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Originally Posted by earthwalker
I would go for the best quality stainless steel you can find. They are often made with a thick base, usually with a layer of copper between (this conducts heat evenly). Stainless steel is easy to clean, does not taint different foods and does not have a problem with surface pitting or chipping. A couple of cast iron pans are also a handy thing to have.
I agree with this
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If I were to get a new set, i'd get stainless steel. And the best I could afford. You get what you pay for in pots and pans.
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Have hard anodized for 4 years love them
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I am going to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary this month. I have a set of Farberware stainless steel pans that I received as a wedding gift - they are still like new and I raised and fed three kids from them! I love a good cast iron frying pan for fried chicken and such, and I still keep a Cuisinart non-stick frying pan for breakfast and grilled cheese!
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I would go with the stainless steel. Believe it or not, I still am using a set of pots and pans from the early 60's that were my mom's, and they still look great.
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I only use stainless for soup pots and pasta. For EVERYthing else, I use vintage and antique cast iron. (Griswold, WagnerWare, Favorite, etc.) All of my cast iron skillets are "no stick" by virtue of their seasoning from heavy use, as are my dutch ovens.
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I got rid of all my non stick pans over a year ago. And bought a really nice set of stainless steel pots and pans. And I love them, they really work great on my "turbo" stove as we call it. They retain heat rather well and clean up is easy. On tough stuck on food I soak them a bit then use Barkeeper's Friend cleanser and rinse well.

My set is similar to this one.....
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I have a set of Wearever stainless steel and I love it. It is so easy to clean. When I finish using it, I wipe out everything I can with paper towels and then pour just a little white vinegar into the bottom of the pans. I let them set until I finish washing the rest of the dishes. Then I wipe out the vinegar with paper towels and wash with a touch of soap and water and they really sparkle. So easy to use and they making cooking easy, too. If you can use a dishwasher (I can't because of the detergent), they wash up nicely in there, also. Good luck with whichever type you choose. :)
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Stainless steel!
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All-Clad tri-ply stainless is the winner of most reviews, but it is very expensive. Tramontina (sp) is a brand carried by Wal-Mart that did really well in tests compared with All Clad, and MUCH less expensive. Look for tri-ply stainless anyway, several brands are using it.
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