quilt show in Huston, Nov 2018

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Default quilt show in Huston, Nov 2018

we have new friends in Huston, TX, who are inviting us and another couple to stay in their house and us girls going to the quilt show. Sounds like fun but after looking at the show's web site I am afraid to be overwhelmed with it and miss some good things. Any suggestions, from you who went in previous years, how to plan going to the show. I do not think that I want to take any classes, maybe taking some lecture at most.
thank you
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It is huge, we didn't have long enough for it all. If I went again, I would do the Merchant Mall a different day, as it very exhausting.
Watch out for people who have rented electric scooters and are stearing through crowds for their first time, ouch!
At the CQA show in Vancouver I met people who had rented walkers, even though they didn't really "need" them so they could stop and rest often and had a place to put all their shopping bags.
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I live in Houston and go every year. It is huge. One day will not be enough if you are all quilters. There is just too much to see. The classes are amazing. However, if you are not staying downtown, getting to them is a hassle. Traffic here is crazy and not for the feint of heart.

My advice is: wear comfortable shoes, have a lot of patience and enjoy the experience. I always reserve one day just to look at the quilts and take pictures. Other days are shopping/looking at quilts. I move back and forth depending on where the crowds are (I try to avoid them).

Read the website because there is a lot of good info there. Rolling carts are normally not allowed on the floor and as thimblebug says, watch out for the people in scooters. They'll run into you! Don't be shy about saying "Hey!" or "Ouch" really loud so they know what they've done.

Most quilters are really nice people but unfortunately there are always a few.
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My advice is to plan to split up and meet back at lunch or a certain place. It's so huge, you will want to spend time on looking at what you are interested in and not waiting for a friend to check out something closer. We spent 4 days there and I was never bored. Be sure to tell your bank that you are going and that there will be charges from all over the country. A friends Visa was put on hold because of charges from the East Coast and the West Coast within about 30 minutes. She had to stop and get it straightened out before she could charge more.
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It is huge . I really shop at the show on the afternoon . The crowds are thinner and you can see the venders wares
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This will be my fourth year to attend. I have signed up for four days of classes [I'm really excited about the teachers and techniques they're presenting.] and allowed myself three days for shopping and quilt viewing. I learned a couple of years ago to park my car at the end of a Metro line and take the train in. It's convenient and easier than trying to park downtown. There are many venues for food, some inside the convention center itself.

If you understand the old "kid in a candy store" saying, you will have an idea of the Houston festival. There is so much to look at and so much to see that some people are a bit overwhelmed. Do plan on wearing comfortable shoes, taking plenty of breaks, and make arrangements for carrying your purchases around. Taking a camera is a good idea, but be aware that there are some quilters who do not wish to have their work photographed.

Look closely at the website or class catalog to see what might interest you the most. Make a plan, but be flexible. If this is your first time, prepare to be amazed by all that you will see and do.
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If you want to take pictures beware you cannot take pictures of all the quilts. Some have signs the size of post it notes saying not to take picture. I didn't see the sign and a person came running over for me not to take the picture. Just a warning. But enjoyed the show. It was my first time to go.
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I went 2 or 3 different years; haven't been since 03; had eye issues and it was NOT fun; eyes wouldn't focus at the time. 5 hour drive for me and as was said before driving in Houston is NOT fun - at all. No consideration from others who don't seem to realize not everyone is from there and know how to get to where they are going, so very rude. I have heard the best deals are on Sunday though, if you are there for that day. It is overwhelming with all to see. Have fun.
Also when I was there they wouldn't allow those pull along carts to put your things in; guess people were banging into others with them so they banned them; so you either have to take your things out to the car periodically OR check them - for a fee.
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I have gone every year for 25 years and it is huge. I would suggest if you can comfortably wear a back pack or carry a light weight tote bag it is a good idea. In years past, walkers were allowed but only with a doctor's permit. Buy the program and mark the booths you would like to revisit. There are people from all over the world there and sadly many leave the manners at home. Comfortable shoes are a must. Wear what is comfortable. There is so much to see, hear, learn and buy. Enjoy your visit.
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thank you all very much for your comments! I will take all of it for consideration when planning my trip. I will be staying with friends and hopefully they will help with the transportation or advise how to get to the show. thanks again
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