UFO 2023 Challenge

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Cleaned up my sewing room a few weeks back, and decided it's time to make some space by clearing out all the unfinished/half-finished projects lying around. This seems like a good place to keep track and get some motivation, so here's the list:

Pug top
# top
cross top

Put it together-
Wizard quilt
Snakes OBW
Frida OBW
Alphabet kit
Movie cushion
Stamp quilt

Take it apart -
Lawn quilt

Come up with a plan-
B&W failed experiment
Shot cotton failed experiment

There's one other that I'm gonna consider a stretch goal if I get through the rest faster than I think.
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I'm on track for finishing my first UFO this year, hopefully by the end of the month. Over the years I have been making small pinwheel blocks as leaders and enders. I recently discovered the stack in a drawer, set them with plain blocks, and now have a glue-basted baby quilt drying and awaiting quilting. It's gratifying to find that a UFO is a quilt half done, and it often doesn't take that much longer to finish it up, at least in this case.

However . . . ! I have a Dresden Plate top, pieced by my great-grandmother, awaiting hand quilting, and two Hawaiian applique tops awaiting my sit-down-and-stitch attention. One is nearly all appliqued, but the other is only basted. Lotsa work to do this year.
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This is a great idea! I don't know what was going on with me, but during covid I kept making tops but not finishing any. I have a few things in the works and a couple more that I'm collecting fabric for.

Scrappy hexie quilt that I spent a couple years making. It's ended up kind of big! It need to be sandwiched, quilted and bound.

Dachshund quilt made with a jelly roll. It came out really cute and also needs to be sandwiched quilted and bound.

Log Cabin jacket that I haven't started yet. But have all the fabric collected.

Kaffe Fassett top that needs to be sandwiched, quilted and bound and the pillow shams to go with it need to be assembled

Smitten quilt. I have most of the blocks made.

2 1/2" square scrappy that is my quilting bee project. I need to finish the blocks, assemble, then sandwich, quilt, bind
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Synnove and Cash’s mom. This sounds familiar. Pick something (s) and start 1 step at a time. Blinders might help. Then there’s the option of moving it along to someone else. Identifying the issue(s) is the first step.
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Originally Posted by cashs_mom View Post
I don't know what was going on with me, but during covid I kept making tops but not finishing any.
Give yourself some grace. Covid was a weird time. My anxiety was .... impressive. But I could control the fabric, the speed, the thread and so I just kept pushing pieces thru my machine.
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Cashs_mom - Rff1010 is absolutely right. The fact that you remained productive and creative during Covid is something to celebrate, even if a few UFOs are haunting you now. :-)
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Yay, a new UFO thread! Just what I needed!

I made a big push in 2020 to categorize and get a lot of UFO’s done, but I really fell off the quilting wagon in 2021 and 2022, dealing with some health issues and life changes.

Now I’m back to feeling like my ol’ quilting self, and there are still six big projects that need to be completed before I let myself tackle the list I call the “Gleams in My Eyes,” or projects that I’ve purchased fabrics or kits for with only vague ideas in mind of eventual completion. *That* list contains an obscene number of “someday” projects best not mentioned yet!

Five of my goal projects for this year are “old” UFO’s from that list I made for 2020…and one is the Merry Mayhem 2023 New Year’s Day Mystery! Did I “need” to add a new quilt to the UFO list? No. But did I NEED a fun and easy project to stretch my quilting muscles back into full strength? Yes! Yes, I did! And hey, the top is done, the binding is made. It’s already moving right along!

I love doing write-ups about the quilts I finish. I hope I’ll have several to contribute to the thread this year!

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I'm in again this year. Still working on my goal of having no more than 10 UFOs stored in my space. Last year I finished a few so now I'm down to 17. I've got two quilt tops in progress and two quilts that are sandwiched and have varying degrees of quilting done- those don't count as my UFOs LOL! Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress.

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I'm happy to say I finished the next to the last UFO....Trail Mix from Quilted Twins website. Used all from the stash in purples, yellows and whites. 220 little 6.5 unfinished blocks containing from 4 to 23 little pieces to them. It came out to 97 x 102 and the binding which is already made up using the piping method. Must have been crazy when I saw that online but wanted to challenge myself. All the UFOs I've finished up to "to be quilted" stage are hanging up with the other 8 quilt tops waiting since 2019 or longer. I have no more UFOs sitting on the floor in containers but I do have 1 more in block stage but have pushed it to the store room as my pole for quilting is plumb full. Now back to the quilting part of it. It just feels great to have nothing sitting on the floor, in boxes, on top of the cutting table or on the design wall. Now, after over 5 years waiting I can finally replace my design wall with the insulation board I've had sitting out in the garage. Amazing it hasn't been damages during that time. Wish me luck on the quilting portion of this saga as I've told myself I can't even think about making or pulling fabrics for another project until I have at least 1/3 of the quilt tops quilted, bound and out of the house. All are gifts to others. Maybe some day I'll get to start my own quilt for my bed. Got the pattern, got the fabrics pulled, even embroidered the Geisha embroideries going in the on point diamonds of the French Braid.

For the quilts waiting to be quilted, yesterday I made sure I have the backings for each of them.....found them, enough batting but not yet cut to size, all bindings have been made, rolled up on TP cardboards and in a container labeled. Just need to make some quilt labels now. I feel so good, if my back didn't hurt so much from sewing I'd pat myself on the back. It's been a long time coming. Most of these quilt tops were my goals for 2019.
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Originally Posted by Quossum View Post
...projects that need to be completed before I let myself tackle the list I call the ďGleams in My Eyes,Ē or projects that Iíve purchased fabrics or kits for with only vague ideas in mind of eventual completion.
Gosh, I like "Gleams in my eyes" a whole lot better than "PIGS: Projects in bags"

May make a list in my quilty journal.
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