bearisgray View Post
I have higher personal standards for some things than others.
ok, ding-dong...chiming in again.
I think this would fit almost all of us. (A certain family member comes to mind
that it might not go with their outlook.)
I am perfectionistic about my grandkids.
I am perfectionistic about my debt/bills/bank account. I have to be!
I am perfectionistic about keeping my dh off my back. He likes to
tell me how to do things he doesn't know how to do!
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If your happy w/it...then it's Perfect!

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My thoughts exactly. I’m the only one I have to please except the hubby and he’s always pleased with my efforts.

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I try to do my best possible work at all times, but there is a large heaping of "good enough" in me too. Most of my projects are use quilts, pretty blankets. It's not that I don't have standards, but I don't have design/workmanship considerations that I have when I'm trying to work on an "award winning" quilt. I'm very happy making every day dishes when I look at all the fine china around me plus, I want to use my fine china as well as the every day stuff.

When I first started quilting, I was very happy with some pretty horrendous projects and seams and such and I got better over time and my expectations got higher. Now, as I deal with my vision issues -- well, I don't see so clearly as I once did but I'm still sewing. Again, not exactly that my standards got lower but that my expectations over what I can do is lower than it once was-- so I try to do the best I can.

I'm trying some different styles and techniques nowadays and a lot of my projects are cut simpler than maybe they would have been five years ago. Part of me knows that my best work is most likely behind me, but I'm still having fun and I love playing with fabric. And in that case, good enough is the best I can do!
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I kept reading the responses and kept saying, "Yep. That's me. Right on. You know it! So true." Yeah, I'm just like everybody else, LOL! I remember Mary Ellen Hopkins saying, "Honey, not every quilt needs to be an heirloom; there's just not that much time left!" God rest her precious soul.

Jan in VA
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I understand. I'm never totally happy with most stuff. I think what makes me that way is my innate talent. My talent is that I can see what's wrong with most anything. I can see anything that is not level, not lined up, not the same color, etc.

One of my employees once told me I should be in quality control. Another one said I was, "picky, picky picky".

Sometimes, I think it's a curse. Whatever it is, at least I've learned to keep my mouth shut, most of the time.

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If you can’t see your mistakes from 6 feet away on a galloping horse, it’s perfect as far as I’m concerned.
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I try for perfection but of course I can't achieve it so the best I can do is all I can do.
I always told our kids to do the best they could do. I always try to do the best I can do.
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