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I'm up for adoption also. I have quilted in the past but made it up as I went along. If someone can put up with a million questions.........please help me out..........softblocklady
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Tag! SoftBlockLady! You're mine!!! Happy to share with others, but if you have any questions DO NOT be afraid to ask! I love sharing my knowledge and have lots of tips and hints to help!
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Originally Posted by QuiltingByFiona View Post
Tag! SoftBlockLady! You're mine!!! Happy to share with others, but if you have any questions DO NOT be afraid to ask! I love sharing my knowledge and have lots of tips and hints to help!
Thank you QuiltingByFiona.................I know so very little...........Would you prefer personal messages? I don't get around this web site very well. I would like to learn how to do that, add pictures and reference material. I will gather some questions for you that I wasn't able to get the answers for earlier. Hope you can tolerate me. There is so much that I want to learn.
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I'm adoptable
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I am not a newbie per say. I have been quilting for around 5 years now. I have most of the basics down and would like to go more advance. I am looking for someone willing to help me get there. I have tried paper piecing, love applique, and am working on trying to master the basics in FMQ so I can move onto the more advanced stuff. I am really hard on myself so no need to worry about hurting my feelings or anything like that.

Anyone willing to help me move onto more complicated things let me know.
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I'm up for adoption! I've been quilting for about 7 years ... just recently tried FMQ and almost threw my machine out the window.

I don't like to follow a pattern (way too much structure), but could likely benefit from it LOL

I've made lots of quilts, donated all of them ... have a couple lying around ... I'll post some in the albums section ...
Thanks in advance!


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I'm putting myself up for adoption! I'm self-taught, so I'm sure I have a long way to go, and that I'm doing many things the "wrong" way. Mostly, I'm looking for someone (preferrably on of the Phoenix area gals!) to help me learn to FMQ. I bought the foot, and gave up almost instantly. I just don't seem to get the concept of it! I've looked on Pinterest and Youtube, but to no avail. It just doesn't CLICK.

Also, I've inherited two older machines, and because they are so different from my newer (but not as fancy) Brother, I am intimidated by trying them. I guess it's just easier to stick with what I know!

Anyway, if there is anyone willing to attempt to teach me to do more than straight lines and echo quilting, I would be much obliged!
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I have been trying to learn since 2012, but it's slow. I am improving though. I wouldn't mind a mentor at all.
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I would love to have a quilting mentor.

I don't know where I am, exactly, on the newb to expert scale. I've been sewing for over 40 years and occasionally made my living with a sewing machine, so I'm certainly not a beginner. That said, I only made one quilt before this year-- a bargello strip pieced quilt that I made almost 20 years ago to be a cover for an electric piano. I still don't see myself as a quilter, but I've gotten very interested in quilts as art, and would like to explore carrying quilting techniques to other sewing.

I am enjoying the heck out of free motion quilting, though I still have a lot to learn there. I feel like I understand it and just need practice to become more confident and fluid with it. I've made some pieces I'm proud of, and am working on some samplers as skill builders.

I guess what I most would like support on is piecing. Quilting requires a different level of precision both in cutting and in sewing than garments and home dec. I'm trying to figure it out with web tutorials and the like, but I don't know what a good progression of projects would be. I'm not afraid of Y seams or curved piecing, except that my uneven seams keep me from having properly sized and shaped blocks.

I just completed a section of a top using One Block Wonder techniques with interstitial triangles (pic below) that took several tries to get sewn up. I ended up measuring and marking seam lines on every piece and pinning to get them to overlap. It was kind of nightmare-ish. It's together, the points mostly match and it's pretty flat, so I'm calling it a win. But ugh, there has to be an easier way.

I would love advice and support, particularly from folks who are Seattle area locals. :-)

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Originally Posted by Sheilz View Post
its beautiful. I'd give my back teeth to be able to make something that lovely.
Thank you for the compliment! I have enough design background that the color and composition parts are pretty straightforward for me- that's not where I need help. I would be happy to help you and anyone else with design/color/composition choices, if that would be useful. Maybe we can all help each other.

What you can't see from 15 feet away and through an iphone lens is how poorly the points come together, and how not-flat the top is. It will be an adventure in pinning when I eventually go to quilt this. That's why I'm here asking for a quilting mentor! I need guidance in how to acquire the technical skills I lack. :-)

At the suggestion of someone who contacted me privately about this posting, I'm going to take a step back and do a simpler piecing exercise for my next quilt, based on half square triangles. I have three or four methods of making them to try so I can see what it takes to get my seams consistent. I'm going to work slowly and do a lot of testing and checking to figure out what it takes for me to do a better job. Hopefully that will be a good first step from where I am to where I would like to be.
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