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  • Virtual quilting weekend Nov 11-13, 2022

    Old 11-12-2022, 12:09 PM
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    Sweet banner, Thimblebug.

    WMUTeach- beautiful finish. I love the fact that you start by choosing the backing and then pick fabrics for the front.

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    Old 11-12-2022, 05:51 PM
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    Love to see the photos everyone….some machine stitching today, but the sun was shining, even though it was cool out there….we did a huge walk about….
    off to put dinner in the oven, and look forward to everyone’s progress tomorrow!
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    Old 11-12-2022, 06:16 PM
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    WMUTeach - those are absolutely stunning! I have always loved white and blue in quilts, something about that combination just speaks to my soul.

    I had a rough start and ended up laying down for a nap. I have an appointment to see my doctor next week about my hands, just within the last week it seems like I've lost a lot of strength and my joints have been extremely sore, tender and warm to the touch. They've also been swollen and it seems like I can't get it to go down at all. I was able to get my sewing corner straightened out some and made a bowl cozy (prototype, it's a new pattern I wasn't familiar with) and was working on the baskets but I couldn't hold my rotary cutter without shaking and barely had enough oomph to cut the fabric. I set those off to the side and concentrated on my cross stitching.

    After I have some coffee and get something to eat, I'm going to slowly start re-organizing my sewing corner, right now it seems like that's the only thing I can do without too many issues, then I'll finish up with the baskets. I think I'm going to start with two, one for my floor frame and one that'll clip to the side of my desk.
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    Old 11-13-2022, 03:18 AM
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    WMUteach- Outstanding quilt, one of my favorite color combos and your backing is divine!
    Thimblebug- What an adorable banner!

    I hope those who arenít feeling well find relief soon!

    Met my goal of finishing the last 12 stars yesterday, this morning I will do the fabric prep for the final blocks and hopefully this week I can work on those. I know I am in for the Thanksgiving weekend VQW. Iíll post pictures in a bit once I get going.
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    Old 11-13-2022, 04:22 AM
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    Update on Holly Mart: Pleased to report we had $2,273 in sales, with another $390 still pending for quilts sold but not yet paid for. 10% goes to church music ministry, and rest will reimburse on supplies and I'm hoping for agreement on another donation to give disaster relief to FLA, But this afternoon, I shall happily be working on binding safe and secure in my Mom Cave!
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    Old 11-13-2022, 05:31 AM
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    Here is what Iím making for my neighborís husband after she refused to share the quilt I made for them last Christmas. Iím not thrilled with the lack of contrast, but I wanted to use what I had in my stash to appease her demands for a quilt for her hubby. I am working on the border blocks today, I will be happy when this is done!
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    Old 11-13-2022, 08:32 AM
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    Originally Posted by Rff1010
    We need a quilt for Our bed. Current one is worn out. Started but having a bad case of "I wanna do something else!" - Send willpower!
    Having a very serious argument with myself. I have 25 blocks completed - for a 5x5 center 60" - add the 3 borders (skinny, checkerboard to use up scraps and then wide) makes for a 82" square. is that big enough for a queen bed? Or should I made another 11 to get a 6x6 - 72" center - makes final size as 94"

    Welcome all thoughts. Motivation is low. Currently have 84 x 100 on bed but we got as a wedding present and it's just plum worn out.
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    Old 11-13-2022, 02:48 PM
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    Cjsews fabulous quilt! Love the blue and yellow.
    Tallchick even though it wasn't quilting Friday, it was time well spent. Great mystery quilt from scraps and I think the quilt for you neighbor is great.
    Gail, that's a massive undertaking.

    I have two pieces of the last border to make and sew the outer border on and I'm done then I can quilt it. Had a busy weekend, went out to breakfast with friends, went to DGS#1, DGD, and DGGSs and went to Sam's to pickup an order. Now I know I will have this quilt ready in plenty of time. Next on the list is a king size quilt for DDIL#2 (cheater quilt) and the one I'm really looking forward to, a quilt for our new DGGD due February 2!
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    Old 11-13-2022, 03:36 PM
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    I didn’t get as much done as hoped for. But, I did get this top finished. I did not have a pattern for it. I saw this posted somewhere and saved a picture. The stars are 9” Ohio stars and the courthouse steps were strips cut at 1.5 inches. What looks yellow is actually a strange green

    a whole lot of work done here. Love your quilt Camsgram

    thanks for hosting Heather. Hope you are feeling much better today
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    Old 11-13-2022, 04:17 PM
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    That is awesome!!!
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