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  • What Kind of Batting do You Use - Cotton, Poly, Blend or Wool - and Why

  • What Kind of Batting do You Use - Cotton, Poly, Blend or Wool - and Why

    Old 12-12-2011, 07:30 AM
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    Default What Kind of Batting do You Use - Cotton, Poly, Blend or Wool - and Why

    I recently purchased my first batting.

    I chose the poly because I didn't want the quilt to be too heavy, which is what I was told cotton would do. It's also for a large lap throw rather than staying in one place on a bed. And didn't want to use the thinnest cotton because I wanted a little more loft.

    What is your preference? And why?
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    In Poly I just usually get the 4oz off the roll unless I want more fluff. I do have some Mountain Mist Quilt Light in the bag- suppose to be much better/easier for hand quilting. I am using that for a special project.

    I also stock up on Warm and Natural when it is on sale and use that for pretty much everything
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    Old 12-12-2011, 07:41 AM
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    I've used a lot of Warm and Natural, as I like the feel of the quilt after.
    This spring used a poly .... and had forgotten how light a quilt could be!

    I haven't used wool or bamboo ... and am intrigued, and will be interested to read the comments on these.
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    Old 12-12-2011, 07:51 AM
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    I used poly on the roll for some lap quilts when I got back into quilting a couple of years ago. Maybe it was my lack of experience with machine quilting at the time, but I had problems with the sandwich shifting even though they were pin basted quite well. Switched over to Warm & Natural but have since switched to Hobb's Heirloom which is all cotton and non-scrim. Seems to be a little lighter weight and softer/more flexible than W&N. Haven't tried any wool or bamboo batting (yet). I'm sure you'll get pro's and con's for the myriad of choices but in the end it boils down to the feel and look of the finished quilt that you like, and it's intended use.
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    Nancy Ziemen has a small paperback book that explains all about batting, the different kinds, how they are made and what the differences are, It is very informative and quite inexpensive. Worth having in your library
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    My favorite to work with is a 80 cotton/20poly that has been through a soak and the drier - do not agitate!!! Ask me how I know. I'm the rare person who is not a fan of the crinkled look, so I like to preshrink my batts. I haven't been quiltiing long enough to see how my quilts hold up. I have used Mountain Mist poly, Hobbs Polydown, and the cotton/poly. Today I will use a Fairfield Quiter's 80/20 bought on sale at JoAnn's. It's been preshunk and is ready for a trip to the church to sandwich it.
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    Old 12-12-2011, 08:46 AM
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    I love Hobbs 80/20. It has the look and almost feel of 100% cotton, but not as much shrinkage. For tablerunners and wallhangings I like to use Warm and Natural 100% cotton. I just like the thinner stuff on those things.
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    If I want warmth, I buy either all poly or a cotton/poly blend. Otherwise, I use Warm and Natural. If I need it really warm, I use two layers of that poly on the roll at Hancocks as there is no thick batt currently available that is anywhere as warm as Down. You have to tie that quilt unless you have a long arm. I live in MN, where it is cold for 7 months of the year. Someone in say Georgia, would likely have different requirements.

    As far as brands,my favorite is Quilter's Dream, followed by Hobbs 80/20. I have never tried a wool or bamboo batting. The wool seems to require more care than I think my giftees would put in and I haven't heard enough how the bamboo holds loft over time.

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    i now prefer cotton. i don't like puffy look at all in my quilts. i want the nice flat look that shows the quilting design.
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    These are very interesting responses. Thanks for replying.

    I just read on line that the poly I purchased will shrink 1% if washed on warm/dried on warm, which is what I'd planned to do before gifting. This is how I'd expect it would be laundered going forward.

    My quilting cottons were already washed. Do you think this small amount of shrinkage will be an issue on a 62 x 72 quilt?

    I should add that I don't like the crinkled look.

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