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Thread: The fws pony club update photo - discussion - completed page

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    Super Member deranged_damsel's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Right Here
    a pic of my GREAT block from NinaSue she called it a "Peacock Rainbow" THANK YOU so much!!! I really love it

    now to find were I put its friends... so I can take a pic
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    Candace is Deranged
    so many babies.. sew little quilts

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    Power Poster Blue Bell's Avatar
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    Nov 2007
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuiltingNinaSue View Post
    Lovely block, GrannyQ from DD. It does fit right in.

    Almost finished the SYE block 2, but dh was hungry and I had been 'soaking' the chicken pieces in buttermilk, so I rinsed them off and rolled the pieces in flour and put them into a hot corn oil & pan. Fried it up, baked a big potato in the microwave and made gravy. He was very happy with his lunch. Now I have to make an egg run...taking 14 dozen off to our customers. At a dollar a dozen, it hardly pays for the gas, so we will be canning more chickens soon.
    Take your eggs to Rhode Island, they are $3 to $4 a dozen. The price for fresh eggs is worth it.
    The best kind of sleep beneath heaven above is under a quilt hand made with love. Anonymous

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    Super Member JeanieG's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Camarillo, CA
    Wow DD, that is one spectacular quilt block! Great job QNS!!!

    I agree with Blue Bell, QNS, you could get a lot more for those fresh eggs here too!
    "You have enough quilts made when your soul is filled, your creativity satisfied and your fingers just won't work anymore."

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    Super Member QuiltingNinaSue's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    Hartford, Mo
    True, , if we had had the change to purchase fresh eggs in Texas for over 20 years, at times I would have paid $5.00. But with interstate regulations, and the right to sell there, the farmer might be forced to sell each dozen for $5.00; have not tried it, so really do not know. We have some 23 hens and 8 laying duck hens and average about a dozen eggs a day. We know what they have been fed, and how old the egg really is when we gather them. Actually, the two people who buy our eggs appreciate the price and the eggs.

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    Super Member dublb's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Brady TX
    First; Sue I pay $4:00 per dozen for fresh eggs from my DSis.

    I'm so sore th'sevenin'! Everything hurts that can, my bad shoulder, my hands, my knee, my feet, & my back. I did everything ta keep this from happinin'. I left the bucket across the room while I scrubbed the walls. That way I had ta move more. I used my left hand ta do 90% o' the scrubbin' 'cause I didn't want my right shoulder ta hurt as bad as it did last night. I took alotta breaks so as ta not over do it. It took me as long ta do that 1 wall as my DF did 3 yesterday. But I'm hurtin' anyway. Sigh.
    My initials are BB, so dublb is double B.

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    Super Member janRN's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    western Pa
    Ggal, those quilts are awesome. Love the elephants-too cute! I'm not a fan of the Log Cabin block but your Jamestown quilt has given me a new respect for it; I love it in that setting. Very very nice.

    DD, great block from QNS--love that swirly fabric!

    Just when I made up my mind to work only one day per week we had to fire the new girl today. She stole a prescription pad and wrote herself a rx for a narcotic. Was stupid enough to write it in her own name and try to sign the doc's name. He has a very distinctive signature and she wrote the rx for a med he never prescribes. Pharmacist called to check on it before filling so she was busted! She's only been here 3 weeks. I can't believe people are that desperate for drugs, well, yes I can--I see it in addicts but never worked with one (that I know of). So I'm back to full time for a while--damn!! Look out fabric stores in November--planning lots of FARTS.

    Thanks for the advice on my Sweet16--I know what I have to do, I just hate confrontation and wanted your input that I was going to do the right thing. We're taking it to LQS tomorrow and I'm giving him an ultimatum--no more fixing. I want it replaced. I'll let you know how that goes.
    Imagine all the people living life in peace...(John Lennon 1940-1980)

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    Super Member mirabelle's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Queensland Australia
    JanRN I have just read and reread your post, I can't believe it, well yes I can, maybe she thought all her Christmas' had come at once, getting a job in a Dr's clinic, oh well the best thing to happen is you get to go on more FARTS

    NinaSue what a beautiful photo of your DH and DS, boy do they look alike

    DD what a great block from QNS, the name is very appropriate, Peacock Rainbow, I love it and the sashing fabric is awesome.

    I am trying to decide what to work on and getting nowhere, just cut the backing fabric and wadding for my blue and white stars but it is so hot I don't feel like quilting. Just turned on the air-conditioners so maybe when the house cools down a little I might feel like doing it. Finally turned on the embroidery machine so that is humming away, 4 little blocks to finish my Peirrot quilt. Maybe I need a coffee???

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    Super Member Anael's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    The Netherlands
    GG, those Elephants on Parade are lovely! The fabric is just right
    Your Jamestown Landing is gorgeous. I agree, fancy quilting would have dressed it up but it's not always giving you a cosy, warm quilt.

    QNS, lovely picture of your DH and your DS.

    DD, that's a great block! I think QNS nailed it exactly with the fabrics, I loved it when I first saw it.

    Jan, how stupid to do a thing like that. I guess when you're desperate enough people will do anything to get what they want. I'm sorry you have to go back to working full time but the reward is very sweet

    Mirabelle, you can send some of the heat my way, it's starting to get cold here. Doors and windows shut, pants, sweaters and socks......
    I will shop my stash today and see what I can come up with.
    Eat, quilt, sleep, repeat

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    Super Member gardnergal970's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    Covington, Indiana
    These last blocks are simply wonderful. Who would have thought of the rainbow peacocks but our poultry lady, QNS? GrannyQ, your quilt is going to be beautiful and has inspired me to use the same color scheme for my SYE.
    Jan... What a dummy she was!!! Sorry you're back at work but it will feed your fabric "addiction"!!! Good for you about the S16. Something that costs that much just has to work right!
    Mirabelle...the elephants are raw edged appliqué using Australian design fabric. It reminded me of the circus.
    I just got an announcement for a 12 shop patchwork party. Mirabelle, I think you would like the fabric but what I thought was interesting was to look at the way each shop finished their quilts. I'm pasting the link for you all to look at. Go to the bottom of the page to the list of shops and check them out. Some are so elegant and others are very simple but any if them could work with our MBs. http://www.quiltersqtrs.com/patchwork_party.asp
    i got the WW to the flimsy stage and all ready to take to my quilter yesterday. Found out over the weekend that my DH's DGD is engaged so I will finish the mystery quilt as a lap top for her. It basically needs sashing and shouldn't take too long. Have a good one!!!

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    Super Member deranged_damsel's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Right Here
    Good news!!! Miss Australia married to DHDS was FINALLY approved for Visa!!! the poor girl has been waiting an entire year I guess I should pull out their quilt and get busy on it again

    GGAL thanks for the link. a wonderfully beautiful quilt! LOVE the red and turquoise.
    Candace is Deranged
    so many babies.. sew little quilts

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