Is facebook fun???

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i signed up for it right b4 my 30th high school reunion, and now use it primarily to keep up with them...

occasionally i find out something frm or about one of our kids that they hadn't planned to tell me... lol usually some school drama...

i post my finished quilts there, because a number of the people i went to school with quilt...

nothing personal on there...
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I was on it for awhile, but picked up a virus from it so I cancelled out of it.
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Originally Posted by cny_sewer39
I was wondering about the facebook site? I was wondering if any of the quilting board members are signed up? What are you thoughts? Do you enjoy it? I would appreciate any help or information. Thank you for your feedback... :thumbup:

I use it because we have out of town family and it's nice to post pictures of the kids for them to see. This way there's no cost of mailing tons and tons of pictures! Plus, you meet up with people from years back that you lose touch with.


I'm Angie Hunt Steele-just in case you decide to join. :)
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I use FB to keep in touch with all my DGC.
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I use Facebook and it's a nice way to keep track of family and friends that live far away but you do need to check your privacy settings and learn now to block the games (Farmville, etc.) I have family members who post things that make me cringe, especially when I think about friends and other family reading them but there is also an easy tool to delete such postings from your page. Great fun but handle with care. You won't like it as much as this forum though.
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My husband just put our quilting business on Facebook. Time will tell if it helps business or not.
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Originally Posted by LucyInTheSky
One thing I would suggest is be careful about what you put on there. People are like "FB is giving out my phone number! Invasion of privacy" and I want to say to them "ummm, just don't put your phone number on the site. Duh" things like that
No kidding! There are SO MANY ways to protect yourself but you just have to learn how and then do it! I have my settings so that no one can see my profile without being my friend. They can see my name and my school I went to (so that high school friends know they have the right person) My photos are set 2 ways depending on the photos - most are set that only friends can see them a few are set so that "friends of friends" can see them.
I do NOT put my address or phone number on Facebook anywhere!
Young people today are very open about what they share - I don't share anything I don't want shared with the world. Meaning - I do not use it as a place to vent my bad days, family frustrations, etc..... I try to keep my status updates positive, fun or about things I've done or discovered!

The one thing I tell everyone - it's a SOCIAL network. If you do not want to be social it's not for you. However there are a lot of businesses on Facebook it's also becoming a site for networking for jobs and stuff. It can be fun and useful you just have to be cautious and protect yourself.
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I go on FB every day. I check in on friends and family.but I would never post anything on there I didn't want anyone and everyone to see and read.
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I check out BFs account sometimes to see what our kids are doing!
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We like fb to keep with the kids.
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