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Okay ladies, talk me into keeping this Instant Pot! >

Okay ladies, talk me into keeping this Instant Pot!

Okay ladies, talk me into keeping this Instant Pot!

Old 12-10-2018, 05:40 PM
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Default Okay ladies, talk me into keeping this Instant Pot!

I got a great deal on the Instant Pot in Kohl's last weekend and bought it completely on a whim. I got the 3 quart model because I'm only one person and I don't need to make recipes for 6 people LOL.

It's been sitting here in the box staring at me, and to be honest I'm a little afraid of the thing.

I've been on Pinterest madly pinning recipes for the 3 quart (most of the cookbooks that are out there are for the 6 quart model and I understand there is a learning curve to altering recipes).

Any comments? Suggestions? Do I hear an "atta girl open that thing?!"

(I think what I'm actually hearing in my head is my mom's voice from long ago. She was terrified of pressure cookers but then again, the old fashioned stove top ones from the 1940's that she remembered probably blew up a lot more than the new safer ones. At least, that's what I'm telling myself!)
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Old 12-10-2018, 06:01 PM
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If you're having second thoughts, bring it back, I have a pressure cooker and love it. Tried a hot pot and wasn't that impressed with it. Do you really need to cook meals quickly?
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Old 12-10-2018, 06:34 PM
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Well to be honest, I'm trying to get myself more "excited" about cooking. I always loved cooking and baking but now living alone, I seem to be eating a lot of bowls of cereal. I like to try new things and new recipes so I thought it might be a good choice for me.
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Old 12-10-2018, 06:54 PM
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Ah, jump in and go for it! When playing with recipes, you may discover some unique combinations.
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Old 12-10-2018, 07:22 PM
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If you think it will actually motivate you to cook healthy meals for yourself, then absolutely keep it. I also live alone and could be cooking more often. I don't think a pressure cooker would help me much, but planning accordingly would.
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Old 12-10-2018, 07:29 PM
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If you're wanting to be persuaded to keep it .... don't read this!

If you're wanting to be talked out of it ... here's my take on Instant Pots!
I've been tempted several times.

Then I get a grip of it and ask myself ...
Do I really want to learn a new way to cook? ... Nope, not really!

Besides, it's not like I need to find a way to eat more food.
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Old 12-10-2018, 07:58 PM
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My Mom used a pressure cooker in the 1940's through 1950's. I quit cooking after my husband died. It isn't fun anymore. When I make chili or bar-b-que, I make it in a Dutch Over and allow it to simmer all day. Have thought of an Instant Pot and decided I don't need another cooking pot that I probably will not use. Don't need to hurry when cooking because I am retired and I have all day.
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Old 12-11-2018, 12:27 AM
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Hey! Why not keep it! You sound keenly interested in it and will use it. It is getting you into researching new recipes. So it seems like you are enjoying it already. Don't let others make decisions for you! Even if you end up using it only rarely, you don't have to feel guilty or answer to anyone about this. Just keep it and enjoy!
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Old 12-11-2018, 02:46 AM
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I am 70 and got an instant pot last year and love it. I live alone and cook for me and to share with my 88 year old Mom who lives across the street. I am not the "fanatic" that some of the online posters are about it in that they think they should cook everything in this new pot they got. I use it for things like steel cut oats, stone ground grits, dried beans, pot roast, chicken, pulled pork, rice, yogurt, boiled eggs (fresh from the hen and easy to peel in 5 min) frozen veggies,and even risotto NO STIRRING. I love just putting the ingredients in the pot, turning it on, setting a timer on my phone, and walking away.
As for the fear..... With Twitter, Instagram Facebook, etc, any explosions, injuries, deaths etc from anywhere around the world would be instantly reported. Probably even be a "breaking news interrupt your current show" kind of thing. I have not heard of any, have you? I do follow the Facebook Instant Pot page (over 1.6 Million members) and several other FB pages about the Instant Pot. I really think if there was anything at all dangerous about this appliance, it would have been posted and shared immediately.
I suggest you read up a bit more on the pot, look at some cooking times, think about what you cook and the time it takes to do it and whether you have to stand watch while it cooks or if you can go do other things while they cook.
Cooking for myself is necessary and I don't want to spend anymore time than I have to. Love the conveniences that are available now......the robot vacuum, air fryers, Alexa or Google smarthome to help control some things in your home.
Oh and by the way, I have the 6qt and think the 3qt would be too small for me.
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Originally Posted by DonnaC View Post
Do I hear an "atta girl open that thing?!"
"Atta Girl....Open that thing!!"
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