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Old 11-22-2019, 06:13 AM
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I agree with betterquilter. Lol. I also never pay interest and at my advanced age I would hate to be saddled with a house payment..taxes are severe enough! My late husband still gets me in trouble though. I can hear him say to buy it if you want it.😁. He was a great gift giver so I have more jewelry than I need and other than a new pair of jeans and a t-shirt now and then, I am set. My fixed income seems to get smaller every year but I was always thrifty so all is well.
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Old 11-22-2019, 06:28 AM
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I'm on your page! I've been retired for almost 2 years. Before I retired, my husband custom built my sewing room. It is amazing and pretty too! I have everything I need until something else pops up. I bought a new machine and a longarm before I retired - that was a great decision. I actually have a monthly budget for my quilting needs. I put that in place myself and maybe I should have done that awhile ago. That being said, if it looks like I need it, want it and can figure out how to get it (without going into debt or paying finance charges) its probably going to happen! So yes Spoiled Quilter it is or better yet, as Tartan says "you have your priorities straight" and I agree with that!
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I don't worry about what others think or say. They don't finance my life, it truly is none of their business.
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Me! I've only got myself to answer to (no husband, no kids or grandkids, not even a pet). Wow, that makes me sound like a lonely old spinster doesn't it? LOL Anyway, when I see something I want I usually buy it, within reason. I've been trying to cut down on quilting purchases lately because I will never use up everything I already have, but if I see something really special, I break my own rule. And I've gotten heavily back into garment sewing so I'm having a field day buying fabrics for that! Whatever, we only live once!!
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Old 11-22-2019, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by betthequilter View Post
I don't spend my money on drugs, alcohol or men. I spend it on fabric.
Love it! Who needs those things when you can buy fabric? : )

I don't count myself as spoiled as much as fortunate. If I see fabric I really like I will buy it without a plan as to its use (spoiler alert!: I have never had a plan for any of my fabric purchases). However, not wanting to be haunted by my mom - I try not to pay retail very often. I will spend more money for quality shoes, undergarments, eyeglasses, etc because quality lasts much longer. That goes for fabric (quilt shop quality only) and thread (aurifil or superior) as well.

On the other hand my clothes are all thrift store, my makeup all drugstore, my jewelry made by my sister, and my only ring, my wedding band, cost $30. We use credit cards for travel miles but pay the balance off each month. We started our marriage off right by skipping going into debt - a justice of the peace is much cheaper than a wedding and you are still just as married.

My husband and I have shared a car for 25 years & our current car is 11 and has 75k miles. We don't have children but do have 6 cats. Note to others: free cats are never cheap. : )

We rent and always will - many see this as a waste but at least we aren't tied down or responsible for repairs (my husband is brilliant but not handy) and upkeep (we've lived in Wisconsin for 27 years and have shoveled snow - priceless!).

Would the money I spend on fabric be better put into my 401k? Definitely! But living only for tomorrow means not living and enjoying the now. I am okay with the trade off - Ha! future Kelly can deal with it. Sorry future me, but at least you'll never want for fabric! Responsibility is good in moderation.

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If I were to be given a gift card for any store I would hope it would be a fabric shop or book store. I can easily justify spending $50.00 at either place but can't get excited about spending the same on a new pocketbook or pair of shoes. I find shopping for clothes very boring. My weakness is fat quarters and I'm now at a spot where I have to force myself to buy nothing else except backing and binding until I make something useful out of all my fq's.
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Old 11-22-2019, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by betthequilter View Post
I don't spend my money on drugs, alcohol or men. I spend it on fabric.
this is so funny!
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Originally Posted by Barb2018 View Post
Back when Hubby and I were both working, I feathered my nest. If I saw it and wanted it, I bought it. So now that we're on a fixed income, I have a decent stash, quilt kits, rulers, thread, stabilizers, scissors, cutting mats, needles in bulk, rotary blades......you get the picture. I may need the occasional yardage for a binding, but by and large I just don't really need anything. But I remember all those days shopping and going for what I wanted....now I'm so glad I planned it this way.
I can relate, now that I am retired, I have found things that I don't even remember buying! I worked midnight to 8am, sometimes had to work to noon or 4 pm, so many days were a blur - my husband says I was sleep shopping!! fortunately, my husband is still working, and I have a great retirement income, so add me to the list of "spoiled quilters" who work on a cash basis! No fancy clothes, or accessories here, no smoking or alcohol - I do have to admit to a nice sports car, but it was paid for the day I drove it home.
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Old 11-22-2019, 03:43 PM
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I am also retired, and being the primary breadwinner in our household, I have always been frugal. That has definitely not changed as it is just in my DNA. I will buy what I want, but like everything I do buy, the value must be, in my mind, equal to the price. I do not pay "retail" for fabric - and I sew not just quilts but clothing for myself, my friends and some of my family. I have not for one day been spoiled, as I have worked for everything that I have. I have been very lucky in my life to have had a great career, the ability to save for a good retirement, and a very wonderful husband.
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Originally Posted by SewingSenior View Post
Onebyone, I'm with you. When I quit my day job 13 years ago I quit more than a job. I quit wearing high heels...I quit wearing makeup...
I was with you until the no makeup part. How does that make sense in TX? I need sunblock and spf powder foundation in New England just to survive the interior task lighting in winter.

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