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Thread: The fws pony club update photo - discussion - completed page

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanieW View Post
    QNS, Thank you for the offer. It has to be that specific pattern for the sheep as I am making it for a friend, special request. She's worth it.

    OK Yes, I usually take a bunch of preemie quilts to do the hand sewing on the binding, but I made a bonehead move and left the tote had full of supplies at home. Oh well, they keep. I have to go back in May so will have some for then. I am a blue and yellow junkie, would you like some scraps? how big?

    Anael, I have a friend who has a million quilt books so I am going to call in a favour and see if she has that book you are looking for.
    Janie - thanks so much for the offer! When I'm your MB partner feel free to add scrap or two. Blue and yellow is my favorite color combo and the only quilt I've done is this one.

    Just a bit of my shower curtain.

    Sizes needed for a flower-centers are easy to come by they only take one 2 inch square!
    1st round 4 x 8 or 2 x 16
    2nd round 4 x 16 or 2 x 32
    3rd round 4 x 24

    I've got several pieces of to make for the 3rd round. Nice to get a variety for the 1st and 2nd. Thanks so much for the kind offer.

    A fun haul Honchey.

    Best of luck tomorrow QNS. You and Carrie need to keep heads above the water. Lots of rain here too. Sunday night water going over the road north of DS, but down by the time bus went through in the morning. Our creek feeds into the Upper Iowa about 1/4 mile from the road so high water watching is a common occurance.

    QE a wonderful block for mirabelle--quick too. Looking through some small scraps I found that friends fabric in blue and yellow, but not enough to even put in my blue yellow GMFG--bummer.

    Night all.
    Don't worry spider.
    I keep house
    I donate quilts to the AAQI.

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    Anael - I meant ta tell ya how beautiful your block is for your Ode ta Mom quilt. Is is just wonderful!
    QNS - I'm aprayin' for ya tanight & will be tamarrow also. Have DH or someone let us know how ya are as soon as they know. OK??
    Carrie - All that talk about rain & we are so dust dry. Can ya send any here???
    Mirabelle - Guard dogs? LOL I just love that block way ta go QE!!
    Did ya git alotta sewin' done taday? I hope so.
    Honchey - What a haul!! It sounds like ya had a good time. I loved all your Go jokes. LOL & those fabrics are ta dye for.
    OK - I think I'll have some Summer Breezes fabric left over from DM's quilt. What sizes do ya need??
    My initials are BB, so dublb is double B.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mirabelle View Post
    Of course its all about me I'm just resisting the urge to buy some
    Silly woman!! What a foolish thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by mirabelle View Post
    There are so many blocks that I just can't photograph them all but this is just how I envisioned this quilt would look and I am so happy with the end result...
    What do you mean you can't photo them all? Of course you can!!!!!!!!!!!

    Getting serious here .......... I am thrilled for you MiraB, that you are more than pleased and that it turned out exactly as you had hoped. It's absolutely outstanding work from both yourself and your LAQ. And even detail in the sashings and cornerstones. That's what I loved about my FWS too, each block was unique and thus each was quilted unique and love to see it in other quilts too. I'm sure that everytime you look at your quilt, you will see something new that you didn't notice before. (I know that I do!) CONGRATULATIONS to you!, MiraB!!!!!!!

    So glad that your April MB has found its way to you. I only mailed it last Tuesday, with hopes that you would get it in a much more reasonable time than your last one, and look at how fast it winged its way! Maybe it's the Commonwealth connection that saw it travel so fast? Would love to see a picture of it with your March MB!

    ... no, we did not do two blocks a week! I still marvel at my finishing both the PC and FWS and praise you and the whole group for getting me thru it all. (yes, I know my PC is not done-done ... amd I ever going to to get those borders done??)

    Anael ... Great block! Better guard it from CarrieM, for fear she'd be sneaking in and stealing it, being that you did it in her colours!

    Honchey ... are you sure your DH wanted to go so you wouldn't get lost? or to keep you from spending your $$ ? I can't believe he gave up his golf!!!! It does sound like you had a wonderful day of tripping about! What a great haul, when we see your pics!!! Must have been fun, stuffing so much into your baggie. Have never heard of that being done before. Thanks re the MiraB's MB. It's called "Fiendship Star Variation" (yet another ... and not a variation of what we normally think for a FS)! YIKES!!! for not biting on that tooth for so long ... are you on soft foods? Or just be darned careful to not chew/bite there? And here I am going back to the dentist tmro morning first thing.

    OKSGlad ... yes, I had wondered about the pink or purple, and went with the blue, just because I saw a lot of blue int here ... and me-thinks you do like blue! Kitties and sundresses would be so cute!! And maybe their brother could get a Hawaiian style shirt with puppy dogs? I do miss milk cheque days, even 13 yrs later! Thanks too re the MB. Haven;t seen that fabric in the blue/yellow. Have seen it in a funny mauve shade ... but as I got told by an LQS owner that all the Nancy Halvorsen fabrics are odd colours ... can you tell she's a tad opinionated?

    GGal ... another stunning quilt! You are another amazing woman with what all you have been turning out this last while!! I particularly like how your background is not plain, which often is the case for similar patterns. Can;t wait to see it quilted!!

    CarrieM ... good I Spy there! ... yes it is a blue of the FFC fabric. I had totally forgotten I had it, til I was shopping my stash for some blues that would somewhat coordinate with Honchey's March block for MiraB. So I just had to use it! The blue has little metallic gold dots on it. Also have used it in a red. I really have liked them, and have used them in a lot of projects, though am coming to the end of both very soon. All good things come to an end!!!

    QNSue ... a little late ... Good Luck tmro (today by the time you see this) for all to go well. I'll be virtually with you. Good for you for looking ahead at that Shop Hop. Be sure to make plans to Hop around in June!! And I'm looking forward to seeing all your beautiful flowers again ... soon! Congratulations on your PC blocks being sewn together .... you just might beat me with those borders yet!!!!

    And now me-thinks it's time to lay my head down for some sleep ... early to the dentist. arghhhh!!!!
    Sew many ideas ... just sew little time!!

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    QuiltE, you never got my approval The block is lovely!

    Honchey, great catch! No fun shopping like that over here My LQS doesn't have a scrap bin! They're selling all the scraps as bundles and quite expensive too!

    QNS, I hope everything goes well today! You'll be in my thoughts.

    Thanks all for your compliments on my block I spent yesterday afternoon attaching all the appliqued pieces of the blocks I did last year. I only fused them, did not sew them. I have a meeting this afternoon so not much sewing today.
    Eat, quilt, sleep, repeat

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    Beautiful block from QuiltE, Mirabelle. Lucky you!!! You are the first to get your April Block!

    Looks like a great shopping trip Honchey! Great "stuff" you got! How fun!

    QNS - hope all goes well with your surgery tomorrow! You will be in my prayers!
    "You have enough quilts made when your soul is filled, your creativity satisfied and your fingers just won't work anymore."

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    Here are my two friends getting acquainted, don't they look nice together
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    The Netherlands
    Oh they look great together! Your MB pardners did very well in chosing the right colours!
    Eat, quilt, sleep, repeat

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    western Pa
    Mirab, QE did a great job on her block. I love that pattern. And they look great together.

    Anne, great haul!! That is my kind of FART. Sorry about the tooth problem. MrJanRn can't chew on one side for 8 wks since his surgery then they'll put in 2 implants and he won't be able to chew again for 8 weeks. He says he's lost weight (which he doesn't need to do, he runs 2 miles a day). Me--I'd chew on the other side and never lose an ounce.

    No sewing here yesterday or today. I'm cleaning! (No I'm not sick LOL just couldn't stand looking at dirty windows). We're finally getting some sunny days and wow! it really shows the grime. My sunporch has 8 windows and it took me all day to get them done; now need to wash the curtains, iron them and re-hang. My shoulders are killing me; almost feels like I was FMQing all day--wish I was.

    You know, I kind of miss the deadlines of doing 2 blocks a week. I work best when I have a goal or have to be accountable to someone. Otherwise my QuiltersADD kicks in and I wander from project to project. Have a great day everyone!
    Imagine all the people living life in peace...(John Lennon 1940-1980)

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    Jan, you can tell us your goals for the week and we'll support you! It might work
    Eat, quilt, sleep, repeat

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    Central Jersey & Calabash,NC
    Boo Hoo I want to see more!! Why is it when we see something we like we want more!!! I can't wait to see more MB's...
    Jan, I can sympathize with Mr.JanRN...I cut my sandwiches into little fingers...I have no problem after the food is in my mouth....
    Now, I'm off to check out the stash I have here to see what I can come up with for another MB...going to "play" for a bit with my new toys...Birds anyone????

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