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Living room as studio

Living room as studio

Old 03-19-2014, 11:19 AM
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I think whatever you use a room for is what you should call that room! If you sew in it, it will be your sewing room. If you have a bed in it and sleep there it will be a bedroom. So, I hope you are enjoying your larger "sewing room" and I am sure your guests will enjoy being in whatever room they can sit down with you and enjoy your company. It is your home and you should have the freedom to live in it to suite you.
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I did that about a year ago. I was moving my sewing stuff around all the time because I had no place to keep it out. All the bedrooms are taken and the master is to small to sew in (the master was bigger in our old house, that is where I had my stuff). I told my DH I needed some space for sewing where I was not moving all the time. I told him I wanted to get rid of the dinning room (we hardly ever eat there) and move the living room in there. I like the living room much better now also. I put my sewing stuff in what was the living room I love it, I have space and do not have to move things all the time. I sew most days and it was getting frustrating always moving and looking for things. I say use your house for what you do the most. An added bonus is I stay much neater because any one coming to the door can see the sewing room. I am so glad we did this! My DMIL thought we where crazy, and I was
not sure I would like everyone coming in seeing my stuff (not always neat) but it was a great choice!
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Old 03-19-2014, 01:01 PM
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We have a hobby room in one of the bedrooms. DH and I share it, but we have in what is suppose to be a formal living room, my mid-arm machine on the frame. The frame is a little over 12 foot long and was the best place to put it. We also have storage down the other wall. We put up bi-folding doors that goes between the room and the dining room. As you come in the front door there are curtains we put up ( DH made a curtain rod to go all the way across the room.) I know it looks odd to some people, but we really don't care! If I'm working on a quilt, scrap-booking, candle making, jewelry making, weaving or what ever ( sometimes I forget what I'm doing) in there we can close the curtain and go on. Our house isn't perfect, but it is ours and we use it as we need it to be used at the time. DH does wood and leather work it doesn't bother me in the least if he works in the hobby rooms or at the kitchen island. As long as he is smiling, I'm smiling too! Our kitchen island has gotten scratched some, DH was upset, I told him "Don't worry, it just gives it personality." We have marks from the DGD and the kids and it's just fine with it. It is like butcher block but has a glossier top.

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Our dining room is my sewing room...works for me.
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We specifically searched for a retirement home that had a living room large enough for a studio. The room opens to the front door and I put a screen to block some of the room off. Visitors immediately peek around the screen to check out the 12 ft quilting frame & machine, cutting table, 6 sewing machines, commercial embroidery machine and an office cubicle. This is a perfect arrangement as I can do my thing while the laundry is chugging along or cookies are baking. I was on the quilt guild's studio tour last year and still get requests from members who want to bring a relative or friend to check out my studio. So use your home and not let it become a shrine to a seldom used dining set or velvet couch.
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Old 03-19-2014, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by AnnieSue View Post
DH and I have decided to arrange our house the way we use our house. That means moving the sewing and quilting machines from the lower level to the living room where all the space and light are. We were only using the living room furniture 4-5 times a year, so we moved our 'gathering space' to the lower level and we'll make it cozy for gathering. We'll see how this goes for a while. Has this worked for anyone else?
We inherited our house. When we moved into our house, it had a formal living room/dining room area (almost as large as our master) and I was in one of the bedrooms that was set up as a TV room (no door and a 1/2 wall). However, we don't entertain in a formal manner and I wanted a LA, so we decided it made sense to move me into that area and DH took over my old space. We do have an eating area off the kitchen that has space for a large dining room table (which my MIL brought when she moved in) and a Nevada room that we use as our living room.

In the former LR/DR, I have my desk with computer, a sewing area (used our old dining room table), cutting table (bought a clearance dining table and added wood risers to get the proper height), a CD cabinet with sliding doors that I use for thread storage, 2 cubby cabinets, my ironing board, my LA with 12 foot table, and of course, my stash. I would love to put in cabinets, but they would cost. My only regret is that the area is wide open to the rest of the house with no way to shut it off. Otherwise, it's a great space, especially since there are a lot of windows.

Go forward and enjoy!
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I have a sewing room set up with ironing and cutting tables. The closet has drawers for fabric and I hang my rulers and templates on the all behind the closet door. My sewing machine is in there too, except when I am actually sewing. Then it is in the living room. I have a specially made sewing table for my machine. It is great and was made by my DH. I keep it on sliders for moving furniture so I can easily slide it from room to room. At first, I was the one who didn't want to "mess up" the living room with "my stuff." My DH told me is our house ad we can use it any way we want to use it. I no longer worry about it. I enjoy being in a bigger room when I spend hours sewing. So, it is your house. Use it any way you want to use it.
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Old 03-19-2014, 08:37 PM
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I am really trying to decide to move my things around. We have a formal dining which is actually the former living room. Our den is huge and would make a wonderful studio. It has concrete floor with beautiful laminate/vinyl flooring and lots of natural light and fireplace. All my sewing and long arm is in the single garage. All electrical outlets on one wall so extension cords are a nightmare. I do love my dining room but use it mostly for holidays and occasionally for birthday. Then I go back to the garage/sewing room and look at all the things along the wall and cringe at thought of moving all that mess. I have been thinking of doing away with formal dining and moving the den into the now dining room. Your comments of relocating just the long arm are also very interesting. I have so many wonderful memories in my large rooms of times when my expanded family was very large. We had room for everyone in den and dining room. Yet when just my husband and i are here we live in half the den and pass through the dining room to the coat closet. My DH says whatever I want to do is ok with him. He is wonderful!!!

E former
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we were not using our front room so I turned it into an awesome quilt studio. Love it! We have a family room also. All on same level. I try to keep the quilt studio cleaned up but you all know what a challenge that is.
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Originally Posted by Kris P View Post
I can see the convenience of having all your stuff on one level, just be sure you're not going to completely stop using the stairs. My dad, age 71, intentionally uses the restroom in the basement to be sure that he continues to get the exercise from using the stairs several times a day. His father retired at age 70, and quickly stopped doing much beyond moving from the bed, to the recliner, to the kitchen table, and so on. Soon enough, he couldn't do much more than that without being exhausted from the effort. I remember him coming to the basement once in his mid 90's to watch the grand-kids play ping pong. We all about fell over because we were so worried that he would... fall over, from the exertion.
Your dad's a smart cooky! What a simple way to keep his legs in shape, and frankly, I'm not sure I ever would have thought to do that in the same situation.
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