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  • Secret Santa 2015 Chat--OPENING DAY IS DECEMBER 6TH @ 3PM EST

  • Secret Santa 2015 Chat--OPENING DAY IS DECEMBER 6TH @ 3PM EST

    Old 10-12-2015, 08:34 PM
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    The first thing that I get for my Secret Santa, is a Thank You card. For me it seems to be the start of the fun of collecting, packing & mailing my package, then waiting to see what I receive from my Secret Santa in her package. It's all in fun & what can I say but I am just a big kid waiting for Santa to arrive!! Let the FUN BEGIN!!
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    Old 10-12-2015, 08:37 PM
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    I so agree let the fun begin. I am actually looking forward to this swap as this is my first year at this one. Love th anticipation of opening the box and seeing all the goodies inside.
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    Old 10-12-2015, 09:43 PM
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    hello all ,Terri i got my s.s person, need to go shopping soon for her ,she dose,;t say much about herself except i know she quilts and has a dog , nice i love dogs and have 4 small ones myself, i like all colors ,love making purse,s or bags follow bonnie Hunter and Jenny from missouri quilts .gee i have most everything for sewing and quilting ,love rag dolls and collect them ,love chicken and rooster,s in my kitchen and also collect them, i do hand quilting ,applique and long arm quilting , love candies and cookies ,love mug rugs haven,t made any yet but its in the to do list , love paper piecing patch work and hexies ,lately i,ve been into polka dots fabric and batik ,civil war , 50's colors fabrics and, love mini quilts and patterns and drink coffee in morning my Joe can't start without Joe lol . but all in all i'm not a picky person just one who enjoys friends and making more lol.
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    Old 10-13-2015, 03:57 AM
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    Originally Posted by Quiltedhorse
    I need some help. The person whose name I have hasn't posted for preferences. That's fine. I like the latitude to choose. There is a fair trade website that has handmade items from women in India. They sell tote bags, etc. I know it's not everybody's thing, but do you think most people would like it?
    I'm not a "tote person" but I would kill for a bag like that. So, yes -- send it along. I'm sure it will be cherished.
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    Old 10-13-2015, 04:17 AM
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    Default Question time (again)

    Do you have an embroidery machine?
    What kind?
    Hoop size (largest)?

    Do you hand embroidery or cross stitch?

    Hand sewing?


    MY answer to these questions are:

    Do you have an embroidery machine? yes I have 2
    What kind? Brother Innov-Is 1000 & Brother Innov-Is 1500D
    Hoop size (largest)? 5x7 (1000) 6x10 (1500D)

    Do you hand embroidery or cross stitch? not any more.

    Hand sewing? just for making yo-yos
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    Old 10-13-2015, 05:12 AM
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    Originally Posted by tlrnhi
    I'm shocked!
    Everyone is behaving....so far....

    I do have a bit of information for all of you.

    You remember the glitch I had/have, right?
    Well,,,,there's still a glitch in there and I cannot find it.
    Soo...instead of tearing my hair out and making my eyes go completely crossed where they'll never uncross, I have decided to just roll with the flow.
    There's one person, who WILL or WILL NOT receive 2 packages.
    It looks like that person has someone sending to them, but then again, it looks like they don't have someone sending to them. See my delimma?
    I have checked and double checked and triple checked and cannot find the problem.
    Sooo......ONE lucky person MAY be receiving 2 packages! Isn't that a great present?
    And yes, the person will be receiving from me! Yep ME! Little 'ol me!!
    Remember, I live in Amish Country and there are some really cool things here. And NO! I'm not sending an Amish Quilt.
    Who is the lucky person? Well? Not telling and I'm not giving hints either.

    I think I'm also going to randomly send out little giftees to people. It will be sent from me, so you will be able to open it right away and won't be confused.
    Will put names in a hat and have hubby pick the names.
    Could be anything from a fat quarter or a pack of needles or a cute note pad or anything that I have in my box of goodies...who knows? I shop all year for things and when I see something on sale, or something really cool, I buy it.
    Sound like a cool idea?
    Terri, you ROCK this swap!!!!
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    Old 10-13-2015, 06:09 AM
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    More questions to answer
    Do you have an embroidery machine? Yes
    What kind? Janome 350e
    Hoop size (largest)? 5x7 4x4

    Do you hand embroidery or cross stitch? no

    Hand sewing? nope
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    Old 10-13-2015, 06:34 AM
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    Originally Posted by Belfrybat
    I'm not a "tote person" but I would kill for a bag like that. So, yes -- send it along. I'm sure it will be cherished.
    Well, I bought the tote. I have a few things to put inside. I have at least 300 fat quarters in my sewing room, but I will probably still go shopping for new ones. I'm not sure why. I guess it's a sickness. I have more fabric than some quilt shops. I found a cute Nebraska magnet so I can put something local in the package. There are so many little things I want to add. I'm gonna need a bigger box. It's going far far away so I need to mail early.
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    Old 10-13-2015, 06:44 AM
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    To answer some of the more recent questions I've seen posted:

    What fabric brand/designers/lines do you like? I haven’t been quilting long so I am familiar with only a few names: Kate Spain, Bonnie & Camille, Cotton + Steel (all of them), Me & My Sister (love their bright colors), Anna Marie Horner. I also like the brand new line “Good Neighbors” from Amanda Jean Nyberg at Crazy Mom Quilts blog.

    Which do you DISLIKE? I don’t know of any specific names

    Do you have an embroidery machine? No
    What kind?
    Hoop size (largest)?

    Do you hand embroidery or cross stitch? I have cross stitched, but find it very tedious

    Hand sewing? Not unless absolutely required, and it shows in the workmanship

    I have been busy collecting all kinds of really cool, nice things for my SS. I want to include a few tiny things that reflect where I live such as a postcard, magnet, etc. I've also got notions that I would love to receive.

    I have made a few wall hangings in the last month and needless to say fell in love with them too. I hated to give them away. I have decided to start making 2 of each one, 1 for the recepient and 1 for me. I think it would bring so many cheery days to have them on the wall in my sewing area.
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    Old 10-13-2015, 06:51 AM
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    I am new to this swap this year but I find it absolutely appalling that people have to be reminded to send thank yous. I don't care how bust life gets, that's just plain rude and there is NO excuse. Ok, getting off the soap box and going back into the hole. What's in here for breakfast? I'm getting hungry.
    Oh goodie more questions
    Do you have an embroidery machine?
    Do you hand embroidery or cross stitch? Yes, I love to hand embroider. I used to cross stitch all the time but now only do it when I want to make a very personalized quilt label.
    Hand sewing? ​Yes, was just doing a bit last night.
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