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How do you store it? Help would be apprciated. >

How do you store it? Help would be apprciated.

How do you store it? Help would be apprciated.

Old 06-01-2012, 06:22 PM
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Default How do you store it? Help would be apprciated.

Question on how you store all your small items, such as thimbles, markers, little screwdrivers, you know all those little things. Trying to organzie my sewing room and I am just at a lost as to how to organize them to make them useful but yet put them away when I am done. Any ideas?
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Those small plastic drawer/cabinets that are available in many places work well for some of the clutter.
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I found one of those tall jewelry armoires at Salvation Army. It has 12 shallow drawers and 2 'wing' compartments with hooks. I added wheels and and also put hooks on the back for long rulers.
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I have a large collection of Whitman Sampler tins in all sizes that I've saved over many years. The little ones are good for packs of sewing machine needles or thimbles, or marking pens. The larger ones I use for thread, perle cotton, beads, buttons, you get the idea. The best part is emptying the tins of chocolate every Christmas.

Any kind of tin would work and you'll quickly learn to remember that your thimbles are in the Oreo tin, markers are in the Whitman tin, and so on like that.
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The things I use at the sewing machine desk are stored in a tray in the top desk drawer. Long things like seam rippers, turners, nail files (yep - hate to get up if I get a chipped nail)...needles are in another small box...odd shaped are in another small box.

The boxes check books come in are great sizes for holding like with like in drawers.
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One year after Valentines Day I went to Walmart and got some of the smaller covered round containers - cheap and pretty store all the feet/ accessories by machine in them , label the top with what machine they go with , can stack them up.
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I like to keep mine in either little baskets (Goodwill has them all the time) or trays & my other favorite is coffee mugs (also from Goodwill). I'm not really picky plus they liven my space up.
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I bought a clear plastic stand that is about 14" long and about 5" wide and has pockets along the outside of both sides. I store so many things in it. In the middle part I store larger things. Some quilter made it for quilters and I bought it about 3 years ago. I can't remember the name of it. It even has a strap on it. It has binding all around the edges. It looks very professional. I keep so many of my items in it. All my pens, my glues, my needles, pencils, feet, some smaller rulers, etc. I can see everything since it's clear plastic. Wish I would have kept the receipt so I would know the name of it. I saw it in a magazine back when.
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I have wicker baskets that sit on my cutting table.. in the wicker basket it has:
a mini scrapbook organizer that stores my Scissors handles up..
A Pencil caddy that stores my parking pencils and makers upright..
A plastic box that stores my thimbles, needle threaders and any small thingys
and still has enough space to hold four rotary cutters.. One of each size and one to cut paper..

By each of my sewing machines I bought short rectangular interlocking trays at the thrift store it holds:
Mini nippers
tiny scissors
Few spools of thread and appropriate bobbins for that machine..
Marking pencils and markers
Jean-a-ma-jig ( by main machine)
Binder buddy (by main machine)

all my bulk items- as I cannot have one of anything- is in clear shoe boxes, small sterilite organizers, clear boxes- Basically anythnig see thru so i can see at a glance in my walk in closet.

I have a clear over the door shoe organizer to store my thread
Another one to hold misc quilty items:
rotary blades of all sizes
Specialty rotary blades
Elastics of all sizes
Hand quilting thread
and whole lotta other stuff..

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I use the small Steri-Lite 3 drawer units. http://www.bing.com/shopping/sterili...awer&FORM=HURE They will stack 3 high and are tall enough for thread spools and king cones. I have 4 units now and wish I had room for more. I have 2 of the 3 drawer rolling carts under my counter for serger cone thread, larger items like stabilizer rolls and some yarn and knitting stuff I will NEVER use, but can't find anyone to pawn it off on.
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