2020 Fabric Moratorium

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Thank you, ladies, for the condolences. He was a wonderful man, an OBGYN who delivered over 10,000 babies in his career, and had 6 kids of his own.
Maybe this week i can get back to my own projects, have one picked out to use a layer cake and stash for sashings, should be able to find stash batik for backing. But first Ihave 3 quilts to quilt on the longarm for a friend.
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Grann, your BIL sounded like a wonderful person, thank you for sharing a tidbit of his life.

AQS had a backing sale so I purchased two pieces for future projects...but I know I will use them. ; )

Just as soon as the BH mystery is over and I will start a start a stash busting project.
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Okay, so I discover that I have been a bad girl and fallen overboard, to the tune of 25 yards that I totally forgot I ordered. The story is that a few months ago I found the new collection Susanna's Scraps, read the story behind it, and since my name is Suzanne, I just to have the collection and the pattern that uses the collection. So I had gotten the set of FQs. Well a week or 2 ago Craft Town Fabrics had the yardage on sale, and I had nothing to use for backing, and the borders are pieced borders, certainly wouldn't be enough from the FQs. Anyhow..... i ordered 10 yards for backing and yardage for the borders plus some extra so i can make it a little bigger to fit my bed. So today it came, and i am thrilled with it all. So this has to go in my fabric tally of what comes in. i was going to be so good. Maybe i can get a "funeral' exemption. LOL

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One funeral exemption per year, Grann!

Your BiL sounds like a good man and a great loss, but that he had a wonderful life impacting positively on so many others.

Got caught up on the Bonnie Hunter project and need to do some cleaning up today, when the hot water heater went out we had to move some boxes and somehow they now have a coating of fabric. Amazes me how that happens around here, vacant surfaces become fabric filled. We still need to pay the city inspector to come out and check the installation or our warranty is void, surely I can spend 30 minutes on fabric moving to accomplish that.

No other fabric buying/using to share. Yesterday we got our new puppies, they are a bonded pair of brother/sister little mixed dogs, I'm thinking chi-weenie-terrier (fox or jack russel). Pictures over here:
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Cute dogs, iceb. My previous dane had gotten used to having a "brother" and when he passed she was quite sad, but after about a week, she decided being an "only dog" had its merits, so i didn't get a 2nd dog. After she passed i went a couple months without a companion. it took me a while to find just the right one, and now I have my wonderful senior Great Dane. I can't imagine my life without him.

Well, I have one of my friend's quilts finished and trimmed. now to get the next one ready for the longarm.
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I'm all in on this one!
Last year I finally sorted all my bits and pieces, collected over the last 40 years, by color family and stashed then in Sterlite tubs. That was my first step toward not buying any new fabric until I get a good chunk of my current stash turned into quilted things.
It's so hard to resist the new fabrics when they come out, though! Being accountable here will hopefully help with that.
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Not buying anything here. My BH mystery is all stash, and likely to have a pieced backing to use more stash. The binding is already done. Came very close to buying 30 FQ’s and white to do Wandering Geese, but that will need to wait until August and my birthday exemption. Have enough UFO’s to finish until then.
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Up date on fabric purchases for 2020.....! Almost two weeks down and still on the wagon! Yeah for me and I started a stash buster quilt and have another one ready to go as soon as my current project is finished.

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I’m sorry for your loss, Grannof6, he sounds like an amazing person, thanks for sharing a bit about his life with us.

This weekend I finished 2 of my 29 (that I know of) UFOs. One I turned into a pillow by using a piece of fabric from stash and cutting up a huge quantity of batting scraps to use for stuffing. The other was finished using a pieced backing made from stash fabric! So that’s 2 UFOs down and several yards of fabric used up from stash. And the bonus is that I used up so much of the batting scraps that it freed up a drawer to put some stuff in that’s been floating around from surface to surface for a few years now. Wins all around!

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Originally Posted by WMUTeach View Post
I have admired the "Five Star Quilt" and have it bookmarked for future. Have plenty of layer cake options to choose from. Thanks for the reminder of this one on my "to do in the future" list.

Keep trying the pictures. I stumbled around and eventually figured it out for another thread.but not sure I can tell any one else how to do it.
If I keep poking around I'll figure it eventually.

Got my "Road to Florida" kitted up, finally found the pattern buried in some other pattern ideas. Jordan Fabrics "Jewel Box" and MSQC "Building Blocks" are in kits and ready to go. Better get going on the "Road to Florida" before the pattern goes into hiding again. lol
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