2020 Fabric Moratorium

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I went over to a Mennonite store for zippers...2 farm jackets need new zippers and I knew they would have some nice metal ones. Of course there was fabric, too. Bought some light gray flannel wide backing and a gray wide backing. not sure what I will use the flannel for, but it was nice and soft. The other piece will be used on a quilt that when I did buy the backing, I didn't get enough. So have to make a quilt to fit it! Also a couple of half yard pieces of gray tone on tones. But I got a good deal on the zippers!
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Beautiful quilt, WMUteach! I love those colors and agree -- the just something about triangles. I'm adding this pattern to my list of quick (but cute) quilts to make someday.
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Spent no money at JoAnn Fabric yesterday but not by my choice.
I need about 24” of DMC tread in a certain color. Just a few empty bins & of course, what I wanted is sold out.
Getting low on light gray thread so it’s on sale, I’ll pick up a supply. None to be had.
Next time.
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Had to hit two fabric stores in order to find sashing for my next quilt. Hobby Lobby has what I want, but it's too thin - white dots on black. I ended up with white paint splatters on black. Hoping for the best.
One store was in the country, so I had a nice color tour getting there.
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​​​​​You are a machine WMUTeach! Two more nice ones and with completely different styles. Nice to mix it up!
I will be making a trip to my favourite shop next week for their annual sale. Their prices are the best around by far and every October they have a week of 10% discount across the board. I have matched up my stash widebacks with completed quilt tops and find I require 5 more. Also need to stock up on a few solids and blenders. I think that will be it for me as I have enough kitted and planned projects to keep me busy for at least the next six months.

I am not too worried about succumbing to Black Friday sales this year....my main problem in the past has been with online purchases and I think the sales this year wonít be good enough to tempt me. Fabric continues to fly off the shelf for these retailers and so why would they offer deep discounts? I donít blame them at all for ďmaking hay while the sun shinesĒ!
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Well... I made some progress but I just had my plans for today change somewhat.

Putting on some loud music and doing a couple hours of fabric sorting would probably be better than messing around on the computer
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Originally Posted by WMUTeach View Post
My latest finish. The fabric for this quilt is all from stash including the batting and back. I used the MSQ Jelly Roll Race #3 pattern but cut 2.5 strips from my stash. I would do this one again. I am not a big Jelly Roll Race fan but those little triangles gave it a different appearance scattered over the quilt. Used up about 7 yards of stash and I call that good. This quilt will go to Project Linus later this month along with a baby quilt and another to be determined.

Rejoice in your cleaning and sorting, Ice Blossom. Boy it feels so good to be free of what you won't use, what you forgot your had and to organize what you have on hand when you need it. I learned by experience!
I really like this quilt, WMUTeach... great use of scraps...

No purchases for me for several months now. I had to go into Joannís the other day. Havenít been inside one all year but I only purchased a skein of chenille yarn I needed for a project. I didnítít even wander into the fabric section... took some strength, tho...lol.
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I finished the red and black quilt, but my pictures won't load. Now on to a baby quilt. Purchased one yard of fabric for it.
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Is this true confessions or a celebration for the bargains I walked into? This morning I went to a local quilt shop to pick up some fleece for donation projects. As the three of us were loading our cars, the manager of the store came to us and said, "This is the last day the shop will be open. Please shop and you can have 50% off everything." The owner of the shop passed away very recently but we had no idea the store was closing its' doors. This was a long standing business in town. So sad to see this top quality Bernina dealer and fabric shop go by the way because no one wanted to buy the business. The owner taught classes, was a stunning long armer and carried a good selection of top quality fabrics and on and on. Well $350 dollars later, I walked to my car with 6 yards of wide back and 36+ yards of miscellaneous fabrics, to deepen the color selection of my stash. I also purchased a collection of little odds and ends that I always said I would buy sometime later. Today was later! I have quilting gloves, fabric pen, a 16" square up template and on and on. You get the idea. I feel blessed and thrilled to have some new fabrics to work with this winter all at a beautiful discount. It makes all my efforts to use only my stash this year all worth it.
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Fabulous luck, WMU! I don't run into many bargains myself. I think this was your reward for staying on the wagon so long.
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