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Thread: Why do you think quilting is so popular now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lori S View Post
    Everything changed with the invention of the rotary cutter. Prior there were no dedicated quilt shops, or specalized machines and feet.
    Cutting a quilt with templates took sooo long... !
    I too, think the rotary cutter has a lot to do with it. I know I would not have taken up this hobby if I had to use only a scissors for cutting. Also so many Designers ( Inventors) come up with special rulers or shaped pieces of acrylic to ease the cutting of pieces for blocks. Other Designers seem to be able to come up with easier methods to piece traditional blocks or change blocks into brand new ones. There's so much information out there: books, online videos and classes, classes at quilt shops, this Board, sharing in guilds, etc. Also there are so many choices for fabrics now. I've never cared for calico prints. My favorite now and have been for a long time are Batiks and hand dyed. Art Quilting has pushed quilting in another direction that wasn't really accepted a generation ago.
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    I think its kind of like baking - we used to bake out of necessity. Now we bake things for the enjoyment of it - it's relaxing - its become a hobby. Same with quilting. It used to be something we had to do (even if we made it enjoyable by quilting with friends, ie, quilting bees) because we needed blankets. Int he 1800's every respectable bride needed something like 7 quilts in her dowry. Now, we do it for relaxation, to enjoy the creative process. And it has become more enjoyable to do with all the modern tools (rotary cutters, fancy rulers) and available fabrics (instead of always recycling worn out clothes). That's what I think.

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    Quilting can be a very unique and personal way of expressing your creativity---------without a lot of expense.
    And generally speaking----------the end results are appreciated by friends, family and those in need.

    That is, not a lot of expense until you get hooked!
    Bad Spellers of the World
    U N T I E

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    For me, quilting takes me to a world of creativity, beautiful colors. And when i go to a new quilt store, I am like a little child going to Disneyland for the first time!

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    I live on the Isle of Anglesey, yes where Kate and William live, in North Wales UK and I give FOC Patchwork lessons in one of the local Community halls, and I am only one of about 12 - 20 Groups/Lessons ongoing here on the Island, and I know the reason why my little group is so popular. The major reason is the RECESSION, I am teaching my ladies how to use the hidden away forgotten Sewing machines which is saving them so much money.

    As it tell them the one thing you need to know with quilting is how to sew a straight line and seam, which is all that curtains and dressmaking is! One of my ladies hadn't touched a sewing machine before last September and now is setting up a little local home business and her partner is backing her 100% in fact all the husbands are backing the ladies as they see the benefits of it. The pleasure of quilting gives their creative talents an outlet and of course answers all of their Christmas/Birthday etc. presents. I have taught them how to shop wisely and how to make a lot of use of local Charity shops and they are all becoming firm quilting addicts

    Our local recycling outlets are doing a great trade in older sewing machines and I am kept busy in checking them over and giving them a new future, yes quilting is getting a huge resurgence here in the UK and I am proiud to be a little part of it.

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