Fabric Moratorium 2022

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Talking Just Can't Help Myself

Welllllll--You're going to think I'm a terrible Moratorium poster--ya see I UNderstand that I'm supposed to be getting rid of fabric by making projects AND I am working on several projects at this time. So tell me "how" my boxes in my living room/dining room(same room) went from 25 boxes to almost 27 completely packed full and tightly sealed!

OK, OK OK I admit I found some more fabric at my senior citizen quilting guild sewing day a week ago BUT I only took a couple of pieces and there was plenty of EXTRA room in my bags that go on the back of my powerchair Honest!
when I got home there were about 3 bags worth of fabric in my 3 bags. I don't Know what happened HONEST I don't!

The Fabric placers Must have snuck it in there when the Fabric Police Pretender was checking someone elses bags--She took 5 bags home with her saying she had "No more fabric anywhere"

Yeah Sure! Now tell true--How many of us believe she had No More Fabric???!!


Have a Great Day--and I did have more than I put in my bags--even got some extra quilting patterns that I never take as I like using my Grandma & Momma's patterns the best.

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MaryKa, nothing says you must be committed to downsizing your stash. And it usually takes committing multiple times to truely own the idea. No, I didn’t believe she didn’t have any idea. Have fun. When it’s necessary you’ll stop increasing your stash.

My self question is will I really make it? And it doesn’t get folded and stored with stash. It remains clutter if I don’t get it made.
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MaryKa - you are in good company. We are here to support each other and not to judge. I'm sure we've all fallen off the wagon (and sometimes fallen a LONG way off the wagon) and the fact that you're still creating and working on projects suggests you're still on the right road. Detours are permitted and understood. :-)
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Oh boy...I just fell off the wagon. Keepsake Quilting had a flash sale on Amish Black so I bought 15 yards.... It'll get used eventually, but I really don't need any black in my stash right now since I've got at least 3 yards of AB in there right now...
Could someone give me a hand back up on the wagon?

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rryder, as long as it's a basic and the price was right, here's your hand to get back on the wagon. You can't have too much of a good black.
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I do browse ' fabric ' web sights . Wanted that same special from keepsake . But still unboxing .[from move]
Wanted those same items.
Was afraid that the 📦 just three or six yards would arrive before my interception

Yes , on an undeclared [here] fab.moratorium.

Which I will not honor because I am off to a vacation . Oh my three cheating reasons.
➕️ there is a regional Q Fest show . It was previously canceled 😞 two consecutive times
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I just came back from vacation - where I gave myself an exemption. We road trip and get off the interstate onto local roads as much as possible. Hubs likes to stop at gun and pawn shops, I stop at fabric stores and we both call for antiques. I just really enjoy pulling out something that reminds me of when we were in that little place, remember that's where we got the pie?....
anyway so I came home with a bunch and I'm already doing a small thing - possibly for my cousin who is getting married*

*We're not super close and the only reason I think we got an invite was to fill up her side of the church. Honestly don't mind - I don't feel obligated and have already gone toe-to-toe with my mother who thinks I should make her something. If it comes out nice enough, it will be a small couch throw - 40 x 50. I will back with fleece and do minimal quilting.

Hey, it keeps me off the streets and out of the bars.
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I want to seriously thank rryder for helping me find the black ( mentioned in #234 entry). I have been looking for a reasonable price for good quality black fabric. So I bought 12 yards. I have several ufo, or current projects I can use the fabric. Backing for my Halloween 🎃 - D16P, and if any left over background for a couple of Halloween tops. I also found 2 other pieces of fabric I’m thinking of using for a new project I will start in August. It’s the free QAL from Debbie piecing the past pattern called “Peace and Healing”. I spent the last several months getting the pattern and fabric together. Now all I need to do is wash and put the fabric into little baggies. Then it’s time to start the QAL by myself in my own time. My goal to complete by this November. This will be my quilt.

so based on the above added. I have for July = 18 yards in and rough estimate of 20 yards out. I was wondering if someone could repost the equation for calculation of a quilt top? I would greatly appreciate this. I could be more accurate in my fabric out totals. Thank you.

FYI: VQW starts this Friday for 3 days.

happy sewing and quilting everyone.
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I bought 10 yards of therapy fabric after using about that by the quilts I made last week. I had missed my son's wedding in Ireland. Due to health issues ( one full-time oxygen), I was really discouraged from taking the trip by several health professionals.
Of course made me really sad for several months. After some lecturing to myself, I didn't even cry when everybody else took off to beautiful Ireland (the one place I have always wanted to see).
I kept busy putting quilts on the frame and even finishing them with my stash. I was thankful i can quilt to keep me occupied. Then came the day of the wedding and everybody was kind enough to send pictures so I could participate as best I could. All was good till that afternoon and I slipped. So back on the wagon I go. Best get busy on a few more quilts I guess lol.
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Elly, if ever there was a good reason for some fabric retail therapy, you had it. Welcome back on the wagon and congratulations for having your "slip" be of such short duration!
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