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What are we organizing today 2022

What are we organizing today 2022

Old 12-06-2022, 04:22 AM
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Originally Posted by rryder View Post
Today I'm working on getting the Christmas tree put up. Every year I say I'm not going to do one and then I always put it up anyway. This year my excuse is that our dog, Bubba is now 14 years old and he loves Christmas, so I don't want to disappoint him- don't know how many more he'll be around for.

This is not intended to be a sad note, but I snapped some charming photos of my cat, Scout, last year near the tree in the soft glow of the Christmas lights and snuggled between the gift boxes. Little did I know she would have to be laid to rest shortly after New Year's. I am so glad that I put up the tree and have the sweet photos of my dear kitty pal. This Christmas I have a new adult kitty adopted in July. Who knows how she and the tree will get along but it will be fun. She has the perfect Christmas name, ZuZu.

My grandkiddos will be coming to help decorate my tree on Saturday but I decorating other parts of my home sort of day by day.
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Old 12-06-2022, 07:03 AM
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It's always hard to lose a beloved pet, WMU, but the time we have with them is precious as are the memories. Glad you have a new friend to share this Christmas with. My decorating yesterday was with the not-so-helpful assistance of our new puppy - so far she's not got into TOO much trouble... ;-) Happy decorating to you!
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Old 12-06-2022, 09:02 AM
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WMU- I'm sorry to hear about Scout. Glad you've got ZuZu to help with the decorating!

Today I got the tree stand taped to the cardboard piece I use to secure it in place and then taped that to the floor so the tree isn't going anywhere, no matter how inquisitive Bubba gets. Bubba helped- probably about as effectively as your new puppy, Gemm!

I'll put the lights on it either this afternoon or this evening and save the ornaments to do tomorrow.

TallChick- glad you got the crates. Post pics!

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Old 12-13-2022, 05:25 AM
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Originally Posted by RovaxiRouck View Post
Originally Posted by SueZQ from MN View Post
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Old 12-13-2022, 06:16 AM
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I finished a quilt top yesterday and took it to the long arm quilter. Now, it is just a general clean up in my sewing room. Its also time to look through the patterns I have saved and see what I really want to do and to then kit them up for 2023. Those not on my "to do list" can leave for others to use. I also picked up about a dozen or so "fabric boards" at my groups give away table last month.. Time to fill them and put them on the shelf. Today? May be but more likely will get this done this week.

Soon it will be time to search and kit up UFOs. The new year is coming!
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Old 12-14-2022, 10:28 AM
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Today I'm organizing my quilting room to start my next project. It is another 'double' quilt project. They will be for my daughter and son-in-law. They have a king size bed, but like separate blankets, so I'm making two matching quilts for them.

I just finished my Dresden Tree Wall Hanging. It turned out nice. I made the quilted background to look like a room with windows on each side of the tree and floorboards for the floor of the room.

Sorry for the tilted pictures. It was hard to get it all in the camera frame with it laying on my cutting station. The multi colored cut fabric next to it is for my next quilts all ready cut and ready to sew once I clean off my sewing station which has more of the next quilts fabric on it as well.
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Originally Posted by rryder View Post
And here are after pictures of the corner and the hardware drawer unit and my toolboxes' new home. As you can see, I moved the tool boxes out of the corner and put a box of rolled paper and shipping materials in their place. I can easily see what's in the box and pull out whatever is needed. This box was taking up a ton of space under my quilt sandwiching table and I was able to move my toolboxes, the bin of clamps and the other stuff that was blocking the drawer unit into the spot vacated by the box. Now I can easily get to my toolboxes and also to the drawer unit with hardware. I can't figure out why it took me so long to make that swap. It was a royal pain to get the shipping stuff out of the box when it was under my table....

You did a great job organizing that corner! It will be fun to see what you will be organizing for 2023.
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Old 12-27-2022, 11:53 AM
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Happy New Year, everyone! Another year is upon us…goodness, this year went by so fast.

I am putting my Christmas decor away as I tear down Christmas inside and outside. This is the year that I reduce all the containers to as few as possible….which means, getting rid of stuff I no long display and gifting heirlooms to the next generation. Like many, I have collected a lot of decor over the years….Hubbie thought he’d help….ummm. No thanks, I got it covered honey…the million strands of twinkle lights do not go in trash. Lol.. Anywhooo…that is my project for the week.
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Old 12-29-2022, 12:03 PM
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This week I went through my spice cupboard, baking items and canned goods and did a purge of expired and old opened spices. Replaced with a much smaller amounts of items I use on a regular basis. My cupboard is bare now! Im itching to reorganize my fabrics again, but I am waiting till the new year to decide.
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