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Old 01-08-2018, 05:55 AM
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Default Instant Pot Recipes

I got a new Instant Pot Duo (the small 3 qt size) for Christmas and also a cookbook for it. But most of the recipes in the cookbook are ones my DH won't eat. He's a meat and potatoes kind of guy and it's hard to get him to try anything new. Any suggestions for where to find recipes for the Pot? Also, I've never used a pressure cooker. Can I use any pressure cooker (or slow cooker) recipe without having to change anything like timing or heat setting? I have tons of recipes for the slow cooker but nothing for pressure cooking. TIA
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Old 01-08-2018, 04:15 PM
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Google is your friend.
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Most any recipe you have can be cooked in the ultra-pot. I Be brave jump right in trying something new. I did cook a beef roast with potatoes onions and carrots, using chicken broth for liquid. My family loved the flavor.
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Barb was exactly right. Google is your friend here. Just type in recipes for Instant Pot and stand back. I got mine in November and have been amazed at what you can do with an Instant Pot. I am still learning and there are a few websites that offer good recipes, easy ingredients, and step by step instructions.
In case you missed it or forgot about it, back in December there was a long discussion right here on the "wonders of the instant pot".
There is a Facebook page: Instant Pot Community sponsored by Instant Pot that has over 1 million members. Just about everything is discussed there.
Here is a link to the Quilting Board December discussion. and the search results for other Instant Pot discussions here......
Good Luck and as Jacques Pepin says "happy cooking".


Anyone have an Instapot? Do you like it?

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Totally agree with above posters. I have 3 Instant pots - I use one or more most days unless we have leftovers. We both love leftovers. I google "instant pot recipe (fill in the blank) for whatever you like. You will get lots of choices and just look around for the one that appeals to you. You will get a knack for the process and then know a little liquid, meat or whatever and spices/flavorijgs of your choice and then cook. From all the comments on the Instant Pot Facebook page, the slow cooker function is not as good as a crock pot. But if you google and ask "convert crock pot recipes to instant pot" there are many recipe conversions. My instant pots have rejuvenated my cooking. Mr Stitchnripper is thrilled. He would never complain because that would be the last meal I ever made for him but I'm sure he was tired of a chicken breast on the George Foreman and a bag of vegetables from the microwave. He would cook if I asked but I'd rather do it.
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Thanks for your replies. I tried the slow cooker function and the potatoes needed to cook a little longer. I had changed the setting to low for the time allotted. Upon reading the instructions again I noticed it said use the normal setting for slow cooking. I'm going to try that today. Never having used a pressure cooker I'm a little intimidated but it sure would be handy when you were late starting something that needed to cook a long time.
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Well, I finally decided to get an Instant Pot, thanks to everyone that replied to my thread. However, I am now going to have to wait until they have a giant sale on them.

Like you, Margaret, I am a little intimidate on using a pressure cooker from all of those tales I heard as a child growing up. My husband is also a very picky eater and only likes meat and potatoes with no fancy spices, just salt and pepper.

To Stitchnripper: Too funny, 'about the last meal' comment. I did that to my husband when he kept complaining that he didn't like the way I cooked. When I got him 3 months of frozen TV dinners, he was happy as a clam. When he finally noticed that I wasn't cooking anymore, I kind of lost my will to cook. No point cooking for a person who doesn't like anything you cook. I was a really good cook and used to make everything from scratch, but being part Italian, I loved using garlic and onions. He can't stand them, and he used so say he was 'allergic' to them. Not true! It was mainly the smell he couldn't stand. But, I did finally find away around the no garlic and onions thing by using the powdered versions. Now if he doesn't smell the fresh stuff, he doesn't know it is in the food.

Since I don't find any fun in cooking anymore, I am hoping the Instant Pot will get my culinary juices going by making the process a lot quicker.
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If you are on Facebook try the Instant Pot Community. They will answer any questions you have.


I have had my Instant Pot Pressure Cooker for about 6 months. I use my pot mainly for soups and casseroles. Our favorite soup is Pasta-e-fagioli!


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Here is another website to check out: https://thisoldgal.com/
She has reviews of Instant Pots, how to use them and recipes. I now make all of my own yogurt using this recipe: https://thisoldgal.com/instant-pot-greek-yogurt/ (this is not done under pressure)

The one thing I have found is that many recipes do not include the time needed to bring the pot up to pressure, so you do need to add that to over all time.

It is wonderful for soup stock and tough cuts of meats. Many meats can be cooked from frozen. Like many new appliances there is a learning curve and you can convert your current recipes to the Instant Pot. You just need to make sure there is liquid to create the steam, so it comes under pressure.
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