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Thread: My Bernina 830 is a pain!

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    You should not be having these issues. Have you taken your machine to the dealer, shown them what it does, and had a complete checkup? Your dealer should be working with you to resolve your problems.

    Have you joined the bernina_series8 yahoo group? Lots of help and advice there.

    Good luck. You have a fantastic machine and should be enjoying it.

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    It might be the sensors in the upper and lower bobbin. When I take it in, I'll see if they can replace them. I think I need to be a little louder than I've been. Also, I'm not quite sure about how you oil the bobbin. I read the instructions, but am not quite sure where exactly in the bobbin case it goes. Any help?
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    You have a very poor Bernina dealer and possibly a lemon machine. It's VERY possible... I had to lemon law a brand new car once, and that included a HUGE battle with the dealer that sold it to me! I didn't back off and eventually they gave me a new car.

    As soon as you didn't get solid support from the person who sold it to you - I would have been on the phone to Bernina voicing my complaint. Really...the squeaky wheel gets the grease as they saying goes. I had a new Pfaff years ago, and it also started off having major problems. I think Pfaff's are good machines. Ultimately my problem was with the DEALER who didn't want to back his product. ANY man made machine (car, sewing machine, TV, tractor) with lots of bells and whistles can have issues if the person on the assembly line that day was asleep or just not in the mood to pay attention.

    Ultimately, I gave the Pfaff machine away and went with the local Bernina dealer due to her support reputation. That was 4 years ago, and I have been MORE THEN HAPPY with her service AND my machine. Not only does she physically help you through ANY issues you have, she has a shop email for anyone who's purchased a Bernina from her and she cks that EVEN ON THE WEEKENDS.

    Call Bernina...and give them two ears full. I sure as heck would! I know how you feel, and my Bernina is not near the level yours is. I have a 440 with the embroidery module. It's been a total delight and it's logged more miles then the Starship Enterprise.
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    I would take my machine to another dealer for a tune up. There is no reason you should be having these problems.
    I have had Berninas for many years and have never had any problems with any of mine.
    But I do take them in every few years for a good cleaning and a tune up. And I clean my machines with q-tips after every quilt. have you taken the throat plate off ato see if there is any thread caught anywhere?
    Have you checked to see if you are threading the machine correctly?

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    Sorry to hear that you have problems with your bernina - all good advice here, I would contact bernina headquarters for 2 reasons, 1 is the machine, 2nd is their agent. Hope it does some good contacting the viking dealer did not work for me. I got a new viking 875 quilter which is quirky, been back to the dealer 4 or 5 times, no luck from viking either as the dealer says the machine does work correctly. Well, for me, it runs like an engine on 3 cylinders, very loud and vibrates so much when I am strip piecing that the needle gets blurry to my old eyes. I will probably lose my hearing if I sewed continuously.
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    If you can't get your dealer to fix it find another dealer who will. I was having problems with mine..not thread related and took it to another dealer. Part of the problem was that the person fixing it wasn't doing it right. Bernina stands behind their products and it sounds like you have a problem with the machine. I have had my Bernina 830 for 3 years and its a wonderful machine. I hope you can get it to work right..if you can't get help from the dealers call the main Company. That's what I would do. =) Keep us posted.. =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcrow View Post
    It might be the sensors in the upper and lower bobbin. When I take it in, I'll see if they can replace them. I think I need to be a little louder than I've been. Also, I'm not quite sure about how you oil the bobbin. I read the instructions, but am not quite sure where exactly in the bobbin case it goes. Any help?
    O.K. your dealer should not have even let you leave the store with the machine without at least some training to show you where to oil it! I had a mastery program with about 15-20 hours of free training that came with my 830. Any dealer that has sold you an 830 without these classes and info. is suspect IMO. Didn't you get classes with your machine?

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    I had a Bernina and found it hard to use so I traded it in for a viking, of which I have never regretted!

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    Yes, I would contact Bernina directly.....With their reputation they will make sure you are happy (I hope so!!!!)
    Quote Originally Posted by nancylee View Post
    For what a Bernina costs, I agree, there should be no kinks to work out! I just sent back a Macbook Pro computer, I had it 10 days, they are made in China now, and I could tell. I had problems three times in 10 days!! Back it went!! I had problems with a Janome I bought, the case where the bobbin goes kept jumping out, the whole thing got bent! What a mess! I just got my money back for the computer, Macs are top dollar, there should be NO problems, and I exchanged the new Janome for another one which works.

    I would call Bernina and tell them what has been happening, and see if they will give you a new machine. It is not good for them to have people out there who hate their machines.
    Good luck,

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    That is why I stick with Viking. I had a Bernina as a secondary machine and it was nothing but problems! For what you paid for the 830 is should work flawlessly!

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