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No I don't have a eq8 I don't know what that even means lol.
EQ8 (Electric Quilt 8) is quilt design software. You posted your question in an EQ-dedicated thread, which is why we all thought you have the software.

On point simply means the squares are turned so they're on point, or diagonal, instead of sitting on a flat edge.

The southwest design in the rug is probably not the best design for a beginner to start with. I'm a very experienced quilter and it would take me at least a month to piece that quilt, and that does not include quilting it. Since you're in a hurry, you'd be better off starting with just simple squares of fabric in those neutral colors, or maybe even some pretty prints, arranged in the on-point setting you like. Piecing those triangles and connected squares (on the bias) would be a huge challenge to a new quilter who is in a hurry. It makes me very sad when newbies pick a design that is beyond their skill level and then, in frustration, give up on the hobby altogether.