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Favorite machine in your collection and what would complete it >

Favorite machine in your collection and what would complete it

Favorite machine in your collection and what would complete it

Old 06-19-2018, 11:10 PM
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Default Favorite machine in your collection and what would complete it

Which of your machines is your favorite? Which one(s) would complete your collection?
I have a Singer 99, Singer 27 treadle, White Family Rotary hand crank, and a Brother sewing/embroidery machine (haha not vintage). Iíd have to say my favorite is my White Family Rotary. Itís pretty and I spent so long getting the hand crank to work with it that it was a nice accomplishment. Maybe the 27 will be my favorite because I like running the treadle, but itís not working yet so itís disqualified.
My collection will be done when I get a Singer 29 or a similar patcher type machine. I think all my sewing needs would be covered and Iím not sure I have room for more than 5 machines :P

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I always go back to the 1020 Bernina, mechanical, no computer screen, needle up. Right now a new spool of thread is not talking to it.

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My favorite is a cast iron Singer 201K with a belt driven motor. It's nothing special, but it's in a small table and its a joy to work on it. I have a 99 too, a Bernina 730, a Singer 201K23, an Elna Supermatic, and a Phoenix 283F.

I have an eye out for an early cast iron zigzagger, maybe a Necchi too. I still haven't found a 201-2 with the potted motor. This reminds me, I have a few things to sort out on the Phoenix.
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Old 06-20-2018, 05:23 AM
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Favorite is the Houshold 3x. Need a Davis VF and a National or Eldredge Two-Spool. But my collection is never complete - there is always another engineering wonder lurking about...

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With over 80 machines in my herd it's hard to pick just one. Usually my favorite machine is the one I'm using at the time as long as it's behaving. I use modern machines too, not just vintage so there's that.
My long arm, I love that machine.
Of my 5 embroidery machines the Janome 500 is probably the favorite, although the rest have spot as a favorite for different reasons. The Janome 200e was my first. The Janome 350e has the free arm so it's useful. The Brothers(PE200 Snoopy machine and PE400D Winnie The Pooh machine) are sentimental favs.
I'm not technically a Singer gal but my 201-2 was my first and is absolutely my favorite Singer machine. There's just nothing like that smooth feel. The 301s run a close second.
Out of all my Brother machines(pushing 40 of them)there's a few favorites. The '56 and '57 Pacesetters. My Moms '64 Prestige. Technically it's not mine any more, it belongs to my oldest but it's still in my heart. The toy Baby Brothers are so cute. The metallic mauve and cream Riviera is the prettiest. The pink Selectomatic was my best garage sale find. The '76 B200 is my only hand crank. I could go on and on until I've listed most of them. That's why I say that my favorite is usually whatever I'm using at the moment.

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Old 06-20-2018, 08:44 AM
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My Husqvarna Viking Quilt Designer is my favorite machine. The Bernina Aurora 440qe is the one I want to add to my stable. I have 9 machines. We have a house in New Hampshire and a condo in Florida, so my machines are split between the two places. I have a mechanical Janome Coverstitch CPX1000, a 4 thread mechanical Babylock serger, a computerized Husqvarna Viking Huskylock 5 thread serger that also does a coverstitch. I have a Babylock DenimPro, which is a mechanical machine. It was my first brand new machine and it is still going strong today. I have a computerized Kenmore (Janome) that sews 100 different stitches and does monogramming. And I have a mechanical Kenmore (White) that was top of the line in the 70's. It comes with many cams that make decorative stitches and monograms. I have a gazillion different feet for it and it makes many different kinds of buttonholes. It is all metal, built like a tank and it sews through almost anything. And it is in mint condition. I also have a Brother SE400, which is a combination sewing and embroidery machine. I got in in April. I wanted to try Embroidery and it will embroider a 4" x 4" space. After I got it, I realized that I wanted tbe ability to embroider a lager area, so I got the Brother PE800, which is the newest model to the PE770, and a dedicated embroidery machine. My PE800 was delivered last week, so it is my baby, but it is the largest of my machines.
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My machine collection isn't huge. But my favorite that I've ever sewn on is the Singer 201-2, hands down. I love how it purrs while it stitches away. I like the Singer 15-91 and it's really reliable, but it's like driving a tractor after the Rolls Royce 201-2! I still need to get the hang of treadling, but I hope to soon when I set up my treadle.
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I've had only one machine since 1964, a Singer 500. It can do most anything and is the last steel machine made in Germany for Singer. Regular cleaning and minor tension adjustments and I'm off and going. My mom gave it to me in 1964 for high school graduation, so cannot get rid of it for a new one and it already does most everything. Recently acquired a quilting foot so now can do free motion quilting. I love it!!
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My favorite machine is still my Bernina Artista 180. We're bonded. I like that fact that I can sit down and sew on it with very few adjustments on any type of fabric or with any thread. Of course, I also love my Featherweight just because and my Rocketeer because it looks cool, my 301 because it was my mother's and first machine I ever sewed on. The Juki is starting to worm it's way into my heart with its nice stitching and big harp space, but the Bernina is still on top.

I don't know what the machine I would want to add would be unless it was a Featherweight Texas Centennial which I'll never get. WAY to pricey for me.

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I love my Featherweight. I have several and my least favorite is my white one.
But my Bernina is my all-time fav.
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