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gramqlts 04-20-2010 09:12 AM

Lost my mom Friday morning. Found out 1st of last May that she had a broke neck (in 4 places) and had been walking around with it broke for two weeks before it was discovered. Miracle she wasn't dead or paralized. Also found out same day she had lung cancer in both lungs. Been a down hill battle ever since but she went fast into deep coma Thursday around noon. Never regained conciousness and lasted 15 hours before heart stopped. Was never in pain and will suffer no more. She is at peace with our Lord and Savior now.

And today my best quilting bud Chrickett who is on this board is having surgery on her spine. They will put in steel plates and screws. Hopefully her painful days are over. Every one please pray for her....supposed to go in to surgery around 1 pm central time. I was supposed to be with her but am now down with severe case of Bronchitis caused from allergies due to pollen, alot of crying and spending 4 days in my mom's smoked up house (she smoked 7-8 cartons a month). My heart is broken over my mom and filled with worry over Chrickett. Need lots of prayers folks!!! Thanks, Gramqlts

sharon b 04-20-2010 09:21 AM

gramqlts ...{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
So sorry about your Mom , my thoughts and prayers are with you ! And it goes without saying we all will be sending positive thoughts for chrickett also ! Please keep us posted

imjustme 04-20-2010 09:26 AM

My heart is broken over my mom and filled with worry over Chrickett. Need lots of prayers folks!!! Thanks, Gramqlts[/quote]

I am sorry for your loss. I am not very good at what to say in times like these, but I do know how to pray.

God please give her peace and comfort. Show her your love and compassion. Please take her worry and turn it into praise. I pray for this in Jesus's name. Amen

Grama Lehr 04-20-2010 09:28 AM

Gramqlts, I am so sorry to hear about your mother. Life will never be the same without her around. My heart goes out to you.

gramqlts 04-20-2010 09:41 AM

Thanks everyone.....so sweet of you all.

imjustme.....love the pics of your kids and you working in your flower bed....used to do it with my girls when they were little and now with my grandbabies...such prescious memories to store in your heart. My grandson mowed my yard for me Saturday while I was over at my mom's house and when I came home that nite it put a big smile on my face that I very much needed. He is the oldest of grandkids and is 12.

Forgot to tell you gals. My mom had a little Schitzoo dog that is 4 yrs old and she has worried for ages who would take care of her after she is gone. She is now sleeping permanently in my bed with me and Bella. Bella and her did not get along awhile back but last 6 months they have become great buds and are pretty close to same size tho Sissy (mom's dog) weighs more than twice what Bella does even tho same height. Hopefully she will adjust to new home too.

jamh 04-20-2010 09:42 AM

1 Attachment(s)
shame on me!! I got a great package last week and thought I posted pictures!

I love the colors so bright and happy, a neat mouse pad and a wonderful angel pin! Thanks you my SQA!!

jamh 04-20-2010 09:43 AM

Maybe my SQA will understanding!! hehehe

gramqlts 04-20-2010 09:50 AM

Thanks to my SQA....got your card yesterday. It was so sweet.

Got some scrapbook stickers of pretty flowers and butterflies and another sheet of cute and funny quotes to put with pictures when scrapbooking. (forgot about posting that I scrap book....getting old you know) Also got a darling Angel "wish token" to carry with me at all times.

Chrickett gave me a darling Angel coin awhile back to carry with me to protect me and will carry angel wish token right along with it.

Thanks again for being such a sweet and thoughtful Angel!! Love you SQA!!!! (((((hugs))))

GladGrams 04-20-2010 10:49 AM

Dear Gramqlts,

My heart is with you as you go through the grieving process after the loss of your mother. May God bless you.

lfw045 04-20-2010 11:19 AM

Oh gramqlts I know what it is to lose your mother like that....mine had brain cancer and went quickly also. My husband has had the surgery that Chricket is having .....my thoughts and prayers are with you on both counts.

SulaBug 04-20-2010 12:33 PM


My heart goes out to you, in the loss of your precious Mother.
God Bless her now & know that he is watching over her, for you. Take care of yourself, as you go through your grieving process. I am also thinking good thought's for our dear Crickett. May her surgery turn out for the very best.


Catlady 04-20-2010 03:19 PM

So sorry about your mom. Hope it helps to know shes in
a better place and no pain.
Will be praying for you and Chrickett.

mcdaniel023 04-20-2010 03:46 PM

Gramqlts, I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers going out for you and Cricket.

letsquilt 04-20-2010 03:53 PM

Gramqlts,I,m also praying for you, I lost my Mother over a year ago 12/16/2009.She also died of lung cancer and we sat with her for five days in the hospital before she passed. Its heart breaking to see them suffer.So my prayers are with you.Prayers for Cricket also.

Crafty1 04-20-2010 04:05 PM

Gramqlts: Sorry to hear about your mom, my heart goes out to you and your family. I hope that Chrickett will recover quickly and feel better real soon. Hugs and prayers!

grammo013 04-20-2010 04:59 PM

Prayers winging their way to you and to Chricket right now. So very sorry for your lost. It is a very hard time for you and yet you haVE THE LOVE TO WORRY ABOUT A SPECIAL FRIEND. BLESS you.

Charlee 04-20-2010 05:32 PM

Gram, I am so sorry to hear about your mother...mine was gone a week after she was diagnosed...I will have you in my prayers!

sewnsewer2 04-20-2010 05:40 PM

gramqlts, I am so sorry about your mom. Chrickett will be in my parayers and well as you.

lazyquilter 04-20-2010 05:45 PM

look your two different fluffs. Your Bichon is just beautiful and is that a Scottie looking alert and handsome with your fluff?


lazyquilter 04-20-2010 05:49 PM

I am very sadden to hear of the passing of your precious mom. What a horrible thing to have happened and then not know it. I realize there are no consoling words at this point, but I can tell you in all honesty, that one day in the future, you will still feel the loss of the passing, but it will become more gentle as time passes. As for your grieving, let your body and you heart take as much time as it needs, there is no stop and go with this. I know and it's been 21 years on April 27 since my mom passed. And I miss her dearly. Please, take care of yourself first, I know it's hard when your are need for family things, but your family still needs you.

With Blessings, Blue

gramqlts 04-20-2010 06:36 PM

Thanks to every one for your kind and thoughtful words. You are all a great bunch to be associated with. Even tho we may never meet face to face we all are a kindred spirit and have a special bond. I talked to Chris, Chrickett's husband a little while ago. The doctor came out after about 4 1/2 hours and said she came through the surgery fine and is in recovery now. Hopefully will get to see her in next couple of days. Am taking double antibiotics to try to get over this so can go see her. She is the best bud ever!!! I love her dearly. You could not ask for a sweeter and more giving friend!!!! She has been by my side through all the grieving and funeral stuff the last 4 days even tho she was facing this surgery herself. God bless you Chrickett and hope He heals you fast and you are no longer in pain after the healing process.

Leota 04-20-2010 06:55 PM

maybe I can teach them to sew- Is almost 2yrs and 4 yrs to young? lol

NO. They can "sew" punch cards. This develops fine motor skills and keeps them occupied "sewing " with mommy

Leota 04-20-2010 07:01 PM

gramqlts - my prayers for you and your family during this time of sorry.

OdessaQuilts 04-20-2010 07:19 PM


you sure worked those kids! they were working really hard, and your garden looks so nice now. i'll bet you all slept really well that night.


my sympathies on your loss. you've got a positive attitude about it already, which is a blessing. you keep your chin up, girl. we're here for you. (((HUGS)))

[and saying prayers for chrickett, too]


wvdek 04-20-2010 09:27 PM


I am sorry to hear about your mother. A mother and a daughter share a speciall bond that even death cannot break. I pray you have special memories and will be able in the days and months ahead to rely on those memories for comfort and peace. Continue to take one day at a time to get better. What a bummer and now to have Crickett in the hosp. too.

I am glad to hear you are caring for your mom's ShiTzu. We have had two and they were very loyal and sweet dogs.

You are in my prayers and thoughts.

aussie croydon 04-20-2010 10:45 PM

gramqlts although I don't know you my hert goes out to you. Losing someone so special is so hard. My prayers and thoughts go out to you all the way from Australia.

Please give my love to Chrickett and tell her I hope she feels better soon.

Cheers Jackie.

GladGrams 04-21-2010 12:10 AM

Dear Chrickett

So glad to hear your surgery is over and you did so well :D

May you heal quickly and come back to us. Take your time and let nature take its' course rest and recuperate.

Blessings, Gladgrams

GladGrams 04-21-2010 12:11 AM

It is so wonderful to see all of the love and care we all show for each other.

Who says virtual friends aren't precious, not me!

I love having you all in my life

sandpat 04-21-2010 05:10 AM

Gram...I'm soo sorry to hear of your loss...I'll add you and your family to my prayer list.

Crickett....hope you are up and about again soon....WITHOUT Pain!

Minnie 04-21-2010 05:30 AM

gramqlts....You are in my prayers....

Crickett....You are also in my prayers for a speedy recovery..

I received a great card in the mail yesterday!!! It was from my SQA...A Batik card. I have never seen one before and I just love it. And snuggled in side was a bag of Mango tea...I love tea and Mango is one of my favorites. Thank you so much SQA, for thinking of me...

imjustme 04-21-2010 06:17 AM

maybe I can teach them to sew- Is almost 2yrs and 4 yrs to young? lol

NO. They can "sew" punch cards. This develops fine motor skills and keeps them occupied "sewing " with mommy[/quote]

I had to look up what a punch card was. I am glad I did because at first I was wondering how my little Makayla was going to reach the foot pedal on my machine lol

Grama Lehr 04-21-2010 06:22 AM

My grandkids love doing those punch cards!! Basically it's hard cardboard or light weight wood and they run a shoe string around in and out of the holes. I found kits at Michael s they really love! :-P They are stuffed animals, hearts, or pin cushions. They come in a kit with punched holes and they thread yard thru the holes, stuff it add eyes or other embellishments and have something to show for their hard work. Now I take felt and make them myself. It's lots of fun for the girls. ;-)

Leota 04-21-2010 06:25 AM

You can make these out of card stock or the back of note pads.
Find a simple picture and color it. glue it the card stock and cut out outline. Then using a hole punch, punch out the outline about 1/4 inch from edge of card...
They have plastic needles for children at Hobby Lobby use yard as the thread.

Grama Lehr 04-21-2010 06:31 AM

Originally Posted by Leota
You can make these out of card stock or the back of note pads.
Find a simple picture and color it. glue it the card stock and cut out outline. Then using a hole punch, punch out the outline about 1/4 inch from edge of card...
They have plastic needles for children at Hobby Lobby use yard as the thread.

That's what I do!! The ones that I make out of felt let them take a project home, or give as a gift to mom or dad.
Great minds think alike!! :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol:

dojo36 04-21-2010 08:14 AM

1 Attachment(s)
OMG look here at what just came in the mail. the picture is kinda blurry, been having problems with my old camera, guess i need a new one. ok, there is a kit for a santa pillow, needle grabber, five fat quarters (beautiful colors), a rubber bobbin holder,a Christmas stocking pattern, a beautiful card, a fons & porter pin cushion, a chaco blue liner, and a decal for a window in house or car saying "i make quilts". could not believe all this stuff, what a great angel i have. i love it all of course. i think i'll put that decal on my car as i just started longarm quilting 4 months ago. thank you so much, have a great day and God Bless.

Grama Lehr 04-21-2010 08:23 AM

HOW VERY PRETTY!! I love the fabric, lovely greens! Lucky Lady! Oodles of cool stuff!! :thumbup: :lol: :mrgreen:

STAR 04-21-2010 11:10 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Where is my Angel??

OH Aaannnnggeellllllll!! :-o

well I hope she heard me and sees these pictures of my VERY FIRST yoyo!! thanx to my Angel and the yoyo maker she just sent me!! it is so cute! I am using it on a doll quilt I am making. I plan to make many many more of them with my scraps!

Thanx my Angel :mrgreen:

Dawn Hendrix 04-21-2010 11:55 AM

Funny I was makeing yoyo's today with my new yoyo maker..

Leota 04-21-2010 11:56 AM

How fun! So cute

laparshall 04-21-2010 11:57 AM

Star: Why that looks like a perfect yo yo.

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