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Thread: When will you consider a Long Arm?

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    Oct 2011
    I doubt I will ever get a longarm. Right now I really enjoy quilting on a domestic. I may eventually rent space on a longarm.

    I like quilting way more than piecing, and never send a quilt out. Even still the cost of a longarm is just too rich for me.

    (Oh- and my DH definitely does a 'cost analysis' on his toys. He doesn't get to just buy whatever the heck he wants for his shop. Neither of us sell the things we make, so we don't "break even" but he can't upgrade anything whenever he wants to. That's why he's still using an old table saw instead of the fancy new one he wants.)
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    Oct 2009
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    My hubby bought me a used set up for Christmas. It was an investment. I don't make quilts to sell but love to make them for my family. I kept getting frustrated with trying to quilt on my regular sewing machine and having puckering and such on the back when I had worked so hard on the front. I have truly enjoyed having it and will have the option of supplementing income down the road if I wanted. I will say that when making the investment know that there is a learning curve - if I had lived closer to a dealer I would have bought new so as to get the classes. I am still learning but love it.

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    Apr 2008
    Northern KY
    Had to jump into this discussion. Like a lot of others said, most men wouldn't feel the need to justify the tools they buy for their hobby, why do we? I quilt for myself, I love my hobby and I don't need to justify spending money on something I love if I can afford it. If it meant not paying my bills or going deeply into debt that's different.
    I spent a couple of years researching LAs, deciding what features I wanted, saving up for one, testing them at shows and finally decided on a Gammill. It was delivered 10 days ago. The set up and instruction from my dealer was great. I spent several days playing and practicing and have done one quilt so far. Got 3 more ready to load and I already know I'm going to love. No buyer's remorse here but that's because I did my research and knew what I wanted. Did have to rearrange the basement rec room but, hey, the kids didn't need that fooseball table anyway.

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    Apr 2011
    Independence, MO
    I'm not sure you will break even unless you quilt 24 hrs, a day. Having said that, it is much cheaper than therapy! If you enjoy doing it, it is worth it. Beware of "friends" wanting you to quilt for them for little or nothing---unless you want to do it. I have a home-based machine embroidery business and have had to learn to say no to all the freebies. People don't realize how much money is tied up in machines, thread, stabilizers, etc. if you are constantly doing free jobs for friends, you definitely aren't breaking even.

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    When I got my longarm, I got it just for my own use.Well I enjoyed so much now I do other quilts.
    I don't think you should get one just to make money. But yes it is nice ,it keeps me quilting and doing something
    I love.

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    Dec 2009
    First let me say that I only have to justify things to myself and have gone back and forth with this question in my mind - If I made my living quilting then it would definitely be justified but I don't. There are so many things that I would love to have (another great machine, more space,as there is never enough, more time, as there is also never enough). So I guess the answer is when I win the lottery and will not have to justify anything to be able to have it all!!

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    Sep 2010
    Hillsburgh, Ontario
    I have been wanting a long arm for so long. I use to go to the craft show and always try out the long arm machines but they were way too expensive for me. Well I decided to go with what I could afford. I saved money and for Mothers's Day my girls also chipped in and gave me money toward getting my long arm. It's not a gammil or anything expensive like that but I'm hoping that it will do me ok. I ordered a Bailey 13 with the Grace Queen frame as a package deal. I've got the machine but the frame is still on route. I've never machine quilted before and I am very nervous about doing it. I think I will just start with doing manadering or something simple like that. Wish me luck. I see so many beautiful quilts on here that are home quilted. I don't think I could ever be like Carisma but maybe just good enough for me. Thank you for listening.

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