2020 Fabric Moratorium

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I admire how productive you ladies are, and how beautiful your work is. And then you give it away. You are special.
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Just wanted to check in with everyone and see all the wonderful uses of stash and talent!

Also to say that the fabric I ordered from Jordan Fabrics came very nicely and timely and I love it and do intend to use it on the round robin -- if I can with what has gone before. And if I can't well it's on the "I want to do something with this soon" list. It took about a week to get to us, which is shorter than I figured. On our trip that starts in about a week we are going through Grants Pass where they are located but it is still closed to the public due to Covid. I still claim a birthday exemption that is unlikely to get used, but there should I need it.

Such beautiful and creative work from all, today I'm finally getting around to making my husband a special mask or two to wear on Bowling night. Leagues will be opened soon, but not to the general public like me.

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Grr. Hurrying doesn't work with quilting. My quilt has two very different colored blocks made of nine patches and HSTs so I felt comfortable working with one of each at a time so I could chain sew. Yup, sewed a red/black strip of three blocks to a strip of red/white blocks. Seam ripper time. Thank goodness it's only 18 1/2". I will finish these blocks today and start the sashing!!!!!

I need y'all to remind me why I'm here. There is a jelly roll calling my name. I don't need it, I wouldn't have time to use it, but I WANT it!
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Irish, we all have that fabric that calls to us with a siren's song. Odyssus put wax in his crews' ears. Will that help you?
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Thank you for the compliments. Gudrun Erla does have inspiring designs that look hard but she makes them easy.

Irish2: 🤞for not adding it to your stash, 🥰
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Forgive me sisters and brothers. I have fallen...and fallen HARD.
Went to Joanns for backing from the flannel sale. I had some but not enough. Ended up bringing home enough for 2 other backing. (But it was a sale!)
Then, my current project needed material for 1.more border. I had purchased something at a LQS and when comparing the leftover scraps...realized it was exactly right. So I go to the LQS. Where they ran out of said perfect fabric! But instead 2 items from the sale section said "Please, we would like to come home with you." And as previously mentioned- I'm a sucker for a sale.
So $60 spent - 13.5 yaards of flannel( 3.5 will get used in backing) and 3 of quilt cotton acquired. AND STILL NO BORDER so I have to go out again.
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Rff1010.....I donít think the extra flannel is a fail as backing is a staple. Well, unless you have another 100 yards of flannel backing in your stash!

as for the quilting cotton......sometimes you need a fix and 3yd is barely a stumble if it tides you over for a while!
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Irishrose2, you don't have to resist that jellyroll forever, just resist it for a week. And then resist it for another week. Something else might supplant it in your affections if you wait long enough, and then you can resist that for a week, LOL.
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I don't have to resist it too long. Several sites are down to just one or two. If i wait, it will be sold out. My big blocks are done - one has a bad point, but I decided enough is enough. It will look hand done this way. On to sashing. I will get this done before my grandson moves to Japan.
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Rff1010- Happens to the best of us. Here's a hand back up onto the wagon.

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