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Thread: Regretting long arm purchase?

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    [QUOTE=Boater4444;5113497]I am experiencing this feeling at the moment but only because the Dealer that I bought my 18" Innova with AutoPilot is so new to longarm quilting that my buying experience has been absolutely horrible.

    Did you know that the manufacturer has phone help 24/7? The person you talk is the man who makes the machine. He will walk you thru any problem, no matter how long it takes. He is always nice and patient. I have an Innova and have called him many many times for help for one problem or another. None of them bad problems. When my machine was shipped, by Fedex, it was "Drop shipped" literally!!! Fedex dropped it. Then the dealer didn't want to ship me another machine because he was afraid it would happen again. So I called the factory and told Michael, the man who owns the factory. He thought that the dealer was being a bit stupid (this is my word not his) about this.So he provided a wooden crate for shipping a new machine. My husband is very handy so he set up my machine. I really life my machine and most especially that I can call the factory owner for help.
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    You might be surprised how many quilts can be done in a few years. I've had my hq16 set up for 4 years and have probably quilted at least 40 quilts - most for charity. My motivation was paying around $400 for two twin size quilts and not being thrilled with the results. To be fair, there were problems with the quilts as they were among the first I pieced, but the quilter said nothing to me about the problems, just quilted them and gave them back.

    My system was bought used for $4000. At $200 per twin size quilt, that meant 20 quilts later, I would 'pay' for the HQ 16 set up.

    It was real work to figure out how to make everything work together, but I managed. I have some physical limitations, so only use end to end patterns, but the quilts turn out reasonably good. They get better as I get more practice.

    So, unless you have decided that you really hate using the LA, keep at it.
    A quilt is like a good life. It's full of mistakes, but, in the end, it looks pretty good.

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    Ah! So happy to find another stapler! My hands were not strong enough to get the quilt on straight with the Red Snappers, though I think that's a great system, and I HATED pinning almost as much coming off as going on.

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    My first machine was a Nolting and my dealer was worthless. The machine was okay when it worked, but there were so many times when it didn't. My hubby talked me into replacing it. He advised me to get my third machine second. Lol. Said that guaranteed that this was my last longarm ever and I should buy right. No more cheaping out. I went with an Innova and am still waiting. Even so, the new dealer has already had me in for a full day of training. Really, I don't expect to ever regret this one.

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    You won't regret your Innova........I love mine! Easy to use (especially if you have had a longarm), great customer service and great machine!

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    I regretted buying my very 1st quilt machine. It was a Viking MegaQuilter 9". I don't regret the machine itself as it stitched great for me. The problem was why did I buy a quilt machine when quilting was not even a hobby I was fond of at the time. Had only made one quilt at that time and was miffed at how the quilter quilted it for me. Hadn't felt I'd been bitten by the "quilt bug" either so why spend all that money on a machine I probably wouldn't use that much. Where as time moved along I did get interested in quilting, added robotics to the 1st system, changed machines as time went on and finally got a real "longarm" machine, 26", 12 foot frame so obviously the quilt bug did finally bite me big time.

    If the machine is not stitching correctly, you should call the company you bought it from and see if they can either walk you thru correcting it or have them come check it out. If the "timing" you're talking about it "timing in your life" than that's something you will need to mediate on and make a decision for you. Sometimes it just isn't the right time in your life with making large purchases that may effect your life later. Its hard to say but good luck in your decision. Been there, done that. Still regret some of my decisions yet.
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    I bought my HQ16 at MQX several yers ago before I even know how to quilt. I played and replayed the DVD that came with the machine learning how to load and unload , and do basic free motion. For a long time I was afraid to use the machine without the stitch regulator, but one I adjusted the speed to what I could manage, it got easier. Depending on the brand you purchased you can get support from the manufacturer and join the chat groups. Hang in there....I still get intimidated by the beast but make sure you practice and practice on it before you send it back. If you are bent on sending it back, check for the return window, so you won't be disappointed. Nothing beats watching a video on you tube and then going to your machine to try it out. Buy a bolt of cheap muslin and cut pieces and load 'er up.. This is what helped me gain confidence in my quilting. We are all rooting for you so hang in there!!!

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