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    Old 01-14-2009, 09:44 AM
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    If you do ... or wanted to book a quilting retreat someplace....What do you look for? I mean ... What makes you want to book that particular place? Is it location, price, classes, activities etc. ??

    If you could have the perfect retreat, camp experience....What would it include?

    Thanks for all your help!!
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    Old 01-14-2009, 11:22 PM
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    Our quilt guild held retreats at a Church Camp. They did all the cooking and cleaning so we could sew all night if you wanted to. The rooms were in a dorm that was very nice.

    It was a much better atmosphere than when we stayed at motels. We had to fight traffic and go out to find our meals.

    At the camp we had a lot of space plus a rural setting that was very nice if you needed a break.
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    Old 01-15-2009, 06:52 AM
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    Retreats are FUN! I will be going to 'mine' in a week, my 4th year. Ours is put on by LQS. It is held at a basketball camp, there are dorms, private (rent able) houses, basketball courts (which none of us quilters use lol) and a conference/dining area. We have our machines set up on the outer perimeter of the conference/dining room. Dining table on the inner part of the room. We sew and sew and sew. Then the chow bell rings for the provided meals, then go back to the outside and sew some more. We sleep in the dorm areas, which are the QUIET zones, because if anyone pulled all nighter they can take a nap during the day. IMHO this is the perfect set up, no cooking, private sleeping areas, not having to move machine to have meals. The price IMHO is reasonable - three night and eight meals for $225. I think I would be hard pressed to find a motel and dining for that price.

    Since this is the ONLY retreat I have done it has spoiled me.

    Think of it as your own personal mini vacation. What would you spend on a vacation????

    Now about some of the goodies that we do, LQS offers a 'main project' for those that want. OR you can work on your own. She brings in a masseuse (our $'s Last year it was backs, this yr will be feet) On Sat. the can take a 'mini class' for usually a wool project. There are always give aways from the shop owner. Sat night is show-n-tell (which I have retreat pictures in my album). Did I say that this has spoiled me!! :mrgreen:

    Oh I forgot to mention, there are about 40 of us (some yrs more this year less) So everyone loves to visit and help each other with projects.

    IMHO everyone should try a retreat, it helps get your quilting juices going.
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    Old 01-15-2009, 07:44 AM
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    I have done several retreats (as a teacher), and most have been enjoyable. Some of the things I liked/disliked:

    Good sewing rooms with good lighting and adequate electricity. If you must run extension cords across the floor, duct tape them down.

    Comfortable chairs

    Enough irons - this has to be planned in advance, because not many facilities have adequate electrical capacity for several irons! Usually, the best bet is to run heavy duty extension cords from the kitchen, which is more likely to be wired for it.

    Good lighting, even after it's dark outside.

    Comfortable seating for those who are doing handwork, and good light for them. (Armchairs, couches rather than the more upright chairs used for machine work) They are usually more "chatty", so a conversational grouping is nice. Don't isolate them.

    Parking or a drop off point close to the door, so women can upload all of their equipment without having to carry it a distance. If you have elderly ladies, make sure there is someone available to help them.

    Supply lists and other paperwork provided well in advance.

    Name tags!

    Beverages available throughout the event.

    Meals in a separate part of the facility, without having to drive somewhere to get them, and ready to eat so the ladies don't have to do the work. If it's a more casual group and you don't want to hire someone to cook, then plan a cold meal or one that is kept in a crockpot or something so there is minimal prep and cleanup time.

    Good sleeping and bathroom facilities that are not too far from the quilting area. Clear information about which things the women will need to bring with them. (sheets? towels?)

    A Sharpie marker so everyone can label their tools.

    Enough cutting and sewing tables.

    Space to lay out the quilt(s)- vertically or horizontally.

    Time to visit, according to the desires of the attendees.

    An attended or LOCKED space for the quilting area while the women sleep or are away from their machines.

    Door prizes :mrgreen:

    OKAY - here is one more. I hadn't thought of it in advance, and I was taken by surprise when the ladies of the quilt guild broke out bottles of liquor after dinner. (I am not talking about wine and beer!) It stressed me out to have them drinking and rotary cutting. If this is something you plan to do, set it up in a separate place AWAY from the sewing area. :roll:

    I am sure I will come up with more...

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