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Well, it won't be done for Christmas morning. >

Well, it won't be done for Christmas morning.

Well, it won't be done for Christmas morning.

Old 12-11-2016, 03:16 PM
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Default Well, it won't be done for Christmas morning.

I'm just sick. I've been making a larger version of the quilt pictured below for my daughter in California for Christmas. (Can't remember where I saw this one, may even have been at my own guild, easy to copy. I also made it for our guild's Community Quilts program.) Of course, I have to mail it in order to have it there on time; and therein lies the problem. I'll never make the deadline!

I mentioned before that this quilt has given me no end of picky problems, even though I've made it before -- not even 6 months ago. It's like my skill set just flew away one night. This afternoon, after hand basting all last evening (very sore hands keep me awake much of last night) and almost finishing with that part, I unclamped it all from the table, turned it over, and discovered that the backing was all lumpy and rather loose looking. AND one side of the backing was about an inch short of the edge of the top!! How in the world.....

I was so disgusted, but I cut another strip of backing -- thank goodness I had enough extra fabric -- and sewed it on, going slowly and fighting the bulk of the basted quilt as I did it. But I saw the end also has really close-to-not-enough-backing; and now I feel like I have to address that, too. Sigh

So, after consulting with my DD about that fact she won't get her gift by "the day", I've taken a deep breath and decided to remove all the basting. Boy, is that gonna hurt; probably gonna need a spiked eggnog afterward, too. Then I'll have to rethink how I want to baste it the next time.

It's been a while since I tried glue basting and I wasn't all that happy with how I did it then. I'd love to hear some pointers from those experts who do it often and will encourage me.


Jan iin VA

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Old 12-11-2016, 03:47 PM
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so sorry that you are having all of the problems. But I have been there myself!! Doesn't it seem like the problems always happen on the project that we have to get done by certain time... just adds to the frustration

have a few of those spiked egg noggs you've earned them

I am sure that I don't have the answer you are asking for, but I too have tried glue basting and I am not happy with it. I must get something horribly wrong because so many here seem to like the glue basting. I agree that is cheaper and I am for finding more economical ways to do things... but I struck out big time with the glue basting

I know the 505 spray is expensive, but sometimes I just bite the bullet and buy a can. I bought a can today because my time and frustration come with a cost as well

I will be watching this thread, maybe I will get a better understanding on what I did wrong with the glue basting
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Old 12-11-2016, 04:06 PM
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I really want to use 505 as I have a can, but, it's less than 30 degrees outside so I can't open windows and doors. Won't I be drunk or unconscious or something if I don't ventilate?!
Jan in VA
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Old 12-11-2016, 04:12 PM
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no, but the overspray goes exactly where you dont want it, and it is hard to contain on a large quilt.....sorry for your predicament. Beautiful quilt, though.
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Oh dear. I glue baste all the time with no issues. I love it. A poster on here reminded us that glue basting replaces pin basting, not spray basting. At least that's how I look at it. I lay the batting down (cotton) and smooth it out. Then drizzle the glue on the batting either in a grid or meander. I find with a full bottle it doesn't take much squeezing. I do about a half at a time. I have never thinned it with water. Then smooth the backing over the batting smoothing and adjusting. It doesn't take all that long. Then pull back the batting on the other side and glue it up. If you get a glob smooth it out and rinse your fingers. Then flip over and do the front. Once one section is glued you can maneuver the sections around to get it all. At least that is my experience. Let the glue dry and then quilt. Some people iron to speed up the drying process. I have never done that. I have never had a sticky needle or a needle break and none of my machines have gotten "gummed up". The trick is to let the glue dry. Try it on a sample and see if you like it.
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I use June Taylor's spray baste and love it. I put the backing face down on my long table, & put the batting down on it. Then I take a long cardboard tube from my poly batting, roll the batting on it, spray & roll it back &smooth it together. I only do small portions at a time & it works fantastic!! Do the same thing with the quilt top & then let it sit overnight to let the spray baste dry so there's no sticky residue to glue up your needles. Hope this helps!
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I've spray basted indoors with only the exhaust fans running for ventilation--seemed to go ok.
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HI Jan, don't have a good solution (well, I agree with the spiked eggnog), just wanted to commiserate a bit. It seems like every now and then a project goes all wonky. It seems like it's always one that has a time deadline.
BTW, since it's gonna be late anyhow, I would wait until January to send it. I think the closer you get to the holiday, the greater the potential for your package to go astray.
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Old 12-11-2016, 04:36 PM
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I don't open windows when I use 505 spray...I have never had problems. I better read that can!!!?!?!
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Such a nice and simple pattern! I would love to see some measurements to copy it for a donation quilt. I like to make mine with as few pieces as possible.
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