2020 Fabric Moratorium

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Irish and WMU - great finishes both of you and inspiring use of scrap/ stash. Round of applause.
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Irish....I love your Marine quilt. Beautiful balance of color setting with the black/white 4P. I love using black and white for contrast...

WMU......Huge Pat Sloan fan...She inspires me.....Your quilt is adorable...love it for a baby quilt. Great job on stash bustin...

I've been making pillows, again, in addition to quilts using pre-cuts. I just picked up a layer cake quilt from LA'r as well as powering through some CW fabrics for pillows for my neighbor. Their new home is almost complete in construction so I made some house warming gifts/pillows for them.

I went to 2 LQS last week and only bought WOW needed for my current project. However, I did buy a couple of patterns. Patterns....ugh!

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Teen, may I remind you that this is a "fabric" moratorium. No one said we couldn't by patterns! Tee-Hee-Hee. I purchased one last week online. Now I just need to root through my fabrics for what is needed to make it for a Christmas gift. A little wisdom and a little restraint and we are all OK on this journey.
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All of you have been doing great on using your stash. Congrats!
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Everyone seems to be powering through their stash. My friend K & I are using lots of her huge stash of sheets & fabric pieces as backs or binding for the UFOs we've completed. We can actually tell that her stash is smaller. But, this weekend she found more sheets! Luckily we have earmarked at least 2 for backs that coordinate with UFO tops her daughter left.
Meanwhile, I'm still sewing blocks for Pat Sloan's Scrappy Stars. I have 15 of 20 blocks completed, with all 9P & star points units made. I simply need to sew them together. Then it's on to sashing, the only thing I bought to put in this quilt. So I used 180 2.5" squares, 320 4.5" squares, & 80 3.5" squares. I also plan to use my string blocks, cut & trimmed to 3", for a border. The back is still undecided. But that's a lot of stash!
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Well, I found a box of fabric that I thought I had sent to a charitable group never actually made the trip to the post office... probably already took credit for that but if not, a large box is about 14 pounds of fabric whatever that turns out to be in yardage. These are mostly nice but dated 80s prints that work well together and are going to a hospice project, mostly half yards to big enough for a back, a few fat quarters but these are really from before there were fat quarters.

Was talking about that with a friend, "hey, remember before there were precuts?"

I sent one of the ladies in the round robin project some greens, then ended using the same box of greens for my round, lots of trimmings in the crumb quilter box and using up last little bits.

It's starting to happen more often now that I start to look for a fabric that I've given away or used up. It's ok, I still really only really regret giving up one piece and I knew at the time it was a test on my commitment level to reducing fabric. Now when I realize the fabric is gone I just smile and nod my head and tell myself the reduction project is working! And then I look for something else that will work and usually find something pretty quickly even if I have to rapidly change directions.
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Conchalea and Iceblossom- y'all are doing great at reducing stash. I am going to use you two as role models to help me reduce my thread stash. So from now on- no more thread purchases- unless it is needed to finish quilting a quilt. I have nearly 1,000 spools and cones of thread that is all good quality, great colors and eminently useable in quilts of all sorts. I do go through a lot of thread, but, then again, I also buy a lot of thread off eBay because I can get it for pennies on the dollar. So, no more eBay thread purchases for the rest of the year- I have all the thread I need to finish out the year's quilting. Then when next year starts I am going to pledge to not purchase any more for that whole year either- I'm pretty sure that I have enough thread in a variety of colors, weights and materials to quilt any quilts I will be completing in 2021.

Y'all rock!

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Although I don't have the number of spools you do, Rob, I've been using up thread in piecing. I'm looking forward to the space saved with all those emptied spools!
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OKSEWGLAD, I have been saving my spools since January, just for the fun of it. Well I now have a two quart green canning jar full and have started on a new quart jar. Stash comes in many forms! (How many spools of pink thread can one really need?)
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Originally Posted by WMUTeach View Post
(How many spools of pink thread can one really need?)
Rob can answer that : ALL THE THREAD!!
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