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when you see those odd area codes or unknown number show up, pick up the receiver and start pushing the # sign repeatedly.....then when you listen, there will be a dial tone.....if it is a computerized call, the computer gets a message that this is not a valid number....I tried this and it has worked on several irritating idiot call centers that used to call me.
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I had a similar experience. I got the call about my "windows" having a problem. I knew this was a scam. I asked the man how he could sleep at night knowing he was so dishonest. I then hung up the phone. Just a couple of minutes later and the phone ran again. I checked the i. d and the call was from Texas. The "window'' guy had called from Ohio.
I answered the phone. The guy called me by my last night. I asked what the call was about. The man said he had an important message for me. He then told me to F. off. I was in shock and hung up. I now let these calls got to voice mail.
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We've had these phone calls on and off over the past 2 years. We're a mac house so its always fun to get phone calls from "Steven" or "James" with the thick accent who tell me that my registry has something or other wrong with it; macs dont have a registry. So I'll let them rattle on a while and then I let burst lol

The last phone call I got was from someone wanting me to take some sort of survey but I told them i wasnt interested. He started to shout at me! I let rip and told him that if his call was indeed being recorded his supervisor would be having a word with him when the call was reviewed, he then hung up on me lol
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Years ago, before caller ID, I was getting obscene phone call which I reported to the police. They told me to keep a whistle by the phone and give the caller a good blast with it. I only got 1 or 2 calls after using the whistle.
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CurliQ-LOL after reading what you've posted Love what you do to them. I'm going to do the same the next time those losers call me! I've been contacted by them several times over the past 2 years and I end up telling them off. I'm going to approach them with your method next time! I feel for those who fall for what they say. Wish someone could do more about it, but they're obviously calling from outside of the country. Not so sure if anything can ever be done.
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gramajo-I love the whistle idea!!!!
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I just told them I didn't have a computer. They hung up immediately and no more calls. Still get the rare call but do the same and haven't had one in ages
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When I feel up to it, I play games with them. I say to a male voice, why haven't you paid me the money you owe me, or to a female voice that she better stop seeing my husband, sometimes I answer with another language or just speak total gibberish. I never admit to being who I am. Mostly I ignore the calls but we also get calls from doctor's office and friends that show up as unknown caller.
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I had the same situation when I bought avast security system. Be careful...
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Originally Posted by Jan in VA View Post
Why does anybody even answer a phone call from an unknown number/area code?
My husband's work phone comes up with odd numbers and area it could easily be, my dr. office comes up unknown all the time.
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