Just a bit of info about buying a Viking at Jo'Anns. Most are very very limited in what "repairs" they do on site. So many ship back to Viking for anything other than cleaning and minor adjustments. This means your machine will be "out " of service probably longer than if you bought from an independent that can do more repairs in the shop. My Mom's Ruby had to go in for service.. and Jo 'anns sent it back to Viking... she was without for 7 weeks. I would be really frustrated if my machine was gone for that long. I have a Viking and my local Sew and Vac has never kept my machine longer than 5 days ( my Mom lives in another state).
DO inquire with both Jannome and Viking what kind of repairs they can do without having to ship out the machine. and if shipping is required who is paying for the shipping for both warrenty and unwarrentied repairs.