Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

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Default Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Today when I checked the mail I got a wonderful surprise. A check for 300.00 from the State of Florida.

I highly suggest you check the unclaimed property sites from any state you ever lived. I found my Mom a 100.00 last
month. And a measley 18 cents for my brother.....LOL over payment on his insurance......LOL

So anywho, I am getting a Kitchenaid stand mixer......nothing fancy just the classic white model.
My question is...
If you have one, how do you like it? What do you make in it? And what attachments do you have? Other that the ones that come with it.
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I love my kitchenaid, make breads, need dough hook. Got the shredder and grinder attachments, can't use them, because its too tall to reach unless you're on a stool. Also, love the whisk.
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I have a 5 quart Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I've used it a lot to make home made rolls. We grind meat with it and make our own sausage to keep down the fat content. I'd used it to make puddings, cakes, all kinds of stuff. Get one, you'll be glad you did.
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I have the attachments that shred and cut , if you have a food processor its redundant. The whip and hook are standard and come with the mixer . I do use my attachments but not nearly as much as I thought I would.
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I have had my Avacado Green Kitchen-Aid ( is the color a clue?) for over 30 years. It has been wonderful, it kneads bread, mixes cookies, etc. you will love it. I grind my cranberries and apples for salad at Thanksgiving. Don't have a food processer. Enjoy.
Note: if you have long hair be careful. Years ago my daughter -age12- got her hair caught when making cookies. Scalped a piece of herself 1/2" by 2" long.
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There is a very nice Kitchen aid up for bids on I'm not sure when the bidding is over, but I have bought several things from this and have never had a problem. It won't hurt to check them out.
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Congratulations! You will love it. I'm actually on my second Kitchenaid mixer. I gave my first one (avocado green from 1975) to my son when he moved out on his own and bought myself a white one. They are both still working like new. I have the slicer/grater attachments which I love and the meat grinder which I would never be without. It's great for grinding ham for ham salad, or ham and pork for ham loaf or beef for fresh burgers. I also have the pasta maker, but I have only used it once in 38 years. (My mom and I had a great time making noodles, and spaghetti pasta and hanging them on plastic hangers to dry.) I know they make a juicer attachment, but I'm not a big fan of juice. I use the mixer for everything I bake and more. Make sure you get the splash shield for the bowl. You'll see why the first time you add your dry ingredients. LOL!
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I love my kitchenaid mixer especially when making cookies for christmas. To think of the strain I placed on my arms each Christmas making cookies from scratch I wished I had this mixer sooner. Making bread is a breeze. I bought the meat grinder attachment and have saved money by buying different cuts of beef and making own ground beef or pork. Left over ham is now ground up for ham salad. I found this mixer to be a great investment. Happy baking and cooking.
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Oh, and a word of warning...NEVER put the beater on the mixer when it is plugged in. NEVER!
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I've used mine for 46 years..mainly for baking all sorts of stuff. It does a great job with combining flour and shortening for pie crust,kneading bread,whipping egg whites for angel food cake...etc etc. enjoy!
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