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What's your sewing machine's name?

What's your sewing machine's name?

Old 01-26-2016, 06:44 AM
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I have never given a machine a name, however, my husband did. He has been calling my Bernina 1120 "Bernie."
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I collect (horde?) vintage machines, so when possible I name them after their original owner. Sometimes I get the name from the seller, other times I find it written in a manual or on some service documents that came with the machine.

A few don't have names yet for whatever reason, I call them things like "sweetie" or "little girl" when I'm trying to coax them into working. ("Little Girl" is also what I call my car.)

The ones with names:
Modern machines:
90's Kenmore - "Stitch" (this was the first machine I bought after moving out of my parent's home, I abused this poor machine SO MUCH and yet he still keeps working...such a trooper!)
Janome 6600 - "Princess Leia" - my dealer gave her this name and I thought it was funny so I kept it.
Janome 3160 - "Chewbacca" - since I already had a Star Wars theme going...

Vintage horde:
Kenmore 117-959 - "Judy", after my boss's mom (he helped me get the machine & cabinet home)
Kenmore 158-1651 - "Hulk", because it's made of steel and anger, and is slightly green
Singer 319W - "Verne" - it's sort of steampunky looking with those levers, so named after Jules Verne
Singer 221 - "Patricia" - after original owner
Singer 185K - "Kathy" - after original owner
White 1563 - "Betty", because I love Betty White
Singer 99K - "Darling", because it's so cute! I have two, one is older than the other, so they're actually "Darling the younger" and "Darling the elder"
Singer 128 - "Venny", because of the La Vencedora decals (not very imaginative)
Singer 403A - my newest acquisition, I've decided she's a "Lucille"
Singer 500A - my Rocketeer just is called "The Rocket"

The rest will get names as they come to me. Sometimes I have a name right away, other times I have to get to know the machine before they tell me what to call them. Some machines I decide are male, some are definitely female....it's all a little arbitrary and silly, but I have fun with it!
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Old 01-26-2016, 09:04 AM
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Red face

*** May be downsizing some of these soon, but
*** FW - Margaret after an Aunt who gave me my 1st machine at 12.
*** 301A - Minnie after maternal grandma.

*** 66 - Lois after a dear friend who died last year in Nebraska.
*** 99 - Maude just because I like the name.
*** 328K - Lillie Mae after my paternal grandma.
*** 756 Touch & Sew - Loyd after the man who gave him to me.
*** Dress Form - Mary after my mother.

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I named my newest machine Joy because she always makes me happy. I've only owned 1 other (very inexpensive) machine. If I had named it, it would have been Hector because I was always saying "what the heck" when I used it. LOL
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Old 01-26-2016, 01:43 PM
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My 1966 Elna SU is WorkHorse Elna.

My Husqvarna 875 Q is Sweet Sapphire.

I had to laugh about the cats' names. Most of our kitties have had "real" names but brother-sister-daughter Siamese ended up being Boy Cat, Mama Cat, and B.B. Cat (for Beautiful Beast).
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Old 01-26-2016, 01:51 PM
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My vintage one is Sewphie.

I haven't named my new Janome. My old-ish Kenmore was called lots of ugly names. Not really the machine's fault though it was a good excuse to talk the hubby into getting me a better machine lol!
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Old 01-26-2016, 01:56 PM
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Very cute but...
no. Just no.

tim in san jose
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Only a few of my machines have names. I also try to name them after the previous owners but mostly I'll wait for the right name to come to me.
Janome MC200E - Baby J
Janome MC350E - Big Mama
Janome MC500E - Mac Daddy
Brother PE200 - Lucy (it's the old Snoopy machine...)
Tuffylock serger - The Beast, because it is
Singer 201-2 - Elizabeth(I tried calling her Bess or Lizzie but she didn't like it, she's an elegant lady)
Brother FZ2 Pacesetter - Richard
Universal clone - Orphan Annie
Singer FW - Margaret
New Home treadle - Sharon
black Singer 301 - Beauty
National Princess 222 - Princess(what else would I call her?)

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Old 01-26-2016, 03:31 PM
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Jenny Janome, Fanny Featherweight, Bonnie Blue Bradford and Jane Juki all live in my house. They were recently joined by Gloria, the Five Foot Wonder, aka Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen. I have a nice little family.
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Old 01-26-2016, 05:08 PM
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I collect vintage machines and right now, I have twelve of them and they all have names.

Singer 66 Redeye - Grandma, because both my husband's and my paternal grandmother had one.
Franklin Rotary - Fiona. This is the one in my avatar.
Premier 15 clone - Minnie, after a great-aunt, and also because there was a mouse nest in the bottom of the case when I bought it.
Sterling 15 clone - Aunt Lula, after another great-aunt. One of my earliest memories was of her sewing on her treadle machine.
Capitol Deluxe "dashboard" machine - Big Bertha, because she weighs almost 45 pounds and has a 1.5 amp motor. Sometimes I think she could sew through concrete!
New Home 532 - Betty Rubble, because she was a real beaten-up mess when I bought her.

And then there's my "Kenmore Krew" :

117.812 - Barney Rubble, just because his general appearance looks rather "Flinstones-ish" to me.
117.959 - Harvey - don't know why...just looks like a Harvey to me.
158.1914 - Raphaela, after the lady that I bought her from.
158.1703 - Ava the Diva - because she has more accessories than any girl has a right to.
158.1641 - Adalbert, or "Bertie" - named after a great-great uncle in Poland. I told my cousin, the family historian, that the next machine I found was going to be named after ol' Uncle Adalbert. The name makes me smile.
385.1264 - Baby - even though it's not the oldest machine I have, it's the one that's the most precious to me, because my daughter used it to make her wedding dress.
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