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Hello friends,

Thank you for all your kind words for the loss of my father. He was an amazing man who touched a lot of people's lives. He leaves behind his 92 year old bride (my step mom), who is having an incredibly difficult time. I took this week off and it's been a healing week... full of plumbing, drywall repair and laying tile! Honestly, very therapeutic and really nice to spend quiet time with Gary (Fiancé).

Best of all, my blocks arrived today and they are absolutely STUNNING! For all that did applique, you knocked it out of the park! WOW! The colors of all the blocks go together so well and as always, great job to those of you who had to deal with the pesky striped fabric!!

I've made that storm at sea quilt with the two hearts! It was one of the first quilts I made - did it all with a cardboard template! It was in varying shades of blue/teal batik fabrics. It was a wedding present for one of my friend's daughters, which has now become a tradition - get married and get a quilt from Jayne!

Stay safe and warm, good luck on everything going on (Grandbabies, anniversaries etc... ) Give your loved ones extra hugs and here is a little PSA - make sure you have a will/estate plan that is updated! (yes... you can tell what we're going through!).
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My blocks arrived today! I expected it tomorrow. All 19 are in the package. I’ll look at the in a few days. Thank you, Sewbizgirl and all the Holly Boomers!
Originally Posted by sewbizgirl View Post
Yay! Have fun with them, Ibex.

I've been watching the tracking on Pirate Ship and see that some of you are starting to receive your packages. Great!!
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Received blocks on Friday. It’ 12;42 here now, so officially Sat. Looked through them, putting masking tape with name on back. They’re great. The past 6 mo have held major changes for many of us. Just now looked at new post from MaryKa in September VQW about Matthew’s autopsy.

About 2 yrs ago, (this is a Christian thing-please skip if it’s offensive), God made it clear it’s time I learned about relationships and loving people. My focus has been goals, objectives and the bottom line. In personality types, I’m a lion…..get it done and get it done now. Makes a decisive administrator, but lonely. God has been changing my heart to putting people first. I’m in transition. At church, I find myself watching people and wondering what’s happening for them. I’m loving the change.

so back to BOOM. I’m loving reviewing the past 6 months and the lives that have been included. I think I’ll treasure these 2 BOOM quilts more than past ones. Thanks to all of you.
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Originally Posted by klaws View Post
Happy New Year everyone! I wish you a healthy, happy and creative new year!
Bonnie, thank you so much for hosting the swap this time. You did a great job. I love doing these boom swaps but, unfortunately, I will not be able to continue doing them. I really had a struggle with my eyes this time. I did what I could but it was really frustrating. I will keep checking in to the future swaps to see how things are going. It has been wonderful swapping with everyone for the past 9 boom swaps. I will truly miss participating.
Bonnie, congratulations on the new grand baby. You have to let us know how it went and please post pictures!
Hugs to everyone!
So sorry to hear about your eyes and that you can't do anymore booms. you will be sorely missed. Hope you can find something that will help in the future. Don't be a stranger. Hugs to you
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Originally Posted by JayneW View Post
Happy New year to all,

It was a rough Christmas as my father passed away on Dec 23 from complications from Covid/Heart disease. Tough times for all of us, but day by day we all move forward.

I read all your posts and as always am thinking of my boom sisters.
So sorry to hear about your dad and So sorry for your loss. Hugs to your and prays to you and your family.
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I got my blocks yesterday and just now had the chance to go thru them. They are stunning. I can't wait to get them put together and to start quilting them. Thank you, ladies for putting all your talents into these blocks. I love this swap and my new quilty friends. I look forward to the booms in the future.
Thank you Sewbiz for keeping us on track and for being a great swap host. You're the best.
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Thank you thank you and thank you again. My blocks arrived yesterday and they are all beautiful and so welcomed.

Pet you go girl!

Our screened in addition is finished and we have been practically living in it . Lots of room to move about, no longer have to worry about the feral cats our neighbor feeds jumping up and using our patio furniture as a scratching post our worse yet as a litter box. Still need to make it ours but that will come with time

Until the next boom everyone take care
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Oh my, took out and ironed all the beautiful blocks. Three had some shimmer to them. My sashing fabric does to. All the blues and golds are amazing. Hard to believe so many variants work together
thank you one and all
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Originally Posted by Rebaquilts View Post
I thought the same thing, I actually thought black to recede, second choice is blue. They look great, by the way. Hugs!!
Thank you super members and experienced boom quilters for your advice. I got the ok to go "shopping" with a cane so I am off to the store this week to make the final sashing selection. Your comments will come in handy when I am at the store!
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By today everyone should have their blocks. MJP is the last (farthest away) one but even hers is showing scheduled to be delivered today. Aren't they all amazing? It's been so much fun to get to see them all here before shipping out. I know we will have fun making them into quilts!

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