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Thread: Last Will anyone?

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    Super Member roserips's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Pe Ell, Washington
    One of my grand daughters informed me that when I expire (she informed me that was a nicer way of saying it) she plans on getting all of my machines, fabrics, quilts she wants it all including the house to hold everything! Me I am not going to worry about it but enjoy teaching the children to sew and sharing my love of creating with them.

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    I love your plan.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nona View Post
    My girls will get the first pick of all my sewing stuff. Any residue will go to the charity bee that I sew with. The sewing machines will be given to various shelters. My mother can no longer sew and my two sisters, barely threads a needle so mother told me to take all of her sewing stuff. I brought home 8 black bags of fabric, buttons, thread, etc. I have gone through the miscellaneous stuff and have started distributing to various chariites sewing supplies. I will do the same to fabric that I will not use. There are many churches that make quilts and assorted things for their missions. What is not something I would use, can find a good use with other groups. The quilts that I have made for my next generation of grandchildren are ready for them when they get here. I have 14 grandchildren and so far I have completed 10 quilts for the next generation.

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    Sep 2011
    Beautiful Jensen Beach, FL
    My Son and his Daughter do know how much money items are worth. I have now 11 machines., plus bins of fabric, plus plus plus all the other things. Rulers, cutters, scissors, you name it. So I could go happily knowing that my Granddaughter will have extra $ for college or whatever. My son, wants to fill up the living room with my quilting stuff., he loves it, even knows how to work the machines...He is the first in the household to admire the machines I keep bringing in, he absolutely loves the older ones from early 50's. I do too and use ALL of them except the treadle.

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    Mar 2012
    Normal, IL
    I've told my DH that everything goes to my quilt guild.

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    Feb 2012
    i have 5 daughter's. apparently at least two of them want to share the bounty. haven't had the conversation with DH. I also have a friend who quilts. She is my Godmother in the Orthodox church so i'll leave her something as well.
    i had a near death experience a few years ago. Now our family is more open about discussing death and passing on of the things that are memorable to each.

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    I have no children and alot of stuff. My husband knows how much the machines are worth but the little stuff....clueless. Never the less, what we paid for it and what it will be worth is two different things. I would have him donate it to our church for them to use for humanitarian projects, if they don't want it a quilt guild will.
    Just my 2 cents and probably not worth that much but I ALWAYS have an opinion!

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    I was the recipient of my dearest friend's stash when she passed last December from brain cancer. I fondle it, ask her what in the world she was thinking?????, have finished some of her UFOs and have donated what I don't think I will ever need to a group of quilters that she taught to quilt at the shop where she worked. They are making quilts from her fabric for a battered woman's shelter. I think of her every day while in my quilting room and than God for the friendship he gifted us.
    We are here to learn how to live in heaven - I'm still learning.

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    Jun 2012
    I am 55 and I had my kidney removed last year when they found cancer. We discuss it all openly. I have one daughter, and she sews. I will leave all my stash and my new machine to her. My cutting island also. She can have any of my tools or mats and rulers she wants. It's all hers. She gets that and my Jewelry. It's understood. What my family will need a lawyer for, and a will, is my Hallmark ornaments collection. It's pretty big.
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    "Wimpy Christian's won't survive spiritual warfare"- Carman

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    Suring, Wisconsin
    My family knows that my DDIL can have what they want (but neither sew) but maybe take some for the DDGD's. Then the rest is to go to my sewing group.

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    Dec 2010
    Bowling Green, KY
    DH and I have had this discussion multiple times. His DD has NO interest in sewing, only interest is what I sew for her, such a scrub tops, quilts,...
    His son has NO interest, he thinks it's funny we talk about it, but when we buy a new machine or another antique one, his response is usually something like 'How much was that? Don't you all have enough yet?" or my favorite " Should you all really need to buy anymore of those?" DH tells him "Don't worry son, we're having fun spending your inherientence!" Has kinda turned into the family joke.
    My DD wants to sew, bought her a machine, but she is scared of it. ( needle in finger as a teenager) I will say she at least she says she wants to learn, but have doubts she will. I will in her defence say, she is 24, married and has a little girl, who just turned 6 and she works full time in the O.R. and attends college full time. So, really, when does she really have the time?
    My DH says he would never get rid of any of the quilts. We still have 2 his Grandfather made. He loves the antique machines as much as I do. DGD is 6 and likes to "sew", but like her Mother she may out grow it. Don't know what will happen to it, but DH and kids have promised it will not go in the garbage or in a SALE. I guess time will tell.
    I hate going to estate auctions and there is someone's life work laying out there on the table or ground to just be gotten rid of and the family doesn't want any of it. Especially, quilts and quilt tops. I have come to tears about this before. But we have bought some and my DH and I call it a rescue mission and talk about wondering what stories they could tell or the hands and history of it.
    DH is 53 and I am 43, maybe we are to sentimental, but I can only dream one of our girls or grandchildren loves to sew someday!....
    If no one in the family wants my collection, I want it donated to a charity organization.
    Like where I make Pillow Cases for Foster Kids.
    But rest assure who ever gets it all, better enjoy it and not just let them sit there and ruin, because I will know where they live and might just visit! LOL
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    Country 1

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