I had to laugh just now Nancia its 2 in the morning not sleepy and well thought I wasnt but i read your post about your brother bob is misbehaving and has to go to the shop for repairs and my mind thought oh how sad I hope her BROTHER sibling is ok.. lmao.. then it hit me two lines later its a machine you were talking about. OMG what a dork I am. feel much better now your bro is ok. phew.

if everyone starts turning in their summer runners then I will start a wall hanging swap. I see lots of still thinking about the fabrics which is fine but dont forget about the fabrics need to be sewn and sent too.. I sure hope to see a few trinkle onto the board like tada I am done. worry wart me I know. ok off to try to sleep again something tells me it might actually be good for me. ciao for now!