2020 Fabric Moratorium

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My experience has been similar to that of WMUTeach (nicely put, brava!). This week I filled my cart twice because I was “allowed to” and yet it didn’t take a ton of willpower to hit the delete button. I did not have a large stash and managed to reduce what I did have significantly over the last 11 months. In fact all but a few blenders and maybe 10m of miscellaneous prints are kitted up for projects. I even used up at least half of my scrap bin. Bottom line is I have become much more discriminating. The one thing I splurged on this morning for Cyber Monday was a machine. Last spring I picked up an inexpensive machine for piecing so that I could keep my Janome set up for FMQ. What I didn’t account for was how much I would regret not getting speed control. Funny how you get used to things. This morning I purchased a Singer Quantum Stylus 9960 at an excellent price. Pre Janome I had a version of this machine for 20 years, it was a tank. I am hoping for more of the same with this one. The other machine will go to my 10 year old niece who is ready for an upgrade from the toy machine she received a couple of years ago.
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Went to my3 fav web sites for quilting. Found kinda good deals, loaded up cart on the web sites, looked at the note I've taped to my computer, NO MORE FABRIC, and deleted the shopping. I just need to continue to shop my stuff and keep on digging into the tubs to see what treasures are waiting to see the light of day.
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Now that Black Friday has passed...Great control pet, Cat, and Julie!
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Cattitude: I like my Singer Quantum 9960. I have newer machines now but plan to set it up in my office to work on projects upstairs and in the sunlight. lol!

My LQS has coupons for the month instead of Small Business Saturday and one of them is for 40% off fabric for any day we choose. There are other coupons too and we can put our coupons in our choice of prizes to try to win after we use it. I think this was a great idea to keep people from crowding the store last Saturday. Only 3 customers can be in the small store at once.

I need some blenders-navy blue, brown, and an olive green. I haven't purchased any fabric since early March.

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Cattitude, a new machine is not fabric so you are doing very well. Having an efficient set of tools makes our work so much easier and fulfilling.

Yeah, Julienm1! That strong delete finger is alive and serving you well.

I passed on my 50 masks this afternoon and that is 6 yards out of the way. Now I have an exchange block quilt to assemble. I made my blocks all from stash as well as backing and batting. Photos eventually along with yardage calculations.
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Very inspiring discipline, ladies!
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Default Fabric Moratorium Police

Thankfully we Do Not have any Fabric Moratorium Police!

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I'm still struggling with non-quilting/non-covid stuff in real life as well as the current round of covid restrictions for us here in the Seattle area. This year has not been one of my more productive or just good years in general and I will be glad to put it behind me.

Got a big lift this past week with the return of some of my donation tops that have now been quilted by a fellow reasonably local (we meet halfway) board member who wanted some tops to quilt down. She has a long arm and is considering going professional but not feeling confident yet and especially wanted some practice with her system's robotic features. I'll need to get some pictures.

I pulled my Bonnie Hunter mystery project fabrics out of stash, but need to get going and make a bunch of HST before Friday or I'll be officially behind... I did ask my Tuesday Group ladies for some grays, and now for a couple more reds

Am still doing well with the temptation of fabric, need to order some black but think I can do that without adding anything else to the cart. At least I can do so on line, is harder to actually walk past fabric in a live store.
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I am applying for a Small Business Saturday - but not Saturday - exemption. My local LQS is having a sale *specifically* on blenders
They also got a new line called Constellation that looks really pretty. I think I'm going to try to leave some money in the local economy.

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Yesterday, I arranged a quilt on the design wall. Found a large piece for a back and pulled fabrics to coordinate. Think it looks good so starting to sew. Uses ~10 yds fabric. Still can't post pictures.
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