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How warm do you keep your house?

How warm do you keep your house?

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Originally Posted by Chasing Hawk View Post
Our house has 6" of insulation in the exterior walls as well as the floors and ceiling. So the house stays very comfy usually. When the weather gets in the 20's and below we raise the heat up higher.
I made a mistake in the amount of insulation in the attic. It's 21" of the pink stuff up there.
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My heat pump is set at 68, and we keep it there year round unless we turn it off in spring and fall. I also sleep under a fan to stay cool, with a flannel sheet in a t-shirt nightie only. DH says I was a polar bear in a past life. Lol!
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Sixty-eight in the winter months. Summer months -- Central AC is on 72, with ceiling fans in every room and a couple of small window units in bedrooms for the really hot days.
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I moved from the 200 yr old farm cottage in July. My new lodging has 10 foot ceilings and I worry about how cold it will be inside this winter. I am trying to acclimate to 70 daytime as the weather cools. And will likely use my ceramic heater in the living room often this winter.

This summer I maintained daytime at 75 unless I was working hard doing something and working up a sweat. (That's not hard to do for me; I sweat and breathe hard just walking to the mailbox!! )

Nights are currently at 67 with a bump up to 72 just before I get up and shower, then drops to 70.

I am, of necessity, mostly sedentary and that often makes my hands and ears, at least, stay cold in the winter.

Jan in VA
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Old 11-09-2015, 03:24 PM
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....72 in winter and 75 in summer.....my logic is if I can't be comfortable in my own home where then......and those numbers are my comfort level....no heating pads or extra heaters in winter or extra a/c units in summer....electricity is more expensive than natural gas. Many yrs ago my DH owned a barber shop ans was told to keep the thermostat at the same number even when not in shop, because if lowered or raised then adjusted when occupied, more energy is used to bring that temp to desired number, thus not really cost effective.....
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great thread, amazing our differences! I remember my folks always froze up here after they'd been snowbirding in Arizona.

We use ceiling fans when the summer temperatures get high, no air conditioning here. In fall when we start using the thermostat again, it is set at 71 and turned down to 64-65 at night. We used 69 for many years, but our blood is thinner now
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Old 11-09-2015, 04:06 PM
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We keep ours set at 62 at night and 68 during the day except summer then we keep it around 76. All summer and winter I wear sweats because the air conditioning freezes me and makes fibro Fred miserable.
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We just bought an energy efficient furnace and central air system to replace an 18 yr old system last November. Heat is on 67 during the day. Night is 65. Fan runs on low continually. (Yes, it takes electricity, but it keeps a constant temp throughout the house.) We have a humidifier on our system that runs during the winter, and a dehumidifier during the summer. Which means the furnace or central air system rarely kicks in. In the summer the air is on 76-78 24/7. Our monthly budget bill for gas and electric totals 113, whereas before it was over 230 per month in winter and hottest month of summer. It paid to have it replaced. It will have paid for itself in less than 4 years, but we are sooooo comfortable year round. We live in Wisconsin, so we know what cold is.
We used to have an electric mattress pad I had to have on. That was with our old system. Last year I never put it on the bed. We have a wood fireplace but dont use it due to asthma. The floors are always warm, we can breathe because it isn't too dry or damp, and our skin is even much improved. It was a chunk to dish out to pay for it, but oh so worth it.

Jan in VA==how about some quilts on the windows and also over doorways that aren't used that often? I have seen this done and if I needed it, I would try it.

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It's funny ready the various responses. As the trend goes, I really believe it depends on where you live and what is the normal temp for the area. If you live in TX your normal temp is higher than it is in Wis. My son lives in AZ, Tucson, and we visited in Feb. It was in the low 80's and do you think that this old Wis couple could find a fan for sale? The answer is NO! Now we came from mid 20's to 80's for outside temps and it was crazy hot for me.

So this Wis fella likes it about 68 in the day and 65 at night. We sleep with two fans running in the bedroom. A ceiling fan and a bedside table top year round. I am the hot one and sleep with just a sheet and my wife has a sheet, a cotton blanket and a heavy quilt on. About half way through the night I grab the cotton blanket too as I cool down. We are on different planets as far as temps goes.

In the summer the house is set about 76 but I still like it about 74 at night.

Nice thread on a quilting forum, but we are all social beings and it's all fun to share.
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I have a programmable thermostat and keep my house between 60 and 64. 60 at night, up to 63 in the morning, then if it is a day no one is home all day back down to 60. If I am home, I can bump up the thermostat, but never above 66.

Last winter m ex was not paying support and I could not afford to fill the oil tank. Many days the house was very cold, down to 52 a few times. I never want to be that cold again. I was able to fill the oil tank in August and have a credit to fill it one more time this winter.

When the weather stays below freezing I do turn on a couple oil filled radiators to augment the heat.

I do layer my clothes and I put a heating pad on in my bed 20 minutes before I go to bed.
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