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The week before Christmas is a busy one for me. I finished up my shopping this past weekend and got all of my homemade Christmas presents finished. Now on to the wrapping. On Tuesday I will join the VFW women. We will be caroling and serving dinner at a veteran's homeless shelter. We will pass out hats, socks and gloves. Toys to the children and gift boxes to the women. Dinner at my sister n laws home on Wednesday. Dinner with my husband's X-Wife on Thursday. Friday is Lunch with my Co-workers. Friday evening is getting all the food ready for Saturday, which we will take to my mother n law's home for a big family get together. My husband has 9 brothers and sisters. It is a big affair. Christmas day, I always get up early and cook a big breakfast. My daughter come over and we exchange gifts. We then spend the rest of the day relaxing and eating leftovers.

I wish all of the pumpkin and Holly Groups a very Merry Christmas. Bless each and every one of you.
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I love to hear about all the big families getting together. My sisters and I are spread out East Coast, West Coast FLA and IND so I never get to see them on Christmas. Iím glad the kids still want to come home. Iím sure the warm weather helps persuade the Omaha family to visit in December!

The magazines have been gifted to LStew. Glad she will be able to enjoy them.
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Our family is also big on games, sometimes it’s one big game and other times we will have several different tables going. Right after dinner we play what we call garbage, the dice game where when you get a double you grab from the pile of things that are wrapped in brown paper bags. It’s to get everyone in the mood for gift opening. The last few years the biggest hit has been Catch Phrase. When the grandkids were little they called it the “ yelling game”. My oldest dd from Texas is here with us and our 2 granddaughters 12 and 19 will stay here for a few days after Christmas. I will take the tree down, put away all Christmas decorations, drive everyone 90 minutes back to the cities. Then drive home immediately and we will load our car and weather permitting leave early the next morning for Texas. Sounds like we will stop 2 nights on the road instead of only one. If hubby had his way we would drive straight through but I have been quite vocal about my displeasure in sitting in the car for 13 and 14 hours at a time.
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Terri, glad your DH will divide the trip over 3 days instead of two. We too hope to be on the road by the 28th, this time we will drive over two days spending one night in a hotel. We drove straight through the past several trips but I think we are getting too old to drive 17 hours on the road.

There is a blizzard on the way and so far it looks like we will be in it's path, we don't know how that may impact our Christmas. The timing is terrible, it's supposed to start on Thursday and continue through Friday. I don't know if you are going to be affected by this storm.

Congratulations on your Minnesota Vikings taking the Central Division, they deserved it!

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After driving west to east across the nation to relocate, new dr wanted bone density and thrombosis exam. Discovered that at my age it can be dangerous to sit long periods of time. It’s a ticket for blood clouts. So hold your ground on length of drive each day. And take walking rest stops.
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With storms and travel, everyone stay safe!

Lstew, thank you so much for giving your time to the VFW! Bless you for showing love to our vets. Had to smile when you said you'd be having a holiday meal at your husband's ex-wife's. I'm sure that's a story in itself!

Merry Christmas, everyone!
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Love to hear about Christmas/holiday traditions. It is very important for our children to have as many of the generations together and having fun.
I found my present on marketplace - something I didn't even know I wanted! But I saw the cabinet and then the the beautiful machine - I almost thought it was a scam! But then when DH and I went and saw her - and her story - she came home with us.
I downloaded the manual and am watching youtubes and waiting for quiet in the house to play!
My son has told me that I had to leave it at his house cause he loved it!
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Oh TG, what a lovely Singer Red Eye Treadle in a parlor cabinet! I have the same machine, but with the Lotus decals. Mine is 1908. I would venture to guess yours is around 1925. There are still a ton of these out there, because they were made from the turn of the century up until around 1960. But they are so precise and wonderful. Wait til you see the bobbin winder in action. It's a marvel.
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What a wonderful Christmas present TG! Itís beautiful. Enjoy every stitch!
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TG -- gorgeous machine! What a great Christmas present!!

Here is some eye candy to help get you all ready for the delivery of our BOOM blocks. Wrapping up BOOM blocks while the holiday is hitting seems to be my holiday tradition. All of yours sound much better!

Quiltblocks magazine puts out some fun blocks to play with. I tried the Rick Rack Row(#679) with Klaws' beautiful fabric. This was one of those take a beautiful piece of fabric and cut it up into tiny pieces to try to make an even prettier piece of fabric type experiment for me.

Janice McC loves stars but when her fabric is part of the star, not much gets to be used so I opted to make her fabric the back of the star and found a really fun star, Tumbler Star #194, to work with.

I loved it so much for the directional print and how it allowed me to keep the garden intact that I decided that TravelingGramma needed the same treatment with her beautiful leaves that shimmer in gold and blue. As this is the Christmas season, stars seem a good choice.

Petthefabric allowed me to pull out my fabrics to find the right shade variations for her key fabric. I have a bucket list quilt (Malaga) that I got the idea from and played with the numbers and came up with this beauty.

And Marcialee gets a variation of Rings in Motion (Quilter's Cache), an attempt to paper piece something new on my part. My nephew, the artist, saw this block and fell in love with it. He thinks your fabric may glow under UV light, lol.

More tomorrow. I am going to slowly unveil just cause I know you all need something new to look at when you pop into the forum.
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