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Thread: Stash Buster Scrappy MYSTERY QUILT Mini-train Ride

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    Quote Originally Posted by createfourpaws View Post
    I love your quilt. I am with you on making it bigger. I will see what happens when we get the next clue.
    Yep, same here.
    Everything important in my life, like naps, I learned from my dog.

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    Got some of it done today, still have a long way to go but you can see how the strips will work.Name:  DSCF1025.JPG
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    Quote Originally Posted by paintmejudy View Post
    Oh wait, does it count if I had to buy batting? Nah. Not many of us keep a batt stash.
    One of the best gifts my DH gave me for my birthday a few years ago was...a roll of batting! One of those big ones; it had to live in the entryway hall in the corner, where it stretched to the ceiling. When I had a quilt ready, we'd maneuver the roll out of the box and cut off a piece as needed. I just used the last piece of it recently, so now he knows what to get me for my next birthday! I, too, have quite a few cut off pieces that I *could* sew together, but I really don't enjoy sewing batting together, so I try to only use these for smaller projects.

    I'm SO blown away by all the *gorgeous* quilts on this thread. I can't decide if I like the dark stars better or the light stars, or the different color stars. Just seeing all the different colorways is a total thrill; I love them all! Thank you every one of you who have posted a photo to the thread!

    Can't wait for that last clue. I might not be so speedy as I was with the first two, now that the school year has started up again, but I'm ready!


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    I will probably donate mine to charity. Not because it is ugly but because I don't need any more quilts here. Also I donate several to charity every year. This quilt is not to my tastes but my SIL was here yesterday and said she would be back to steal it in a couple of weeks. I got on here to look for directions for step 2 but got distracted by all the quilts on here. THey are all beautiful.
    I am not a scrappy kind of girl but I am kinda liking this. I will have to check out Bonnie Hunters site to see her scrappy quilts.

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    Judy, I read the reference to the flower face quilts. Now I must see them! Please direct me! I need to get my sashing cut and sewn so I can continue. Still have company which includes my 3 week old and 4 year old grandchildren. Not much creative time here besides trying to keep the little ones happy and out of trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyjunker View Post
    Judy, I read the reference to the flower face quilts. Now I must see them! Please direct me! I need to get my sashing cut and sewn so I can continue. Still have company which includes my 3 week old and 4 year old grandchildren. Not much creative time here besides trying to keep the little ones happy and out of trouble.
    Click on the title "Flower Faces" in Judy's post (#552)

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    Those are such pretty quilts. I think your old machine must be an angel for you to use it for quilting. I know very little about the old ones only one quilt ever made by me on a tredal? machine it had the foot pedal lots of leg pumping lol probably end up with one pretty leg if I had a machine like that. what to do with the other fat leg not so sure.. guess wear those skirts that come up higher on one side than the other. Yup thats the ticket. ok bring'er on. I can take one good looking leg. better than the pair of less than stellar ones I have now
    Here today... why what a lucky bunch we are.

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    Ok ladies. I feel like a hobo huddling in the storage car. And I've been with you from the start but had to finish another project. SOOOooo here I am ready to join in. I've started cutting my first squares and I'm over half done for the 12- 9Patch. If I have enough variety I may go to 16 and make it 4x4. Let me tell you why and get your opinion.

    Two years ago this summer my 90 yr old DMIL gave me her stash of 30 some odd years. My hubby had to rent a Uhaul to transport it from Idaho to Texas. The idea was for me to make each of her grandchildren (23) and children (6) a quilt from her. It's washed and folded nicely in some cupboards which I love to open wide, and stand back, and just admire, it smells so so good. LoL I have not been able to cut it. Silly huh.

    With all my love I say...grandma's not getting any younger. I thought I'd use this Judy Mystery to dive into Grandma's stash and begin. It was super hard to cut one 4.5" square off each of her pieces. So I am cutting a lot of 4.5" strips to be used in the next quilt? I'm just over half way to 108. Grandmas stash has many solids so I think I'll make each star a different color.

    My question, dear QB friends, how big is big enough? They can't be huge or I'll run out of stash. But it should, IMO, be larger than baby. This is a difficult project for me. More difficult than I imagined when I approached DMIL with the idea(which she loved). Because, what would happen to her stash anyway.....after she's gone?

    I need help....

    ~If you can't turn the corners of your mouth up...let the middle sag!~

    "Be not afraid, only believe."

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    SheriR, why don't you finish just one quilt? After Judy's final clue you will know what size it will be. If you don't feel you will have enough fabric from Grandma's stash you can highlight the fabrics in the 9 patch blocks and purchase other fabrics for the sashing. I personally think that a lap or throw size quilt is the way to go. Most everyone will use that size.
    Sweet Caroline

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    SheriR, I'm no expert by any means. I make most of my quilts lap size (charity quilts for dog kennels, for retirement center residents, etc) to approximately twin-bed size (car quilts, kids quilts, quilts for hospice, etc). These are easier for me to hand-tie or simple machine quilting. I have not made any for my bed yet but I see some beautiful ones here and other places .... someday that's my goal. In the meantime I have a stack from my great grandmother and others to love.

    I decided to participate in this project because it peaked my interest and to see if I could follow blindly. Sorry to say I'm having difficulties sticking to just these directions ... I just can't help myself from altering them, if only slightly. I am having fun though seeing the variety of quilts produced. You all are superb!
    Last edited by MaryMo; 01-10-2013 at 06:57 AM.
    Make it a scrappy happy day!

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