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In tears about my first quilt

In tears about my first quilt

Old 01-12-2014, 02:47 PM
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Unhappy In tears about my first quilt

I made about 200 6 1/2 inch nine patch blocks. I had trouble right away placing them in what I thought was a pleasing way. I used about 15 different, coordinating fabrics and muslin. Most of the blocks I made were just 2 fabrics and sometimes I would invert the combination. My aunt, who is a quilt maker, wanted to help. She told me that it would be easier to make a pattern with a four patch (thanks alot aunt). She thought I should take them apart. I said No Way! But she's kind of bossy and eventually she said she would take some apart and help me come up with a pattern. I thought she might just take one of the strips off, so I would have a 3 patch and a 6 patch, but she knows what she's doing Right. Well she designed for me a beautiful quilt top, what she calls a Trip Around the World. As she was explaining it to me I noticed that she had strips of 3 patches and single pieces. I asked her how I was going to put this all together, she never had a satisfactory answer, and then it dawned on me that my quilt was a mess. I have 2 1/2 inch pieces, 5 inch pieces, and 6 1/2 inch pieces. I don't know where to start. Am I wrong in thinking that she got me into a jam. I wanted my first quilt to be simple and easy to put together, now I have mess that all I can see it as is a jigsaw puzzle. What can I do? Where do I start?
Thank you for any help you can give me,
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Oh, that does sound a mess. While your aunt was trying to help, it didn't turn out that way. Is there a quilt group in your area? Could you take pictures and show us here at QB? There are tons of experts on here, but it's just hard to know without seeing what you have. Maybe others can figure this out without the pictures. I am sorry your first experience led to tears. It will get better.
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As we say in TExas...."Bless your heart..." This is not the way your first quilt should go. But we can help. Tell us exactly what you have, and we can help. I don't think you have a Trip around the World pattern going, as each of mine have had the same size pieces. But we can help. All is not lost.

Hang in there and take some pictures.

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I feel terrible for you. I have a relative like that and it took me awhile to learn to push back.

Am I right in guessing that the reason you had trouble placing your original blocks was that some of the blocks had the light/dark inverted? I'll bet you could have come up with a pleasing arrangement on your own in a bit more time.

What,,exactly, do you have now? Did she take all the blocks apart or just a few? A "trip around the world" is a classic quilt design that you can find online. Did she leave you with a drawing to help you proceed? Did she figure out if you have the proper number of squares to do it?

Maybe your original design can still be rescued, and you can design your own trip around the world from the beginning another time. That would be much easier, I think.

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It sounds like you have a lots of little squares now? You can go over to Bonnie Hunter's www.quiltville.blogspot.ca and click on the free pattern tab. There might be a pattern there that you could use your squares with. Maybe "I Spy a 4 Patch" or "Scrappy Bargello" (Hugs)
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First, take a deep breath! It sounds like you originally started with all 2 1/2" squares for your 9 patch units, right? And now you have partially disassembled them into 'pieces' do you mean strips of 1, 2 and 3 squares? Look at the design your Aunt made and also look at google images for trip around the world quilts. I think the easiest way to proceed would be to lay out all your squares on a bed or a floor in pattern. You might have to disassemble some of your pieces to get the colors correct. Then start joining the squares into long rows. Press all the seams from the first row (and all odd rows) to the right, then press all the seams from the second (and all even # rows) to the left.
Take the first and second rows and put a pin at each intersection, matching seams as best you can. Sew the rows together & press to one side (doesn't matter which way). Continue joining the squares into long rows, pressing and adding the rows to the previously joined ones. Just take your time and it will be great.
If you want you can also google 'trip around the world quilt instructions' you will get lots of hits. Take a look and see if any of these help.
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Sorry this has turned out to be so flustrating.
I'm a visual learner... so, if you could post some pictures we all might be a better help.
Do not give up. You may have to fold all this up... put it aside and come back another time.
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Please post pictures. The individuals on this board can help solve any problem.
Many times I think they should replace some individuals who got elected to offices, because then world problems would be solved.
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Personally I think I'd probably just put it away and start something else. You can go back to it and fix it your way after you have a bit more experience.
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I just want to say -- this Board is a great resource!! Don't give up hope!! I have come here *hating* what I have done, and these wonderful people have helped me find the beauty!

hang in there . . .
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