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Considering making my own bras

Considering making my own bras

Old 07-16-2015, 02:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Yakkity View Post
I took the Craftsy bra making class and now I have made 4 bras. I love them. They fit me and don't bother me anywhere. I will not want to buy off the shelf again. There is just such a difference. The first bra you make in the class is really for finding out what changes you may need to make for that perfect " for you" fit. Class is totally worth it!
i bought my supplies through Canada. They had so much available vs what I could find in the U.S. https://www.bramakerssupply.com
the first one I made was a kit. Since then I purchase all items needed in larger quantities.
Thanks for this review. I've read others on the Craftsy website but it's always nice to hear others. Did you get insight from the class for changing the style of the bra you were making as well? Most of the patterns I have seen do not inspire me particularly. I really like the style of bra that I have worn for decades but it just isn't made any more. I've been toying with the idea of just using the next worn out one as a pattern. And I did see the bramakerssupply site. It looks absolutely amazing.
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I wish I was back to a 38C! Those were the good old days!
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Try buying a bra when you're 42H/I. I buy my bras in Edmonton at Dawn's Bratique. Been buying there since 2005 - only place I've found that will adjust the bra to you not just find the closest fitting one. And the first one I bought cost $184 - for one! But I wore it for 5 years - with about two others. Now I buy two every time I go visit my DD & the grandkids - I live in rural SW Ontario. So I guess should count the cost of the flight too
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Hello! I make my own bras because of the great fit I am able to achieve. It's not a difficult and doesn't take long to make one. Craftsy has two bra-making classes, "Sewing Bras: Construction & Fit" and "Sewing Bras: Designer Techniques." I am currently enrolled in the construction and fit class. Beverly Johnson is a great teacher, and I am very happy with the results. If you wish to talk more about bras and the class, feel free to pm me.
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Mine are from Walmart. I have tried the Genie and just about hung myself. It may be me but I also used to wear the underwire. They just irritated me and one time set off the TSA security alarm at the airport. I took it off right then and there and never looked back. They were surprised, I could take it off and not show any boobs. It was uncomfortable anyway. I used to belong to the 'Itty Bitty T**** Committee". Oh how I wish I could renew my membership.
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eight out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size. I donít know if they get fit at a young age and think that is their size for the rest of their life, or if they find a pretty bra and just assume it is correct, but when you are wearing the right bra and the right size Ö number one, your clothes look much better Ö you can look much younger Ö and you can look much thinner. The biggest mistake is a bra with a band that rides up a womanís back. This is an indication that the band, which offers 90 percent of the braís overall support, is too big. Instead, the bra should be parallel to your waistline. To avoid skipping out on the right amount of support, itís important to find your correct band and bra size. There are many store that have professionals to fit you for a bra. Try it. You just might feel good about the way you look.
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I was wearing the wrong size bra, a 34DD, it was uncomfortable and I felt it just didn't fit right. I went to Macy's and Nordstroms and got fitted at both places. They both put me in a 32G! Yes the bras are expensive $68. but they are the most comfortable things I've ever worn, I look great and feel good. The other cheaper stores apparently didn't carry my size so they increased the band size and decreased the cup size. I've just learned that is called a "sister size". I call it the wrong size. So you might want to get fitted before you decided to sew your own to issue it will fit. I always wash my bras by hand and hang them to dry so they do last a long time.
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Originally Posted by NJ Quilter View Post
................Are there particular suppliers that you would recommend vs others? Is it worth taking an online (or live if there is one locally) class or could I just manage to figure it out on my own?

I make my own bras. I took a class locally and the fit wonderfully. I had never worn a wire before, but made them with the wire in the class. Wow, they look wonderful and fit perfectly. I made them quilte awhile ago and the lady I took the class from moved to Florida. She had learned to make/teach bra making from Beverly Johnson from Canada and also ordered supplies from Beverly for our class.

I recently saw the class on Craftsy and Beverly Johnson is the instructor. I purchased the class so I could make more bras, but felt I needed some "hand holding" because I had not made any for a long time. I watched Beverly's class and it felt like I was sitting in my class from before. I am getting anxious to make my new bras. I would also order from Beverly when I need new materials because the are very high quality.

I want to make the bras with the front closure this time. We'll see how that works for me.

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I was one of Beverly Johnson's first bra making students in 1997.

Sadly I have grown out of the one I made back then but I have purchases the craftsy class and have gone to her store to buy more information kits... and they have sat for a year.

There are more than 10 inches between my band size and my cup size making it impossible for me to shop anywhere but a specialty store... The last time I did that it cost $150.... and I out grew it in less than a year...

With the Canadian dollar in the dumper right now it makes it worth it for US customers to order from Bramakers. I am forutnate that I live about 30 min from the store.....

Maybe that will be my summer goal, finally make a bra or 2!!!!
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Originally Posted by ptquilts View Post
not making my own, but when you do find one you like, be sure to wash it in a lingerie bag, and never dry in the dryer. Treat it gently and it will last much longer. Especially important if you pay a lot for them.
This is the best advice. My "cheap" bras last a long, long time. I have a front loader, and found that bras really need to go into a mesh bag to wash. Too many straps get all tangled up.
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