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Thread: Scary Situation

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    Be careful when taking pictures with your phone camera too. Phones have a GPS tracker and a stalker can get your location from the picture. If you want to post pics of your quilts I would use a regular digital camera not one on your phone.

    I too, have had scary situations. I was stalked by an ex fiance long before it became a crime. And another time my husband received a call from someone threatening me if he didn't pay him. What the caller didn't know was my DH is a former police officer. He found out the guy was calling from a prison. How he got our phone number I'll never know. There's too much info out on the net. It pays to be careful.

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    Thanks for sharing this info - it's scary and I know I'll be more careful now....

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    Like you say it is scary but really we can't become paranoid.

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    So what exactly was threatening in the exchange, other than belatedly realizing that Rudy was a guy and not a gal? I feel like I'm missing information or just not getting the point of the original post.

    As for facebook-- set your profile to private. Never put your phone or home address anywhere on FB, and don't friend anyone you don't know from real life venues. Problem solved.

    Going all reactionary and scared about the internet is a little silly, really. Most of that information has long been available in public records, accessible to anyone who knew how to use a library or a city hall. Only difference is that now it's easier to do from home.



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    And isn't facebook going to publish soon?

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    OMG MacThayer, that is really frightening!!! I have a FB page and I enjoy seeing people that I haven't seen since high school, my friends, etc. EWE, that really creeps me out by what happened to you. I did have someone get into a frends FB page and then tagged a bunch of people he knew with 2 girls in a bed! It was posted on my site and I about died. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Also people can just copy and paste peoples pictures too from any website if you have your face on there. I see some people on FB posting that they're away on vacation, etc. Big fat no no. Anyway, I'm so sorry you had to experience such a frightening thing. Me like a ding dong have sold a few things on Craigslist to make some $ and now I regret selling to a couple of people as they seemed very strange. errr They came to my home too! ughhhh Anyway, I feel so bad for you having to go through such a frightening ordeal. Gives me the creepie jeebies.

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    I don't know why any man would try to pick up a woman on Ebay! I met my husband online (on craigslist) and we have several blogs and etsy and ebay and he tweets and I'm a Facebook addict. I hate to be Captain Obvious, but just because someone emails you doesn't mean they know where you live and/or plan to harm you in any way.
    Chances are, if someone wanted to do you harm, it is someone you know. Or a neighbor. Our car got stolen out of the driveway, but I don't think it was someone who saw a picture of it on Facebook and just *had* to have it! It was just somebody who stole our car, and spray painted our neighbors brick wall, and broke into the school and stole all the TV's and computers. Do I know it was the same group of people? No. But I promise you that they weren't stalking anybody. They saw a car on a hill and push started it. They might have had a problem with the people who live in the house they spray painted.... or it might have been random. The criminal masterminds that they are... they broke into the school on a weekend.

    But I'm friends on facebook with my neighbor, and she does post when they are going on vacation and where they eat and when they're headed back. I wonder if they notice that's the only time our yard gets mowed (with their mower, of course?)

    I'm kidding, btw!

    But it is pretty obvious they're gone for at least a weekend, because their giant RV is gone. Don't need the internet to stalk someone. Yes, I've read too many books (the kind where the crook is the "good guy") so I say things that make people look at me funny. Like, "Oh, if I wanted to steal your stuff, I'd watch your house for at least a week so I know your schedule. Once I knew you were out of the house, I'd call your house first, to make sure that you're not home. I'd bring a female dog that's in heat to distract that doberman. I'd use the key that you keep under the plant by the porch and just let myself in and leave the door open. I'd take what I wanted then walk back out. I would leave your door unlocked and put the key back under the pot. You can keep the bitch." So it'd really have to be worth my trouble!!

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    I think you should edit your profile. this is easily done. Kinda scares me a little bit too. I had something simular happen to me only I was just sitting at my computer when I received an instant message from someone I didn't know who was. Thinking it might be someone that I knew only a user name for, I answered it. It was some gal who wanted to "have a little fun" with a web cam. YIKES!!!!!! I blocked it fast and furious!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CanoePam View Post
    I hate to give bad news, but there is enough public information on the internet to give anyone your address and phone number whether you post the information on Craigslist or Facebook or here. If you want to check, just put your own name into Google and see what happens! That doesn't mean you shouldn't take precautions about your identity (social security number, when you're going to be away from home, etc), but you can't erase the information that is already out there. There are entire search engines that store old information and then can recall it years later even if you've "removed" it from the original site.

    I just don't want people to have unrealistic expectations in today's world. Whether we like it or not, much of our lives are lived in the open

    This is true. I googled myself recently and found the names of my family members, current address, old address, etc. You can google your address and even see a picture of your home. I think that is just WAY too much information to be accessed so freely.

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