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Thread: How to organize sewing space - out of control fabric, UFO's

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    Quote Originally Posted by karenpatrick
    How did you find out who to send you UFOs and fabrics to? It's such a good idea. You're a genius to think of this. I give a lot to homeless shelters, etc. My special place to donate stuff is to families who have lost everything due to fires, floods or storms.
    I ask and listen. You can go into chat when there aren't too many people and ask them to pm you suggestions. Sometimes I get a feeling about someone on a thread so I ask for their address because I have a squishy for them.

    Sometimes I hear from other peo ple from my pming pals. My dear friend's secret santa recipient asked for such basic stuff, she and I shared the information. My friend sent to her at Christmas, I am sending on Valentine's day.

    Also, when people are sick or down, I'll put a panel together with hanging loops and binding. Add an embroidery hoop, a couple of needles and some varigated or matching embroidery thread. All they need to do is quilt.

    If you have fleece you are ready to part with, there is a free pattern on line for mittens and hats. All you need is a little 1/4" elastic. Give them to anyplace where cold fingers and ears might reside or to the Marine's toys for tots.

    Be creative and generous and sneaky, Gwyn

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    I went to lows and I bought a handy mans bucket insert that carries all those tools.I put all my seing notons in ita own little pouch.I just have to reach in and get what you need.This cost 19.99 and the bucket i slipped it over was 6
    It has a nice handle to carry it with sponge around it.The out side has pockets all around it as well as the inside plus you can fill the center of the bucket with small containers or baggies with thread,bobbons,needles what ever.I like the fact that you can put all your cutters and sissers in it's own pouch with the handles up so you cant jab your self.It's easy to carry and if it rains you can slip a plastic bag over the top so nothing gets wet.I set it next to my machine and its handy to have every thing with in reach.The bucket is deep enough to put your spray cans in it.My cords for machine goes in it.I get most of my timplets in it.Cant say enough about the convenience.LOL Dawn

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    Ok, so you are inspiring me to get me "sewing room" - organized - at the moment it is pulled apart and I am trying to figure out what type of shelves I going to put in the closet -

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    Are the "home refridgerator boxes" you are referring to just the cardboard from deliveries? Do you know if it's acid-free? Thanks

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    la la land
    Since I am horribly unorganized I desided to get with it. Right now though everything is upside down except me fabric on my wall. We are finishing(LOL) and re organizing with shelving and mocing a hutch to the dining room. Wha a mess can be made in such a short time. I am also making curains to go in front of the fabric wall. Here is what I did...


    I hope this helps :-D

    this is a shot of my shelves.
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    I think a picture of your room would be fantastic!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Pamela Artman
    I have become very organized over the years and having my sewing room organized has brought me so much pleasure! I'm working on a friend's sewing room now and I've been told I should hire myself out to organize sewing rooms. Boy, I would LOVE that as a career! Set aside time every day to work on organizing and do a little at a time. But stick to it! Here's how I keep organized. I started buying plastic project cases (ArtBin flat boxes with handles) one at a time, every week with a JoAnn's coupon or a few when they'd have 50% off plastic storage. These stack nicely and I use them for all my UFOs. I have 18 of these and believe me, they are all full! I can grab one and take it with me when I travel or sew with friends. Next, I bought clear plastic drawers that stack for all my fabric scraps that are cut into different size strips and squares. I have three sets of three drawers, so nine drawers of scraps. Cutting my scraps took a long time, but I kept a basket on my cutting table and cut a few every day. Next, I stole a wire shelf from my bathroom that holds baskets and all those odds and ends go in the baskets. I have a basket of zippers, men's ties for a future quilt, orphan blocks leftover from other projects, etc. Also, I bought a canvas hanging shelf that hangs in the closet from the rod that also holds misc. items. I use lots of zip lock bags for small or loose things. I have a small plastic drawer set on my sewing machine cabinet that holds pens and pencils, tape measures, my bobbin box, post-it notes, pins, snips, etc. - small things that I use all the time. I use a lot of plastic baskets on every surface for things that I use there, like one on my cutting table for my rotary cutters, one for small scraps as I cut, one on my sewing machine cabinet for small squares or triangles that I use as leaders and enders (which makes another quilt as I sew on other projects.) I have three tall bookcases, one for quilt books, two for fabric. I have all my patterns that I've pulled from magazines over the years, inspiration pictures, etc. in page protectors and put in large 3-ring binders, filed by type (baby quilts, stars, curved, log cabin, 9-patch, 4-patch, etc.) My fabric is sorted by style first, (homespuns, 30's, civil war, florals, borders, baby, flannel, batiks, xmas, etc.) and the rest by color. All are folded to the same size, stacked on shelves. I have a separate small shelf that hangs on the wall for my fat quarters. I keep batting, ironing board, my travel case for my sewing machine, hoops, etc. in a closet. And I keep a tv tray next to my sewing machine cabinet to hold my radio and stuff for my current project. The most important thing for me is having a place for everything, using plastic baskets, boxes and drawers so I can see everything and I know exactly where to find things. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michellesews
    I began by using Bonnie Hunters Scrap system, which can be found on her website, quiltville.com. It was a start.
    The the larger pieces, 2 yards and up. This is my own invention. I took a 12" x 6" ruler and I folded the fabric selvages together and then in thirds. I used the ruler to fold it over and over. This goes on its side in a drawer and by counting each 12" fold, I know how much fabric is there without taking it out and making a mess only to find out it is not enough or what I need.
    Michelle G. in El Paso
    Michelle.... AWESOME 12" ruler/folding tip. GREAT idea. I just started using Bonnie Hunter's scrap system too. Have yet to make a quilt with it, but that's alright. I'll get there. Thanks for that tip.

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    Okay - I will give this the RULE OF THREE or 15mins. Have to start somewhere.

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    When I feel overwhelmed by a task, I commit to tackling one piece of it and then I write down my accomplishment on a piece of paper. This always inspires me to continue. Could be partly due to the fact that my job requires a lot of To Do that I manage with a checklist. Even though this approach isn't a checklist, it provides visual recognition of accomplishment.

    Hope that helps.

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    You are so right! We're in the process of destashing now.

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    I'm not super organized but do try to keep like things together. I put WIP's or fabrics for planned items together in ziplock bags; from small to the big xxlarge depending on the size these are then put in plastic tubs. I usually have a small bag with fabric clippings in my purse so I can look for fabric to finish projects. I also try to keep everything confined to the sewing room unless it is hand work then it is by my chair and I work on them while watching TV or visiting with friends. Since I share my sewing room with DH (he has three feet of a 12 foot table for his computer and photo stuff) I try to keep things kind of neat.
    When I reorganize I start in one part of the room and work my way around the room. I put things away after every "create mode" and do a major straightening every 3 months otherwise it gets out of control.
    I have fg's on their sides in plastic drawers so I don't have to take them out to see what is there unless the color is right for the project. Larger pieces are sorted by color on shelves that are covered with a curtain to protect from dust and sun damage. Scraps are sorted by color and in the larger popcorn tins stacked in one section of the room. (They seem to multiply like rabbits no matter how many of them I use.) They looks nice and are confined to one area.

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    When my sewing room got totally out of control I called in the troops. Three of my closest quilty friends came over and spent the day sorting, folding and tossing stuff. The time just flew by and we laughed so much - but when they left it was a totally different space. I was really lucky to have such great friends. A few months later I had a water leak and had to remove everything from my basement sewing room. I only lost 2 pincushions! If it hadn't been for those 3 quilty buddies helping me get a little more organized I would have lost so much more.

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