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Torn between two lovers - errr ... rooms. I meant rooms! >

Torn between two lovers - errr ... rooms. I meant rooms!

Torn between two lovers - errr ... rooms. I meant rooms!

Old 07-09-2013, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Skratchie View Post
The desk absolutely cannot stay in the same room as our bed. That's not negotiable. I start working at 6 am on the days I work from home (three days a week, on average) and my husband snores. LOUDLY. I almost always have calls that early and it's not working at all for me.

I am going to talk to DH this afternoon when I get home and see what's on his mind. A couple months ago he was opposed to moving the bed, but he sent me a text this afternoon that said he might be open to it. He's a pretty easy-going guy, and he usually does whatever he can to make me happy. :-) He has an office space and a workshop of his own, so he understands the problem. We just need to come up with something workable for both of us.
Sometimes it takes a while for the "seed of an idea" to "sprout"

My Mom would get SO annoyed at her husband (and others, too) when she would suggest an idea - and the response was "That is the most stupid thing I've ever heard" - and then someone else - a week or month or year later - would suggest the very same thing - and the response would be "That's a GREAT idea! I think I'll do it/get it/try it!"

She eventually came to the conclusion that the seed of an idea sometimes needs to be planted in someone's mind - and usually she was just happy when "someone" eventually came around to doing what she wanted in the first place. Although she would have been happier with IMMEDIATE cooperation!

It's great that you have some extra space to work with.
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Old 07-09-2013, 02:01 PM
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I would take into consideration how many more years you expect your college age son to live with you. If you expect him to move out on his own 2-3 years, at that point you could have 1 room dedicated for sewing/quilting and use the other as your office/guest room. If you're thinking 10 years from now he's still going to be there then I would set up your bedroom and sewing room for the long haul. As others have said I'd move the office desk, sewing area and cutting areas to your new room first. Good luck! And thank you for taking your "spare" son in. I'm sure it has been a blessing for him.
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Old 07-09-2013, 02:11 PM
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I have my sewing machine and stash in one room and my cutting table and ironing board in another right across the hall. Last month our great niece came for a visit and we moved everything into the sewing machine room. I could see how this one room would work except it means DH would have to move all his computer and crafts stuff out. I kind of like him puttering near by. So its back to two rooms. Actually works out well and I do have to move more.
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My cutting table is the island in the kitchen. My sewing and ironing takes place in the larger of the two spare bedrooms. My batting is stored in the smallest bedroom, along with a bed and book cases. I prefer my cutting in the kitchen - there is a skylight above that area and two big lights also - makes it really good for cutting. I used to have my ironing board tucked under the ledge but got tired of looking at it all the time. Plus the cats were always sleeping on it. It is amazing how much one can store in one room. Good luck with moving all your items to the right location.
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If you are going to separate your work spaces, I would put the fabric and cutting table in one space and your machine and ironing board in the other.

If possible I would go on and do a design wall in each room. That way you could do the planning on one and put the completed blocks to be assembled on the other.
Or have more than one project in the works.
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I am a bit spread out in rooms too, the two extra bedrooms & even a design wall in the hallway when needed. I agree, the more you move around when sewing the better, if it hubby wants the bedroom to stay the bed & bath, so be it! Just work on filling the other spaces the way it suits you. it will all work out & you will come to love it! Also, don't be afraid to keep moving this stuff around & rearranging it, till it suits you! I still do that every once in awhile. I also try to go through my stuff now & then & see what I can get rid of, pass on, donate, whatever, so I keep more spaces for the things that truly matter to me! Just enjoy your space, doing what works for you, & make the most of it!
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My husband and I just moved into a smaller home. I used to have a huge spare bedroom as a quilting studio -- lots of room! Now I have the smallest bedroom in the house. I thought I'd never adjust, that I would never get any sewing done or be able to find anything, and so on. I was stumped, and worried about my ability to do my craft. Then my Darling Hubby Unit said to me: "What would you do about this if you were still at work, and this was a work responsibility?" Bingo! During my professional career, I've turned dozens of rooms into work spaces for which they were never intended. My first office was -- literally -- a storage closet before I got it. So now I'm determined to make the space work for me, no matter what I have to do. OK, my stash is extremely well organized, but in another room, and the organization makes it easy to locate what I need very fast. I got rid of the big furniture I had, and then went to a thrift store, bought small, old but highly functional furniture. Then I stripped and painted/stained it, so now it not only functions beautifully, but it looks gorgeous! My design board is out, and I have a nice flannel framed on the wall. So, without going into too much detail, I stopped thinking about what I had that didn't fit, and started thinking about what I needed to make this a highly organized, fully functional and beautiful space in which to work; and that's what I did. I have no doubt but that you could do the same.
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Originally Posted by bearisgray View Post
Wow - 65 years!!!! And still in love - awesome!!!!

You are probably right on this one - - -
I agree, sometimes we have to pick our battles, and that is a major decision
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Well, did he go with letting you have the master bedroom?

My husband helped me put up shelves in the extra bedroom and put together organized bins. Then again, he has a boat, garage space, and a large shed ...big enough for two boats. And it wouldn't have been that big if I hadn't changed the floor plans on him! To this day he said he was glad I told the construction worker to make it 5 ft more.

Oh, only 33 years married here. We are still learning about each other...still newly weds. ;-)
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Originally Posted by barny View Post
I think you should listen to your husband. AFTER ALL, HE IS NUMBER ONE, RIGHT? Do whatever else to sew. Sewing should be after husband. Just my opinion, and I've been married 65 yrs. and still in love.
I agree, husband should come 1st.
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