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Your Sewing Area - how does it all fit?

Your Sewing Area - how does it all fit?

Old 06-23-2016, 09:08 AM
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Default Your Sewing Area - how does it all fit?

I am a lurker on all the sites that show sewing room organization. I'm beginning to wonder if that's also one of my hobbies! After spending 3 days moving stuff around, vacuuming, dragging, dusting, etc., I've got everything set up the same way as when I started!

Here are some questions I'm curious about. Chime in if you want.....

1. In most of the photos of sewing rooms, the sewing machine is usually sitting on the smallest piece of furniture, on top of a piece of furniture where there would be no leg room to sew, or a very small amount of space to the left of the sewing machine (where I would put the quilt I'm working on).
I purchased a beautiful table for $20.00..........I used to use one of those heavier folding tables with laminate wood top....the big difference for me is the new table is 48" (so now I can get into the closet without having to suck in my stomach) and the "older" table is 60" (I miss the extra 12"). What's your sewing machine sitting on? Do you find that you need more space to the left of the machine?

2. I have a large cutting table that I purchased at Costco several years ago. I love it because it is high enough so I don't bend over to cut and it's big enough to cut. There are little cubbies to hide stuff too. My "issue" is that I don't keep it cleared off.....I even put a small television in the corner of it (so I can sew and watch tv). I'll probably keep the television there. But, I'm thinking I don't need the little do-dads, ruler holder, etc. on top of it too. So......what's on your cutting table? Is it usually "empty"?
What's a good determination of how much "room" we need on the surface to cut? width of at least 22"? length of at least a yard? What do you think?

3. I have a long-arm set up in the middle of the room (I have tall furniture with cabinets along one wall, so I keep enough space to maneuver between). I don't use it every day, so I cover the machine with the cover that came with it. I also use a favorite sheet that my grandmother gave us for our wedding present to cover the rails. It ends up forming a tent over all that's under the long-arm too. My question for you is........do you cover your rails, table, etc. or do you just cover the machine? Any hints? P.S. I usually put baskets of fabric on the table portion of the long arm (trying to use that storage), but then have to move it when I get ready to sew....

4. My husband made me a big board that fits on top of my ironing board. I love it because of the width (24") and of course the length (I think 52"?). Anyway, that becomes such a huge boat in my sea of quilting stuff. I finally took the board off yesterday, will store it and use when I need to iron huge pieces of fabric (backings and tops) when I get ready to quilt. In most of the pictures of sewing rooms, they just have the regular ironing board sitting in front of bookshelves, etc. I am out of room, so after removing the big board top, I turned the ironing board at a 90 degree angle and gently pushed the front of the ironing board underneath the long arm rails.....So, all that's sticking out is about 30" of the length. I put the iron on the other side of the rails (where the tapered side is). That seems to work for now. I'm still trying to decide if I should just ask my husband to make a smaller board that will fit on top of a rolling cart I have. I miss the width of the big board already. So, where is your ironing board? Do you use a "portable" one that fits on top of another piece of furniture? If so, what size is a good size for the usual pressing of fabric pieces, pressing seams, pressing blocks, etc? P.S. I don't use the ironing board for anything else (certainly not clothes!).

5. Now.......what is the largest piece of "furniture" in your sewing room? For me....it is Me! Ha! But, fortunately, I can still crawl underneath things to get to the closet or get to the things in the cutting cubies. Mine is the long-arm, and I have to place things around it as I can. Is there anything in your sewing area that you must work around? (like the kitchen stove? the shut-off valve to the water? the doorway to outside?)

Just a wondering on my part...I'm always looking to get more "organized". Unfortunately, I think I know I have to stop putting things in the closet! Now, it's a disaster!

Have a great day sewing and my hint to everyone is "If you are thinking of rearranging your sewing room furniture.....plan it in your head before you start dragging, pulling, pushing, etc........you will save energy and precious time!

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You just have to find what works best for you. I have a Singer sewing desk that I got as a graduation gift from my Dad. I have a 4'x6' laminate board sitting behind me as my cutting station. It is supported by Closet Maid drawers and the book case.
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I agree with ManiacQuilter2. You have to create a usable working space. My sewing room is very small...9x9, which is also my quest bedroom. I have a Murphy bed to save on space for my sewing. My sewing machine sits on a 4' folding table. My cutting/iron table is a folding card table with bed risers to raise it to a comfortable height. I made a cover for it with an ironing surface on one side and a festive pattern on the other side. The chairs are also folding, this way when I have company I fold everything up and store it away. My TV is a small flat screen I have mounted to the wall. I have 6 artbin cubes on rollers (easy to roll out of the room if needed) which hold my fabric and notions. I have a peg board which store my rulers and I hang my cutting mats with pant hangers in my Closet.

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I have one machine set into an old desk, another in a rescued sewing table that didn't have a machine in it. I use two tables made from treadle stands and closed vintage machine next to these for side space, both butt up against an old folding kitchen table. There is a trunk under that table where I store fleece. The glass on that table doesn't go there just being stored as we do some deck remodeling. Another folding table is my cutting table. It is approx. 4 ft by 6 ft. My ironing station sets on two vintage machine cabinets. I have various shelves and cabinets for storage. A peg board on the wall near my cutting table. There's an old dresser for storage. The jewelry box on it holds threads. My frame is along one wall, the tv is mounted on the wall above the frame. Nothing matches but it works for me.
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Lovetoquilt611........I use those art bins too. Where did you get the cube with casters on it for them?

Ontheriver....LOVE your room. I thank you for the pictures.......I am "snug" in my room, but I realize that I like it that way. I like the idea of the ironing on top of 2 cabinets. I will look at the pictures again for that.

Thanks all!
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My cutting table is rarely clear. I swoosh and swipe things out of the way when I need to cut.

i have a Janome set into in its own table. At a 90 degree angle to it is my ironing table, same height, so the L shape works well for convenience and comfort. The table is a sturdy old kitchen table I bought at Goodwill for $30 and the right size for my needs (3x4 feet, I think?). I put my sewing machine in front of the window so I can spy on my neighbors--er, enjoy the view of the outdoors.

i have too much furniture. Largest piece is the queen size guest bed which I sleep in quite often since one of us snores.

My happy place is always evolving. but is 80 percent done to my liking. It's a generous 12x16 bedroom , so I can't complain. I don't need more space; I need less stuff. Next order of organizational business is to assess what I can do without so that I can put up a nice big design wall.

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We moved recently and I finally got my own room. It is a small bedroom but I am thrilled with it. The sewing machine I am currently using goes in one of those Arrow tables. I have a table from costco to the left that I cut on and support the quilt when I am quilting. The serger is on the back corner out of the way. I have two cabinets in there now, but don't think I'm going to keep them. I also have the ironing board set up, and two small cabinets. We have a nice dry basement with shelves so anything I'm not working on stays down there out of the way. Speaking for myself, it is too easy for me to end up with piles of things. So after years of having things shoved into a big closet and forgetting what I have, now it is all out in the open downstairs and I find I am way more productive.

But I think you have to find what works for you.
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I purchased both the cubes and the casters from Joann's online. (when they were on sale).
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I don't have a ton of room to the left of my machine, but when I do need extra support when I am quilting something I use my very large ironing board to form a modified U shape. My room is on the small side so this is perfect. It otherwise keeps my room open and easy to maneuver.
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I had my machine on a plastic table that shook when I sewed. Then a elderly friend (more elderly than I, haha) needed to get rid of a desk and gave it to me.

I don't have a large ironing place, just a TV tray with some towels on it that I place next to me when I am sewing small pieces and blocks. When I need to iron something large I set up a fold up table. Other than that I am pretty happy with what I have...Oh, I don't have a TV in this room.

These pics are before I got my desk. I now have curtains on my closets to protect/hide the fabric.
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