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Thread: Does anyone use purchased quilter's furniture?

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    Aug 2013
    I have a friend who treated herself to some of the sewing furniture seen in magazines. Her sewing room is in the far side of her formal living room so she wanted to close it when company comes. The only problem she has had with it is she ordered an extra top to put her serger on a wing of the unit. With the extra top, the unit can't be closed. The height of the serger top is the same as the tabletop and it is screwed on. So she lost the ability to tighten it all up and fold it away. Other than that, it's beautiful. But not what she intended.

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    Jun 2011
    northwest Ohio
    I have furniture from Arrow/Kangaroo and I'm so happy I got it! I first purchased an Aussie so I would be able to have plenty of room to free motion with my machine at the right height. I really liked it, so I've been able to catch some additional pieces on sale now and then. I've got a few Joeys, which I stacked, plus their cutting table which I use for both cutting and ironing larger finished tops. And you'll see my quilt on their website hanging above many of their cabinets. They had a contest to design and make a quilt that matched their colors, and the prize was a certain amount towards their furniture. That's how I was able to get the cutting table. (Here's a link: https://www.arrowcabinets.com/shop/b...s/emu-cabinet/)

    For me, one of the big advantages is the ability to fold up the furniture with the machine in it and have a nice neat look. We recently did some remodeling, and my entire sewing room folded up and rolled out of the way. Awesome!

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    Sep 2011
    I have a Koala Table and I ordered the extra tall one as I am tall and it kills my back to have to hunch over to cut and sew, this is the one I purchased.

    I love the height and the storage, I will say I was not happy with the materials used to make it. If I ever redo my room, I will go for a handcrafted solid wood table, and forgo another Koala. As far as the rest of my sewing room furniture, itís all IKEA and it works well for me. I regret no purchase that lets me enjoy my hobby in comfort.

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    Jul 2017
    Central Ohio
    I bought a Horn table when I got my Bernina and I love it. It's large enough to be able to use the other side for cutting. My machine goes in it and it has a manual lever.
    I also have a large table for my Juki (for machine quilting)

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    May 2011
    sonoma county CA
    I'm negative on the koala. I bought one as a 'soon to be retired' present to self. I really liked using it, but we moved and although I always kept in in the house (my bedroom, so it was heated - it was not left in damp or severe heat) When I started using it again I found out that all of the rounded edges were delaminating. I take responsibility for the lift mechanism failing, my son didn't see the instruction before he put the top down. But delamination REALLY this was a top of the kind purchase

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onebyone View Post
    No different then furnishing the rooms in your house with nice furniture. Why should a sewing room be all make do and hodge podge? I have the same pride in my sewing room as I do the rest of the rooms in my home. If my sewing room is junky and raggedity then I feel like I don't value what that room means to me.
    Amen! When I had the chance to use a spare room for a sewing room I bought furniture for it, like I would have for a bedroom, sitting room, or office. If all the other furniture was make do then I would have no problem with it but I have nice furniture in my other rooms why should my sewing room be only good enough for the free or cheap stuff? I take pride in my sewing room.

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    May 2017
    Mount Pleasant, WI
    I have always sewn with vintage machines that came in wood cabinets. Until I started quilting in the spring of 2017, I did not even realize that the modern machines did not come with cabinets. All of my machines except for my 99k handcrank are in the original wood cabinet that they came in and so far for my needs, they all work well. I am lucky to have a Featherweight card table and I do use that to help with the large quilts. I was using my dining room table to cut on, but it was too low. I found a folding cutting table on CL for a good price. I need to be able to swap the cutting table and the dining table in and out depending on what I am using the room for.
    Theresa -
    a weaver turned quilter
    Singer Lover: 1932 15-88, 1933 99k13 HC, 1950 221-1, 1950 201-2, 1952 301, 1955 99k28, 1959 401a

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    May 2011
    In my other house I had a large desk that had been modified but it would not fit in the new house. I loved the Koala cabinets but the price was way too high for me. I don't have a lot of room for a table so I got a folding one that fits my machine. I would really love to have one with a hydraulic lift so I could have a flat surface -- when I looked at the Arrows a couple of years ago, they did not handle my machine. This one looks like it would fit. I am thinking hard about getting one but need to save up for it. Thanks for the link One by One.

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

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    Jan 2011
    Keep a eye on the Arrow flash sales. You never know when one may show up. Usually they are posted on Facebook and sold out by the time the email gets out. Arrow has give aways every week too.
    I love my life!

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    My Bernina sits in a Horn cabinet, too...and having the surface flush with the table is a dream, it really is. I think each person must decide what their sewing area looks like...I need a bit of order (just a bit), and I like to look up and see some of the cutesy things I've placed about...but that's just me. I STRONGLY recommend cutting on a tall table, even if you must use bed risers to achieve the height! Doing this has saved me from countless back aches!! Good lucK!

    Quote Originally Posted by dunster View Post
    I have a mixture of furnishings in my sewing room. My Bernina sits in a Horn cabinet, but my cutting table is a solid core door resting (not attached) on two short bookcases. It is the perfect height for me. I have bookcases and garage shelving that hold fabric, carts from Ikea, storage units from Walmart. Whatever works...
    "... let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us."

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    Adelaide, Australia
    I have an old pine kitchen table my husband made a cutout in for my machine to drop into. Also used an IKEA hack for a cutting bench/ craft table using 2 2x2 cupboards and an old desktop on top. My cupboards are an assortment of white drawers/cupboard and plastic filing cupboard.
    Bit of a mish mash but doesn't look too bad all together really. The most I paid for any piece is $80 AUD.
    Bev - Adelaide, Australia

    Currently working on 'Adelaide Jane'

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    Jan 2013
    Eastern Madera County, Ca
    I have purchased furniture, cabinets and shelves. The cabinets have storage with tables don't. And I like the unified look. It's another priority thing.

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